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Journey to the Finish Line

by Van Garner & Virginia Garner

On April 19, 1999, Virginia Garner swallowed capsules of an experimental drug now known as Gleevec and became one of the first few people to take an effective dose of this miracle drug that would change not...

The Tincture of Time: A Memoir of (Medical) Uncertainty

by Elizabeth L. Silver

Set against the unexplained stroke of the author’s newborn daughter, this stunning, unflinchingly honest memoir is a thought-provoking reflection on uncertainty in medicine and in life.

Growing up as the daughter...

Mirror Touch

by Joel Salinas, M.D.

Challenging our understanding of what it means to be human, Joel Salinas, a Harvard-trained researcher and neurologist at Massachusetts General, shares his experiences with mirror-touch synesthesia, a rare and...

A Surgeon in the Village: An American Doctor Teaches Brain Surgery in Africa

by Tony Bartelme

An inspiring story of doctors who changed the health care of an African nation

Dr. Dilan Ellegala arrives in Tanzania, shocked to find the entire country has just three brain surgeons for its population of forty-two...

FIV à papa

by Paul Canuhèse

« Paul, avec de la volonté, on peut tout avoir ! »

J’ai souvent entendu ce dicton de la bouche de ma mère et il est vrai qu’il s’est vérifié pendant très longtemps : j’ai voulu un camion...

Practice Matters

by Andrew Willis

The UK National Health Service is always in crisis, yet it has been shown, time and time again, that the public value it more highly than anything else in British society. This book is a good news story about...

Tell Me Everything You Don't Remember

by Christine Hyung-Oak Lee

A memoir of reinvention after a stroke at age thirty-three.

Christine Hyung-Oak Lee woke up with a headache on the morning of December 31, 2006. By that afternoon, she saw the world—quite literally—upside...

The Perpetual Now: A Story of Amnesia, Memory, and Love

by Michael D. Lemonick

In the aftermath of a shattering illness, Lonni Sue Johnson lives in a "perpetual now," where she has almost no memories of the past and a nearly complete inability to form new ones. The Perpetual Now is the...

The Cancer Whisperer: Finding Courage, Direction, and The Unlikely Gifts of Cancer

by Sophie Sabbage

The self-published sensation and UK bestseller that has helped thousands touched by cancer.

“I have cancer. Cancer does not have me.”

Sophie Sabbage was forty-eight years old, happily married, and mother...

n of 1: One man's Harvard-documented remission of incurable cancer using only natural methods

by Dawn Lemanne Md Mph, Glenn Sabin & Dean Ornish Md

Twenty-five years ago my doctors had no cure for my cancer. So I went on a quest to find my own treatment. This is my story...

In 1991, Glenn Sabin was a 28-year-old newlywed diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic...

I'll Never Work Where Other Men Play

by Benson J Horowitz Md

The author describes the journey of a young boy growing up in a middle class neighborhood in Philadelphia born to a father whose life was destroyed by the Great Depression and a mother born in the United States...

KIDNEY FOR SALE: A struggle for survival

by Yasmin Ghurki

Kidney failure affects the lives of thousands of people around the world. Whilst dialysis provides a lifeline, it does not guarantee a healthy and long life. Transplantation is the better option.

But, there...


by Kim McCusker

Brutally dragged 780 metres beneath a taxi, a young woman’s inspiring story of survival, courage, and the will to live. 13 September 2011. The story would shock thousands and be remembered by many for years...

Menus, Munitions and Keeping the Peace: The Home Front Diaries of Gabrielle West 1914 - 1917

by Avalon Weston

When Gabrielle West wrote diaries about her war to send to her much missed favorite brother in India she had no idea that a hundred years later they would be of interest to anyone. Soon after the outbreak of...

Human Heart, Cosmic Heart

by Thomas Cowan

Thomas Cowan was a 20-year-old Duke grad—bright, skeptical, and already disillusioned with industrial capitalism—when he joined the Peace Corps in the mid-1970s for a two-year tour in Swaziland. There, he...

Our Stroke of Luck: New Technology Enables Stroke Victims to Make a Full Recovery

A Chapter Of Life: A Midwife's African Adventure

by Mary Church Anderson

In 1964 Mary Church Anderson decided she wanted to see the world. As a qualified midwife she was given the chance to work in what was then Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia.)

She decided to take the opportunity...

A Tango with Cancer: My Perilous Dance with Healthcare & Healing

by Apryl Allen

“The fight against cancer isn’t necessarily limited to eradicating it from your body; too often it continues with the very system that’s supposed to heal us.”

      — Apryl Allen

Apryl Allen...

Hold On, Let Go: Facing ALS with courage and hope

by Nadine Sands & Michael Sands

This “stay positive in difficult times” story is about a man with ALS (also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease) and his wife who writes about their inspiring journey in her blog called ALS With Courage.


Tested!: How we refused to let epilepsy define who we are

by Margaret Hope & Anoush Hope-Fischer

Once again, I congratulate my friends Margaret and Anoush for having the courage to tell their stories so eloquently, so movingly and so compellingly. I believe they should be read by every one of our physicians,...