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Lost Shepherd

by Philip F. Lawler

Faithful Catholics are beginning to realize it’s not their imagination. Pope Francis has led them on a journey from joy to unease to alarm and even a sense of betrayal. They can no longer pretend that he represents...

Spiritual Trilogy

by Stephen W. Hiemstra

This trilogy combines three books published previously: A Christian Guide to Spirituality, Life in Tension, and Called Along the Way. Together they chronicle a spiritual journey during the period from 2013 through...

Phyllis Tickle

by Jon M. Sweeney

• Authorized text, initiated with Phyllis Tickle’s active involvement • Covers the full range of her life and work By the time of her death in 2015, Phyllis Tickle was one of the most beloved and respected...

Carlo Acutis, the Servant of God

by Francesco Occhetta & Carly Andrews

In the face of death, the hope of every man is put to the test. When one is dealing with the illness and death of a young boy, one seems to oscillate on the edge of incomprehensibility. Yet there are testimonies...

Radhe Krishna

by Sandeep Sharma

Jai shri Krishna

Channel of Peace

by Kevin Tuerff

A fully revised and updated paperback edition featuring over twenty colour photographs.

When Kevin Tuerff and his partner boarded their flight from France to New York City on September 11, 2001, they had no idea...

From Sea to Sea

by Nelda B. Gaydou

From a three-week voyage of more than 7000 miles from New Orleans to Buenos Aires in 1964 through an eight-day, 3258-mile round-trip drive between Evanston, Illinois and Clovis, New Mexico in 2017, whether in...

Freedom to Libel? : Samuel Marsden v. Philo Free

by Peter G. Bolt & Malcolm Falloon

This collection of essays explores the two libel cases (criminal and civil) prosecuted by Rev. Samuel Marsden against John Thomas Campbell in 1817, following the publication of the Philo Free letter. The event...

From Roadside to the Royal Family

by D.C. Kaushal

From Roadside to Worldwide Ministry

“I have waited a long time for this story to be told. Over the years, I have heard bits and pieces, but this is my first time hearing all of it. Bro. D.C. is one of the finest,...

The Complete Biography of Prophet Jesus (Pbuh) Bilingual Edition English & Indonesia

by Muhammad Vandestra

The complete biography of Prophet Jesus (Pbuh) or Isa from islamic perspective based from The Holy Quran & Al-Hadits.In Islam faith, Prophet Isa ibn Maryam (Jesus, son of Mary‎), or Prophet Jesus, is understood...

The Complete Biography of Prophet Muhammad SAW Bilingual Edition English & Indonesia

by Muhammad Vandestra

The Complete Biography of Prophet Muhammad SAW The Last Messenger & Prophet of God In Islam Faith.

Prophet Muhammad SAW from Mecca, unified Arabia into a single religious polity under Islam faith. Believed by...

No Fourth River. A Novel Based on a True Story. A profoundly moving read about a woman's fight for survival.

by Christine Clayfield

Electroshock therapy, child abuse and modern-day slavery… just another day in Christine’s life.

Take a heart-wrenching yet inspiring ride through one woman’s incredible journey that is so compelling that...

A Discourse in Memory of A. A. Hodge

by Francis L. Patton

This Discourse was delivered in the Chambers Presbyterian Church, 21st December, 1886, in Compliance with an Invitation from the Philadelphia Presbyterian Ministerial Association, and is now published at their...

Set Free

by Peter A. Rahme, Grant A. Rahme & Brad Rahme

Set Free is the testimony of Peter Rahme, an itinerant evangelist who received Jesus as his Lord and Savior in a dramatic spiritual encounter in 1980.

In Set Free, Peter shares some of the shocking childhood...

The Best Is Yet To Come

by Bill Barber

After years of working in the motion picture industry and watching 

innumerable films, Bill Barber was promoted to Vice President and 

General Manager of one of the largest theater operations in the U.S.


Barking to the Choir: The Power of Radical Kinship

by Gregory Boyle

“This is a beautiful and important and soul-transporting book. . . . Please read it.” —Elizabeth Gilbert

“If you’re in the market for genuine inspiration, I urge you to read Barking to the Choir.”...

Mystery of the Magi

by Dwight Longenecker

The Magi of nativity scenes are romanticizeed as well-dressed wisemen bringing gifts to Jesus. Traditional Chrstians tell of a miraculous star that guided exotic kings from Persia, India and Africa. Academics...

Good Little Church Girl Ascends

by Rebecca Louise French

Rebecca has been a good little church girl for most of her life, since her mother brought her into the church at age five. Being socially awkward and somewhat of a misfit within society, she found refuge in...

Wisdom for Victorious Living

by Ruphina Folayemi Ojo Adesan

The author's experiences of working within the NHS as a black, christian woman in the last 25 years. She aims to write about both her positive and not so positive experiences and for her experience to count...


by Michelle Hamilton

For 3 terrifying days Michelle Hamilton, clung helplessly to her small capsized canoe in the South China Sea. Menaced by hungry sharks, enduring tropical storms and with no food or water, Michelle hovered near...