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The Joy of Big Knickers

by Kate Garraway

TV and radio presenter Kate Garraway has a lot on her mind. She's about to turn 50, which is fine (she thinks) but suddenly she seems to have MANY questions about EVERYTHING. Is she running out of time? Should...

Dear Stress, I'm Breaking Up With You

by Ky-Lee Hanson

We want it all as modern women today, don’t we? And more than ever we can have it all: success, a rewarding career, family, relationships, a social life.

Perhaps you already do have it all… But at what expense?...

The Education of Will: A Mutual Memoir of a Woman and Her Dog

by Patricia B. McConnell

In this powerful, soul-searching memoir, beautifully written in the vein of A Pack of Two and Wild, animal behaviorist Dr. Patricia McConnell recounts for the first time the compelling story of her dark past,...

Drop the Ball

by Tiffany Dufu & Gloria Steinem

A bold and inspiring memoir and manifesto from a renowned voice in the women's leadership movement who shows women how to cultivate the single skill they really need in order to thrive: the ability to let go....

A Woman Unchained

by Sherika Powell

What does becoming unchained meant to you?  


What does it mean to really be free from your past? The shame, fear and guilt we've all felt at some point in our lives? 


For Sherika Powell, it meant releasing...

My Utmost: A Devotional Memoir

by Macy Halford

A  beautifully written and heartfelt memoir by a young woman from Dallas, Texas, exploring the Evangelical Christianity of her childhood and its meaning to her in the present through the classic daily devotional...

Nearly Normal

by Cea Sunrise Person

In her bestselling memoir North of Normal, Cea wrote with grace and candour about her unconventional childhood—her early years living in a tipi in Alberta with her pot-smoking, free-loving counterculture family;...

Kissing the Crisis: Field Notes on Foul-Mouthed Babies, Disenchanted Women, and Careening into Middle Age

by Kara Martinez Bachman

You're going on a journey to a strange new country where you will look different, act different, even feel different. It's like you're becoming a whole new person, and that person is your mother. Your new homeland...

First Women

by Kate Andersen Brower

From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the groundbreaking backstairs look at the White House, The Residence, comes an intimate, news-making look at the true modern power brokers at 1600 Pennsylvania...

The Secret Diary Of Charlotte Gatland: It was 1847, and this is her true teenage life story...

by Patricia Charlotte Dennis


What Language Do I Dream In?: A Memoir

by Elena Lappin

Born into Russian, transposed into Czech, then German, introduced to Hebrew, and finally adopted by English, Elena Lappin pens a moving and erudite memoir on the importance of language to who we are

Doing my Bit for Ireland

Bette & Joan: The Divine Feud

by Shaun Considine

This joint biography of Bette Davis and Joan Crawford follows Hollywood's most epic rivalry throughout their careers. They only worked together once, in the classic spine-chiller "What Ever Happened to Baby...

Elinor Ostrom

by Vlad Tarko

Elinor Ostrom was the first woman to win the Nobel Prize in economics. She has been at the forefront of New Institutional Economics and Public Choice revolutions, discovering surprising ways in which communities...

Rodrigo Borgia’s Rose

by Michela Martignoni & Elena Martignoni

A woman lies waiting for a new lover. Covered with nothing but rose petals, her body is exposed for pleasure: his and hers. The woman is Vannozza Cattanei, long-time mistress of a pope, matriarch of the Borgias,...

The Rabbi's Atheist Daughter

Jo Malone: My Story

by Jo Malone

Known around the world for her eponymous brand of fragrances and now her brand-new venture Jo Loves (soon to debut in the US), Jo Malone tells the remarkable and inspiring story of her rise from humble beginnings...

A Woman in Amber: Healing the Trauma of War and Exile

by Agate Nesaule

A moving memoir of both the past and the present, A Woman in Amber, tells the story of the lasting scars inflicted by the occupation in Latvia during World War II, and how that experience affected a woman’s...

In My Tribulations Lies My Great Victory

by Eunice Chadoka-King

'In My Tribulations Lies My Great Victory' by Eunice Chadoka King is the author's very personal account of the Zimbabwe War of Liberation. As a high school student, Eunice and her fellow students were kidnapped...

Head in Heaven

by Barbro Curman

"You have to get used to this!" I heard a voice say. I trembled as I experienced a presence at the right side of my dinner table. I managed to stay put, playing the guest-just-having-a-dinner role. I more or...