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Wild by Nature

by Sarah Marquis & Stephanie Hellert

One woman

10,000 miles on foot

6 countries

8 pairs of hiking boots

3,000 cups of tea

1,000 days and nights

"The only way to survive three years of walking was to embrace the moment of now.”—from Wild by...

The Ribbons Are for Fearlessness: My Journey from Norway to Portugal beneath the Midnight Sun

by Catrina Davies

“Read this book if you have ever loved and lost. . . . It will inspire you.” —Monique Roffey, author of With the Kisses of His Mouth

Fuzzy-haired, neurotic, cello-playing Catrina is devastated when her lover,...

Fast into the Night: A Woman, Her Dogs, and Their Journey North on the Iditarod Trail

by Debbie Clarke Moderow

A captivating memoir of one woman’s attempt to complete Alaska’s legendary race, the Iditarod, led by her team of huskies with whom she forms a fascinating and inextricable bond and gains unique insights...

The Strength of My Soul: Stories of Sisterhood, Triumph and Inspiration

by SharRon Jamison

We are women, the bearers of life. We live, we love, we struggle, we lose, and we hope. Through it all, we share an insatiable spirit to move forward and to persevere. We share an unquenchable faith in God,...

Scarlet Women

by Ian Graham

In 1965, an impoverished elderly woman was found dead in Nice, France. Her death marked the end of an era; she was the last of the great courtesans. Known as La Belle Otero, she was a volcanic Spanish beauty...

Wilde's Women: How Oscar Wilde Was Shaped by the Women He Knew

by Eleanor Fitzsimons

A fresh, revealing, and entertaining account of the most notorious figure of his age and the women who inspired him.

Oscar Wilde famously insisted that "there should be no law for anybody," and his devotion...

Tribute: Whitney Houston

by Raphael Moran & Kirk Feretzanis

Iconic superstar, Whitney Houston broke records in the music and movie industry. She was an idol to millions and adored all over the world. Some even said she had the voice of an angel, but the demons of her...

15 Minutes: Honey Boo Boo

by Michael Troy

You better redneckomitize! Bluewater Productions continues it's examination of the under belly of FAME in the second installment of their new "15 Minutes" biography comics line that focuses on the stars of reality...

Female Force: Hillary Clinton

by Neal Bailey & Ryan Howe

From her beginnings at Wellesley to the battle for the democratic presidential nomination, Hillary Clinton has, from the outset, raised critical issues of feminism, politics, and philosophy. Telling the story...

Female Force: Michelle Obama- First Year

by Robert Schnakenberg & Alessandro Miracolo

Check out the sequel to the sold out comic book "Female Force: Michelle Obama!" From humble beginnings in Chicago, she rose to become an outspoken advocate, trailblazing first lady, and international style icon....

Female Force: Michelle Obama

by Neal Bailey & Joshua LaBello

This comic series has been featured on CNN, Fox News, & OK! Magazine. The latest one shot features the newest 1st Lady, Michelle Obama. A mother, political force, and now... the new first lady, it's obvious...

Female Force: JK Rowling

by Adam Gragg & Matt Flyer

Millions of readers worldwide have been captivated by the best selling Harry Potter series, but what is even more incredible is the woman who created him and his fantastic world. From telling stories as a child,...

Female Force: Gloria Steinem

by Melissa Seymour & Angel Bernuy

Gloria Steinem is an author, politician, activist, speaker, editor and infamous feminist! From creating Ms. Magazine to inventing "Take Our Daughters to Work day", Gloria Steinem is constantly surprising us!...

Female Force: Madonna (Spanish Edition)

by CW Cooke & Michael Johnson

Erase una vez, la conocíamos como la "Chica material," pero ahora todo el mundo la conoce como Madonna, la reina del pop. Antes que Lady GaGa, Beyonce, Christina Aguilera o Britney, estaba Madonna. Ella ha...

Tribute: Marilyn Monroe

by Dina Gachman & Nathan Girten

Marilyn Monroe is one of the most beloved icons of our time-- the original blonde bombshell. She defined the term sex symbol and captivated the attention of the public with her tumultuous ups-and-downs. She...

FAME: Demi Lovato

by Michael Troy & Nathan Girten

Lovato began her career on the Disney Channel, starring alongside fellow pop sensations the Jonas Brothers, before rocketing to music stardom with two Billboard chart-topping albums. The inspiring young singer...

Female Force: Lady Almina: The Woman behind Dowton Abbey

by Michael Troy & Giuseppe Latanza

Will the real 'Downton Abbey' please stand up? With the success of PBS' steamy series set in yesteryear England, interest has been garnered in the 'real' Downtown Abbey, Lady Almina. Join Bluewater comics as...

FAME: Adele (Spanish Edition)

by Michael Troy & Manuel Diaz

Bluewater Production sigue su popular línea de comics biografía con FAME: ADELE. En este comic biográfica, seguimos a la joven cantante de poderosas baladas desde que era una simple chica de Tottenham hasta...

Female Force: Laura Ingraham

by Jerome Maida & Manuel Diaz

Born into a middle-class family, Laura Ingraham has become an American success story. Denounced by many early in her career as a bigot because of her deeply held Christian views, Ingraham has drawn strength...

Female Force: Gabrielle Giffords

by CW Cooke & Nick Justus

In the face of tragedy is when heroes are born and miracles happen, and Gabrielle Giffords is nothing if not both. A terrible attempt was made on her life and we all stopped and took notice, waiting with baited...