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Strategy Six Pack 7

by Frank Sheffield

“History is written by the winners.” ― Napoleon Bonaparte. The Norman Conquest of England, Christopher Columbus, Richard III, a fight with a Royal Bengal tiger, the most famous prison diary of the American...

Trammel's Trace: The First Road to Texas from the North

by Gary L. Pinkerton

Trammel’s Trace tells the story of a borderlands smuggler and an important passageway into early Texas.

Trammel’s Trace, named for Nicholas Trammell, was the first route from the United States into the northern...

Narrative of the Captivity and Restoration of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson

by Mary White Rowlandson

Mary White Rowlandson was a colonial American woman who was captured during an attack by Native Americans during King Philip's War and held ransom for 11 weeks. After being released, she wrote A Narrative of...

Fear: Our Ultimate Challenge

by Ranulph Fiennes


Sir Ranulph Fiennes has climbed the Eiger and Mount Everest. He's crossed both Poles on foot. He's been a member of the SAS and fought a bloody guerrilla war in Oman. And yet he confesses...

Mustang Ride

by Kelly Wilson

The adventures of the Wilson sisters in the American West.This is the third book from bestselling author and television star Kelly Wilson. Kelly's first two books, For the Love of Horses and Stallion Challenges...

Round About the North Pole

by W. J. Gordon

Among the many books about the Polar regions there is none quite like this, dealing with the gradual progress of exploration towards the north along the different areas of advance within the Arctic Circle. The...

A True Account of the Voyage of the Nottinghar Thames to New-England

by Christopher Langman

We having been Sufferers in this unfortunate Voyage, had reason to believe, from the Temper of our Captain, who treated us barbarously both by Sea and Land, that he would misrepresent the Matter, as we now find...

Danger and Poetry: One Glider Pilot's First Hundred Hours, from Flight School to Rescue Mission

by Joe Karam

Joe Karam was born to transcend, but perhaps not to fly. When at twenty-seven his quest for freedom led him to set foot in a glider for the first time, he was overcome with fear and desire. Nothing seemed to...

An Intimate Wilderness: Arctic Voices in a Land of Vast Horizons

by Norman Hallendy & William W. Fitzhugh

Arctic researcher, author, and photographer Norman Hallendy’s journey to the far north began in 1958, when many Inuit, who traditionally lived on the land, were moving to permanent settlements created by the...

Facing the Extreme

by Ruth Anne Kocour & Michael Hodgson

She stepped into a death zone. The climbers on Alaska's Mt. McKinley called her "the woman." Ruth Anne Kocour, a world-class mountaineer, wasn't bothered. It was part of the challenge she faced as she joined...

Shouting From The Summits

by Kala Ramachandran

Living proof that a stammer need not hold you back'. Lets Geddes. Kala Ramachandran struggled with a stammer and it became so debilitating she thought it would be with her her whole life. But then she embraced...

Days to Remember

by Rob Collister

Days to Remember is a collection of tales from well-known mountain guide Rob Collister – tales of long days on the hill, travelling fast and light, often alone, and always steering well clear of the honeypots....

Dr David Livingstone in Africa - A Historical Article on the Life and Expeditions of Dr Livingstone

by Anon.

This vintage book contains a fascinating a historical article on the life and expeditions of the famous explorer of Africa - David Livingstone. With a wealth of fascinating biographical information and accurate...

Andrée's Balloon Expedition in Search of the North Pole

by Henri Lachambre

In the 21st century - the age of the budget airline - where quick and reliable air travel is available to a large segment of society, it seems hard to comprehend that it is less than 250 years since the first...

Robert E. Peary and the Discovery of the North Pole

by Robert E. Peary

Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. We are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern...


by Hamish MacInnes

Call-out is the definitive collection of tales about early mountain rescue in the Highlands of Scotland from Hamish MacInnesEverest pioneer and arguably the most famous Scottish mountaineer of the twentieth...

Exploration Fawcett

by Percy Fawcett

The disappearance of Colonel Fawcett in the Matto Grosso remains one of the great unsolved mysteries of today. In 1925 Fawcett was convinced that he had discovered the location of a lost city; he had set out...

Big Game Hunter

by Norman Etherington

This book tells the story of an adventurer, hunter and naturalist in late nineteenth-century Africa, who would inspire novelists such as Rider Haggard and Wilbur Smith. The book describes Selous’ extraordinary...

The Chronicles of the Schooner Lusty I: A Sail Around the World in Search of Tropical Isles and the Green Flash

by Mike Williams

This true adventure started innocently enough with a casual remark between two friends having coffee one dreary April afternoon at the University of Washington cafeteria in seattle. “Let’s buy a boat and...

Mount Everest 1938

by H.W. Tilman

It’s 1938, the British have thrown everything they’ve got at Everest but they’ve still not reached the summit. War in Europe seems inevitable; the Empire is shrinking. Still reeling from failure in 1936,...