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Narrative of the Mutiny Bounty

by William Bligh

A Narrative of the Mutiny, on Board His Majesty's Ship Bounty; and the Subsequent Voyage of Part of the Crew, in the Ship's Boat, from Tofoa, One of the Friendly Islands, to Timor, a Dutch Settlement in the...

The Story of Ida Pfeiffer

by Ida Pfeiffer

Ida Laura Pfeiffer (1797-Vienna), was an Austrian traveler and travel book author. She was one of the first female explorers, whose popular books were translated into seven languages. She was a member of geographical...

Theodore Roosevelt

by Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt Jr. (1858–1919) was an American statesman, author, explorer, soldier, naturalist, and reformer who served as the 26th President of the United States from 1901 to 1909. As a leader of the...

Shark Drunk: The Art of Catching a Large Shark from a Tiny Rubber Dinghy in a Big Ocean

by Morten Stroksnes

A salty story of friendship, adventure, and the explosive life that teems beneath the ocean


The Lofoten archipelago, just North of the Arctic Circle, is a place of unsurpassed beauty—the skyline spikes...

Floating: A Life Regained

by Joe Minihane

The thrillingly triumphant memoir of one man’s self discovery and mastery of anxiety through wild swimming

Journalist Joe Minihane became obsessed with wild swimming and its restorative qualities, and developed...

The Heart of the Antarctic

by Ernest Shackleton

The Heart of the Antarctic, Illustrated by Ernest Shackleton.

The scientific results of the expedition cannot be stated in detail in this book. The expert members in each branch have contributed to the appendices...

Bird Woman (Sacajawea) the Guide of Lewis and Clark

by James Willard Schultz

An Indian girl, Sacagawea, the Bird Woman of the Shoshones, led the Lewis and Clark Expedition across the desert and over the difficult mountain passes to the Pacific Coast during the seasons of 1804-06.


Frozen in Time

by John Geiger, Owen Beattie & Wade Davis

In 1845, Sir John Franklin and his men set out to “penetrate the icy fastness of the north, and to circumnavigate America.” And then they disappeared. The truth about what happened to Franklin’s ill-fated...

Tibetan Caravans

by Abdul Wahid Radhu & His Holiness The Dalai Lama

Born into an eminent merchant family in Ladakh in 1918, Khwaja Abdul Wahid Radhu, often described as ‘the last caravaneer of Tibet and Central Asia’, led an unusual life of adventure, inspiration and enlightenment....

The Great Explorers of North America: Complete Biographies, Historical Documents, Journals & Letters

by Julius E. Olson, Edward Everett Hale, Elizabeth Hodges & Frederick A. Ober et al.

European colonization of America occurred as a result of the bravery and discoveries of great navigators, visionaries and adventurers. This carefully edited collection presents the lives of the most influential...

A Raindrop in the Ocean

by Michael Dobbs-Higginson

A unique memoir in which a young adventurer from colonial Rhodesia charms his way around the world, sleeping in stately homes and public toilets, smuggling drugs across several borders and losing a $50 million...

Budget Backpacking for Boomers

by Alastair Henry & Candas Whitlock

Perhaps you remember a time in your youth when you set off to see the world with only a pack on your back and limited funds in your pocket?

Well that’s what we did, but we did it when we were in our mid-sixties!...

A Man for All Oceans: Captain Joshua Slocum and the First Solo Voyage Around the World

by Stan Grayson

The product of years of research, A Man for All Oceans is the most comprehensive biography of Slocum ever published, and the first written by a small-boat sailor. Author/historian Grayson uncovered previously...

The Push: A Climber's Journey of Endurance, Risk, and Going Beyond Limits

by Tommy Caldwell

A New York Times Bestseller

A dramatic, inspiring memoir by legendary rock climber Tommy Caldwell, the first person to free climb the Dawn Wall of Yosemite’s El Capitan   

“The rarest of adventure reads: ...

Norton of Everest: The biography of E.F. Norton, soldier and mountaineer

by Hugh Norton & Wade Davis

Major Norton gave the order to fire two or three times … Their advanced machine gunners could be seen rushing forward and establishing themselves in commanding posts … Almost at once the ridge we...

AMERIGO VESPUCCI – Discover the Man Behind the Legend

by Amerigo Vespucci, Bartolomé de las Casas, Christopher Columbus & Clements R. Markham

Amerigo Vespucci was an Italian explorer, navigator and cartographer who first demonstrated that Brazil and the West Indies did not represent Asia's eastern outskirts as initially conjectured from Columbus'...

The Life of Christopher Columbus – Discover The True Story of the Great Voyage & All the Adventures of the Infamous Explorer

by Christopher Columbus & Edward Everett Hale

To these days, the best authorities agree that the children and the grown people of the world have never been mistaken when they have said: “America was discovered in 1492 by Christopher Columbus, a native...

Cycling Out of the Comfort Zone

by Charles Guilhamon & Juliet McArthur

Just out of university, Charles Guilhamon and his friend Gabriel de Lépinau decide to take a year out to tour the world by bike. With a budget of a few euros a day, their travels bring them out of their comfort...

Tracks Along the Left Coast

by Andrew Schelling

California, with its scores of native languages, contains a wealth of old time stories—a bedrock literature of North America. Jaime de Angulo’s linguistic and ethnographic work, his writings, as well as...

Two Years Before the Mast

by Richard Henry Dana

Graduating from Harvard in 1834, Richard Henry Dana, Jr.  enlisted as a common sailor on a voyage around Cape Horn on the brig Pilgrim. He returned to Massachusetts two years later aboard the Alert (which left...