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Three Somebodies: Plays about Notorious Dissidents

by Kat Georges

A trio of compelling, cutting edge plays on notorious rebels including radical feminist and Warhol attacker Valerie Solanas (SCUM: The Valerie Solanas Story), Dada instigator Arthur Cravan (Art Was Here), and...

Dead Man Living

by Ira Andrus Jr.

Like most children, Ira Andrus had a role model. But unlike other kids his age, Ira's role model was both a fugitive and a thief. In this gripping and unbelievable autobiography, Dead Man Living shows readers...

Secret Squirrel

by Secret Squirrel

This is the autobiography, or perhaps the public confessional, of the author.   It will come as a complete shock to his family, friends and work colleagues who all think that they know him, but alas, they don’t…His...

Memorable Moments of a Met Copper

by David Dugmore

Memorable Moments of a Met Copper – 1967–1997 is the fascinating and absorbing memoir of a Met Copper spanning a thirty year period. Presented as a series of stark, harrowing and often disturbed short anecdotes...

The true life of Pablo Escobar

by Astrid María Legarda Martínez & Adriana Blanco

"Hello beautiful. I am Popeye." In 1998 I met Jhon Jairo Velásquez Vásquez—alias "Popeye"—lieutenant to the Medellín Cartel's leader, Pablo Escobar Gaviria. Our first encounter was at the high security...

Bad Blood

by Don Davis

They were golden boys who killed with sudden savagery. The trial revealed a dark drama too evil to believe. Handsome, rich, bronzed champion athletes, Erik and Lyle Menendez were the stunning symbols of the...

The Last Chicago Boss

by Kerrie Droban & Peter 'Big Pete' James

A legend in the biker community, Peter “Big Pete” James was the most revered gangster in the Outlaw Nation. He first perfected his skills with the Hells Angels, the Outlaws’ chief rival, before persuading...

Sofia Perovskaya, Terrorist Princess

by Robert R. Riggs

More than ever, terrorist acts command enormous attention.  Concerns about terrorism have led to sweeping new restrictive government policies on such matters as immigration and airline security.  In an often...

Autobiography of a Recovering Skinhead

by Jody M. Roy, Frank Meeink & Elizabeth Wurtzel

This new edition of the acclaimed Frank Meeink story includes a preface by the author, nine new chapters, an updated epilogue, and resource guides for substance abuse recovery and countering racism.



by Ron Culley

In 1985, as he prepared to release information that could have brought down the government of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, solicitor and senior Scottish Nationalist politician Willie McRae was found in...

Son of Sam

by Lawrence Klausner


Discover the harrowing true story of the notorious serial killer who terrorized New York City forty years ago during the summer of 1977—David Berkowitz,...

You Can’t Win

by Jack Black

My background is crowded with robberies, burglaries, and thefts too numerous to recall. All manner of crimes against property. Arrests, trials, acquittals, convictions, escapes. Penitentiaries! I see in the...

Bernie Madoff and the Crisis

by Colleen P. Eren

Bernie Madoff's arrest could not have come at a more darkly poetic moment. Economic upheaval had plunged America into a horrid recession. Then, on December 11, 2008, Madoff's $65 billion Ponzi scheme came to...

A Texas Ranger

by N. A. Jennings

Eighteen-year-old Napoleon Augustus Jennings came to Texas in 1874 and joined a special force of Texas Rangers charged with border patrol under the command of L. H. McNelly.

At this time the South Texas region...

Brigham's Destroying Angel

by William Adams Hickman

The controversial memoir Brigham's Destroying Angel caused a huge rift in the Mormon Church upon its release in 1872 and had a powerful effect on the church’s reputation. ‘Wild’ Bill Hickman’s book...

The Prisoner in His Palace

by Will Bardenwerper

In the haunting tradition of In Cold Blood and The Executioner’s Song, this remarkably insightful and surprisingly intimate portrait of Saddam Hussein lifts away the top layer of a dictator’s evil and finds...

The Border Outlaws

by James W. Buel

An authentic history of the desperate adventures of the four Younger Brothers has become a necessity.

Their lives require no romantic or exaggerated shading to make the narrative remarkable. Their deeds are as...

Surviving Pablo Escobar

by Jhon Jairo Velásquez Vásquez

I've begged God for forgiveness, but I won't know till the day I die if He has truly forgiven me … I've paid my dues to society by serving my long sentence, but perhaps I haven't earned His indulgence …...

Punk Avenue

by Phil Marcade, Legs McNeil & Debbie Harry

Punk Avenue: The New York City Underground 1972-1982 is an intimate look at author Paris-born Phil Marcade’s first ten years in the United States where drifted from Boston to the West Coast and back, before...

Ali the Immortal

by Alexander Urumov

Ali the Immortal earned his nickname in the bloody Iran-Iraq War. As an Iranian soldier, he miraculously survived unscathed every time from the fierce battlefield where hundreds died around him. Disillusioned...