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The Lady with the Borzoi

by Laura Claridge

Left off her company's fifth anniversary tribute but described by Thomas Mann as "the soul of the firm," Blanche Knopf began her career when she founded Alfred A. Knopf with her husband in 1915. With her finger...

All Tomorrow's Parties: A Memoir

by Rob Spillman

Rob Spillman—the award-winning, charismatic cofounding editor of the legendary Tin House magazine—has devoted his life to the rebellious pursuit of artistic authenticity. Born in Germany to two driven musicians,...

Becoming Grandma: The Joys and Science of the New Grandparenting

by Lesley Stahl

From one of the country’s most recognizable journalists: How becoming a grandmother transforms a woman’s life.


After four decades as a reporter, Lesley Stahl’s most vivid and transformative experience...

Good Trouble: Building a Successful Life and Business with Asperger's

by Joe Biel, Joyce Brabner & Sander Hicks

In 1996, everything about Joe Biel’s life seemed like a mistake. He was 18, he lived in Cleveland, he got drunk every day, and he had mystery health problems and weird social tics. All his friends’ lives...


by Susan Jacoby

Since childhood, Susan Jacoby, the New York Times bestselling author of The Age of American Unreason, was sure that her father was keeping a secret. At age twenty, just before beginning her writing career as...

Take a Stand: Lessons from Rebels

by Jorge Ramos

"People ask if I am a journalist or an activist. The truth is that I am just a journalist who asks questions, but one who does in fact take a stand."—Jorge Ramos 

After 30 fascinating years uncovering the...

My Journey Through War and Peace:Explorations of a Young Filmmaker, Feminist and Spiritual Seeker: Explorations of a Young Filmmaker, Feminist and Spi

by Melissa Burch

My Journey Through War and Peace: Explorations of a Young Filmmaker, Feminist and Spiritual Seeker is an adventure spiritual memoir about a woman in her twenties who seeks self-discovery and connection to something...

The Road Through War: Anarchy and Rebellion in the Central African Republic

by Anjan Sundaram

A Vintage Shorts Travel Selection

"I arrived to find that this was a war of walkers."


So writes Anjan Sundaram about his journey into the heart of the war-torn Central African Republic in 2013. As soon as he...

Bullets and Bylines: From the Frontlines of Kabul, Delhi, Damascus and Beyond

by Shyam Bhatia

War reporters tend to have shorter lives than many others in the same profession of journalism, simply because they are exposed to more day-to-day risks in remote parts of the world where timely help is a prized...

Bad News: Last Journalists in a Dictatorship

by Anjan Sundaram

The author of the acclaimed Stringer: A Reporter’s Journey in the Congo now moves on to Rwanda for a gripping look at a country caught still in political and social unrest, years after the genocide that shocked...

Stories I Tell Myself: Growing Up with Hunter S. Thompson

by Juan F. Thompson

Hunter S. Thompson, “smart hillbilly,” boy of the South, born and bred in Louisville, Kentucky, son of an insurance salesman and a stay-at-home mom, public school-educated, jailed at seventeen on a bogus...

Worlds Ago: A Memoir of My Journeying Years

by Walter Laqueur

In this memoir, journalist and historian Walter Laqueur focuses on his early years in Nazi Germany before WWII, his life as a laborer on a kibbutz in Palestine in the 1930s and 1940s, and his travels in Western...

I Sailed with Chinese Pirates

by Aleko E. Lilius & Paul French

An enthusiastic history of rampant Cantonese piracy in the 1930s, this first-hand account follows globetrotting journalist Aleko E. Lilius as he sets out to infiltrate mysterious pirate gangs. Describing every...

Cast of Characters: Wolcott Gibbs, E. B. White, James Thurber, and the Golden Age of The New Yorker

by Thomas Vinciguerra

The professional and personal lives of the pioneers of an enduring magazine.

From its birth in 1925 to the early days of the Cold War, The New Yorker slowly but surely took hold as the country’s most prestigious,...

The Art of the Publisher

by Roberto Calasso & Richard Dixon

An interior look at Roberto Calasso's work as a publisher and his reflections on the art of book publishing

In this fascinating memoir, the author and publisher Roberto Calasso meditates on the art of book publishing....

Before Rupert: Keith Murdoch and the Birth of a Dynasty

by Tom DC Roberts

‘An impressive study of the Murdoch genius for government by media.’ Chris Masters ‘In this engrossing study Tom Roberts draws on a remarkable range of sources, many for the first time, to show how Keith...

Hemingway in Love

by A. E. Hotchner

In June of 1961, A. E. Hotchner visited a close friend in the psychiatric ward of St. Mary's Hospital. It would be the last time they spoke - three weeks later, Ernest Hemingway returned home, where he took...

Writing the War: Chronicles of a World War II Correspondent

by Anne Kiley, Thomas Pellechia & David Kiley

As expansive as it is personal, this chronicle of World War II is a firsthand account by a journalist and the woman he would marry of the dramatic events that engulfed the world in the middle of the twentieth...


by Mary Mapes

A riveting play-by-play of a reporter getting and defending a story that recalls All the President's Men, Truthputs readers in the center of the "60 Minutes II" story on George W. Bush's shirking of his National...

Mary McGrory: The First Queen of Journalism

by John Norris

A wildly entertaining biography of the trailblazing Washington columnist and the first woman to win the Pulitzer Prize for commentary


Before there was Maureen Dowd or Gail Collins or Molly Ivins, there was...