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Wal-Mart: I Don't Belong Here

by Sean William Brown

After 15 years in retail management, Ben Brown found himself heartbroken, jobless, and living in his parent’s basement. In the worst economic recession in 25 years, Ben too an entry level job catching shoplifters...

Big League Babble On

by John Gallagher

  • Sports and pop culture gossip memoir from the sport radio jockey and former host of Canada's #1 talk show, Gallagher on TSN, John Gallagher
  • Foreword by Wayne Gretzky, whose 2016 memoir has sold over 80,000...

Respecting the Patient's and Physician's Relationship

by Stephanie Burch

This is really based on what I’ve went through in my early 20’s that changed my life dramatically, so I hope my readers learn from my experience and what kind of hell I’ve been through and not make the...

On A Stormy Course: In the Hot Seat at St. Stephen's

by Valson Thampu

What is the institution that the world knows as St. Stephen?s College, Delhi? Is it only an anthology of nostalgic tales, mythological anecdotes, free-wheeling assertions and transitory opinions? Or does it...

A Time that was...

by Philip S Salisbury

The author worked as a teacher and had a variety of experiences in Liberia and traveling in West Africa from 1962-1964. The author kept a diary for most of his tour of duty. The book reveals the day-to-day life...

Out of Montana

by Gordon L Noel

When Gordon Noel was five years old he came home from school to find that his father had left his mother for another woman. There were no roadmaps for divorced kids in 1940s Montana, and for the next thirteen...

So Here It Is: How the Boy From Wolverhampton Rocked the World With Slade

by Dave Hill

'No Slade = No Oasis. It's as devastating and as simple as that' Noel Gallagher

Slade's music and style dominated and defined the 1970s. With six consecutive number one singles they were the UK's number one group...

21st-Century Yokel

by Tom Cox

21st-Century Yokel explores the way we can be tied inescapably to landscape, whether we like it or not, often through our family and our past. It's not quite a nature book, not quite a humour book, not quite...

Shelved: A Memoir of Aging in America

by Sue Petrovski

Sue Petrovski has always been capable, thoughtful, and productive. After retiring from a long and successful career in education, she published two books, ran an antiques business, and volunteered in her community....

Tales of Bialystok

by Charles Zachariah Goldberg & Phyllis Goldberg Ross

Charles Zachariah Goldberg left Bialystok in 1906 at the age of 20 in the aftermath of a deadly pogrom in Bialystok, then a part of Czarist Russia.  Published later in life, living in Connecticut, these are...

Journey of a Thousand Miles

by Ruey J. Yu, Kate Jaimet, Eugene J. Van Scott & Scott Simon

Born into poverty in Japanese-occupied Taiwan, Ruey Yu overcame near-starvation during the Second World War. Destiny, however, had other plans for him: he was to become an award-winning biochemist, then the...

My Life and Work

by Henry Ford & Sbp Editors

Anyone can think up an idea. The thing that counts is developing it into a practical product. The lessons of Henry Ford, one of America's greatest business innovators, are as fresh and vital today as they were...

Promise Me, Dad

by Joe Biden

“Promise Me, Dad is a brisk, often uplifting read, a consequence of its author’s congenital jollity and irrepressible candor.”

- Vanity Fair

A deeply moving memoir about the year that would forever change...

The Vanity Fair Diaries

by Tina Brown

Tina Brown kept delicious daily diaries throughout her eight spectacular years as editor-in-chief of Vanity Fair. Today they provide an incendiary portrait of the flash and dash and power brokering of the Excessive...

A Living Witness: The Journal Writing of My Life, Healing, and God.

by Craig Wiggins

Craig Wiggins was born in Beth Israel Hospital in New York City on March 14, 1981. He grew up in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn, raised by his late mother and grandmother. With an absentee father...


by Jess Halloran & Jelena Dokic

This is a story of Jelena Dokic's survival. How she survived as a refugee, twice. How she survived on the tennis court to become world No. 4. But, most importantly, how she survived her father, Damir Dokic,...

A Living Witness

by Craig Wiggins

Craig Wiggins was born in Beth Israel Hospital in New York City on March 14, 1981. He grew up in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn, raised by his late mother and grandmother. With an absentee father...

The Adventures of Daniel Boone

by Uncle Philip

Daniel Boone was an American pioneer, explorer, woodsman, and frontiersman, whose frontier exploits made him one of the first folk heroes of the United States. Boone is most famous for his exploration and settlement...

Crawling Out: One Woman's Journey to Break the Cycle of Abuse

by Casey Morley & Nancy Hooper

How does a child know…

•  What is acceptable or unacceptable?

•  Normal or abnormal?

•  That children aren’t slaves?

•  Good or bad?

•  That women aren’t beaten?

How do they get out of something...

Two Women ~ 1 Disease: A story of survival and struggles co-written by both caregiver and cancer patient.

by 'Cj' Carol Johnson, Beth Pauvlinch & Dr. John Kiluk

When my mother/best friend was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer, we thought our lives were over. My mother always insisted that she would NEVER endure the torture her Grandmother who had been diagnosed back...