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Apples & Oranges

by Jan Clausen

Sexuality and identity are the twin goddesses that lend Jan Clausen’s Apples & Oranges its grace and urgency. In the late 1980s, after more than a decade living within a strong Brooklyn lesbian community with...

A Family Place: A Man Returns to the Center of His Life

by Charles Gaines, Dave DiBenedetto & Alexander Bridge

A moving chronicle about fatherhood and family, marriage and love, and what it means to create a home.


by Tex Perkins

Singer. Songwriter. Swamp child. Soul man. Tex Perkins is a true rock'n'roll animal. In this loud, uncut, no-holds-barred, laugh-out-loud and take-no-prisoners memoir, the enigmatic king of the Australian music...

My Shitty Twenties

by Emily Morris

The baby?s father?s parting shot was ?Enjoy your impending shitty, snotty, vomity twenties.?

When Emily Morris was 22 and half way through university, she found out she was pregnant. It felt like an alien invasion...

Getting' Poetic on Anaesthetic

by Simon Sainsbury

Gettin' Poetic on Anaesthetic is a light-hearted memoir guaranteed to make you smile, laugh, or even wet your pants! A memoir is all about the ability to see life through the writer's eyes. Allow yourself to...

An Unfinished Portrait

by Miriam Frank

How does a mother become estranged from her daughter?

Miriam Frank was born in Barcelona on the cusp of the Spanish Civil War among the many young, non-conformist people congregating from all over Europe wanting...

John Fleming and Hugh Honour, Remembered

by Susanna Johnston

The prodigiously gifted John Fleming and Hugh Honour were the last titans of art history, living in a beautiful, secluded Italian villa that cocooned their private lives as their world fame grew. To Susanna...

The Gift of Goodbye

by Rebecca Whitehead Munn

Have you faced the loss of a parent, struggled with how to say goodbye? Have you felt the depth of pain of the loss, not knowing where to turn or how to cope? Have you questioned your faith and let fear take...

Aphrodite Emerges: The Journey That Changed My Life - and Changed My Father's Too

by Susie Herrick & Elle Luna

An inspiring story about how one woman changed her father’s life with an email.

As your daughter I urge you to please take these words to heart. In the future, I will not support you in doing any more of your...

Theatre of War

by Christine Matheson

Theatre of War is a full-fledged, kiss and tell all memoir of Chris Matheson’s restaurant days (1977-1999) as an owner/chef in Queensland. From humble beginnings and a rocky partnership in her first restaurant...

Sharks in the Runway

by Paul W. J. Harding

Captain Paul Harding moved with his family to the Bahamas when he was just twelve. He fell in love with his exotic new home immediately and this epic memoir pays tribute to his passion for island life, his ecclectic...

Reverb, TX

by Harlin Anderson

From the expanses of the Chihuahuan Desert to the secrets of the Piney Woods, Texas is travelers' country. Home to several distinct cultures, the only common trait among the far-flung people of the Lone Star...

Reverb, TX

by Harlin Anderson

From the expanses of the Chihuahuan Desert to the secrets of the Piney Woods, Texas is travelers' country. Home to several distinct cultures, the only common trait among the far-flung people of the Lone Star...

You Can’t Win

by Jack Black

My background is crowded with robberies, burglaries, and thefts too numerous to recall. All manner of crimes against property. Arrests, trials, acquittals, convictions, escapes. Penitentiaries! I see in the...

Thirty Years a Slave

by Louis Hughes

Thirty Years a Slave: From Bondage to Freedom by Louis Hughes.

Louis Hughes was born in Virginia (1832), but was sold (1844) in the Richmond slave market to a cotton planter and his wife who lived on the Mississippi...

Reading with Patrick: A Teacher, a Student, and a Life-Changing Friendship

by Michelle Kuo

A memoir of race, inequality, and the power of literature told through the life-changing friendship between an idealistic young teacher and her gifted student, jailed for murder in the Mississippi Delta


Among the Living and the Dead: A Tale of Exile and Homecoming on the War Roads of Europe

by Inara Verzemnieks

“Extraordinarily tender and finely wrought.” — Eliza Griswold, author of The Tenth Parallel

“It’s long been assumed of the region where my grandmother was born…that at some point each year the dead...

Saving Charlotte: A Mother and the Power of Intuition

by Pia de Jong

Best-selling author Pia de Jong’s vivid memoir about her newborn daughter’s battle with leukemia and the startling decision that led to her recovery.

On a still summer night in a seventeenth-century canal...

A Beautiful, Terrible Thing: A Memoir of Marriage and Betrayal

by Jen Waite

“Like Big Little LiesA Beautiful Terrible Thing is a startling reminder that fairy tales aren’t real. A master class in suspenseful storytelling, Jen Waite recounts the lies, betrayals, and infidelity...

Being Ana

by Shani Raviv

Shani Raviv is a misfit teen whose peer-pressured diet spirals down into full-blown anorexia nervosa—something no one in her early-nineties, local South African community knows anything about. Fourteen-year-old...