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Vessels: A Love Story

by Daniel Raeburn

An unforgettable portrait of a marriage tested to its limits.

When Dan, a writer with a passion for underground comics, and his wife Bekah, a potter dedicated to traditional Japanese ceramics, met through a...

Girls I Never Married: a memoir

by Daniel Lusk

Poet Daniel Lusk’s story begins in Iowa at the end of the Great Depression.

He was born to devoutly religious parents who “were renters and debtors, the

working poor.” Like many writers of his generation,...

My Journey Through War and Peace:Explorations of a Young Filmmaker, Feminist and Spiritual Seeker: Explorations of a Young Filmmaker, Feminist and Spi

by Melissa Burch

My Journey Through War and Peace: Explorations of a Young Filmmaker, Feminist and Spiritual Seeker is an adventure spiritual memoir about a woman in her twenties who seeks self-discovery and connection to something...

Just Three Words: Athlete, Mother, Survivor. How One Brave Women-Against All Odds-Wins the Race of Her Life

by Karen Newman

At age 46, world-class triathlete, dietitian, and mother, Karen Newman, was on her knees, begging for her life to end. But just when her eating disorders had once again warped her life into a shame-filled nightmare...

How to Weep in Public: Feeble Offerings on Depression from One Who Knows

by Jacqueline Novak

In her hilarious memoir-meets-guide-to-life, comedian (and depressed person) Jacqueline Novak reveals depression’s hidden pleasures, advises readers on how to make most of a cat hair-covered life, and helps...

Locally Laid: How We Built a Plucky, Industry-changing Egg Farm - from Scratch

by Lucie B. Amundsen

How a Midwestern family with no agriculture experience went from a few backyard chickens to a full-fledged farm—and discovered why local chicks are better.

When Lucie Amundsen had a rare night out with her...

Accidentally Istanbul: Decoding Turkey for the enquiring Western traveller

by Nancy Knudsen, Diana Giese & Audrey Larsen

Nancy Knudsen never meant to go to Istanbul.

Maybe she might have included it as part of a holiday along with other dazzling European cities such as Venice, Paris or Salzburg.   But the idea of actually living...

I Had to Survive: How a Plane Crash in the Andes Inspired My Calling to Save Lives

by Roberto Canessa & Pablo Vierci

On October 12, 1972, a Uruguayan Air Force plane carrying members of the “Old Christians” rugby team—and many of their friends and family members—crashed into the Andes Mountains. I Had to Survive offers...

The Mommy Group: Freaking Out, Finding Friends, and Surviving the Happiest Time of Our Lives

by Elizabeth Isadora Gold

“If you only read one parenting book this year, make it The Mommy Group...This book is incisive, insightful, and downright delightful. I did not mean for that to rhyme” (Adam Mansbach, #1 New York Times...

Black and White Bible, Black and Blue Wife

by Ruth A. Tucker

Ruth Tucker recounts a harrowing story of abuse at the hands of her husband—a well-educated, charming preacher no less—in hope that her story would help other women caught in a cycle of domestic violence...

Because of Love: Now and Forever

by Janice Grow Hanson

The touching true story of how a mother’s love, faith, and determination saved the lives of her two physically challenged children.  Tonya and Cody are the only two known in the entire world diagnosed with...

Colors of Goodbye: A Memoir of Holding On, Letting Go, and Reclaiming Joy in the Wake of Loss

by September Vaudrey & Shauna Niequist

What happens after the worst happens?

Before May 31, 2008, September Vaudrey’s life was beautiful. But on that day, with one phone call from the ER, her whole world—everything she knew and believed—was...

The Can't-idates: Running For President When Nobody Knows Your Name

by Craig Tomashoff

In 2012, nearly 500 people filed election papers to run for President of the United States. A full year before the 2016 presidential elections, 1400+ people had already thrown their hats in the ring. Who ...

Playing the Game: Life and Politics in Papua New Guinea

by Julius Chan

‘…a fascinating account of one of the most important figures in PNG's first 40 years of Independence.’ – Sean Dorney, journalist Born on a remote island in Papua New Guinea to a migrant Chinese father and...

I'm Not An Actor (I Just Play One On TV)

by dave e. keliher

This is the part of the story of my life. But there is more to it than that. I mean, like, there's things about me as a kid and as a teen and as twenty-year old. And since this description has to be at least...

To Be Black in America Is to Walk with Fury

by Nathan McCall

A Vintage Shorts Original Selection


Twenty years ago, the publication of Nathan McCall’s groundbreaking memoir Makes Me Wanna Holler chronicled a black man’s passage from a life on the block to the prison...

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (The Taliban Shuffle MTI): Strange Days in Afghanistan and Pakistan

by Kim Barker

Now a Major Motion Picture titled Whiskey Tango Foxtrot starring Tina Fey, Margot Robbie, Martin Freeman, Alfred Molina, and Billy Bob Thornton.

From tea with warlords in the countryside to parties with drunken...

The Child Poet

by Homero Aridjis & Chloe Aridjis

Homero Aridjis has always said that he was born twice. The first time was to his mother in April 1940 and the second time was as a poet, in January 1951. His life was distinctly cleaved in two by an accident....

Reasons to Stay Alive

by Matt Haig

One of Entertainment Weekly's 25 most anticipated books of 2016—Matt Haig’s accessible and life-affirming memoir of his struggle with depression, and how his triumph over the illness taught him to live


Sunny's Nights: Lost and Found at a Bar on the Edge of the World

by Tim Sultan

Imagine that Alice had walked into a bar instead of falling down the rabbit hole. In the tradition of J. R. Moehringer’s The Tender Bar and the classic reportage of Joseph Mitchell, here is an indelible portrait...