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Econometrics of Panel Data

Family Wealth Protection Planning

by James L. Moore

The title of this book could just as well have been; “How To Co-Create Plans That Work With People Who Care.” Based on the premise that something “works”—in this case your Family Wealth Protection...

The Weakest Link

by Jeremy Swinfen Green & Paul Dorey

The Weakest Link looks at one of the biggest issues in cyber security: how to protect organisations from their own employees. Many cyber threats don't involve hackers using clever software to penetrate company...

A Good Disruption

by Martin Stuchtey, Per-Anders Enkvist & Klaus Zumwinkel

Disruptive technology is one of the defining economic trends of our age, transforming one major industry after another. But what is the true impact of such disruption on the world's economies, and does it really...

Charity Sucks

by Iqbal Wahhab

In the wake of recent scandals concerning charities such as Kids Company and BeatBullying, as well as the wave of suspicion they have generated about the third sector as a whole, celebrated restaurateur Iqbal...

The Executive Horse: 21st Century Leadership Lessons From Horses

by Evelyn T McKelvie

 “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”   - Einstein

With the exponential growth of complexity we need exponential growth in learning.

If you are a business...

Unlocking Precision Medicine

by Paul Howard & Peter Huber

New medicines in the pipeline can extend lives, save money, and even help prevent disease before symptoms appear – if we don’t discourage their innovators and investors by trying to lower drug prices...

The Local Food Revolution: How Humanity Will Feed Itself in Uncertain Times

by Michael Brownlee

Demonstrating that humanity faces an imminent and prolonged global food crisis, Michael Brownlee issues a clarion call and manifesto for a revolutionary movement to localize the global food supply. He lays out...

How to Be a Financial Grownup: Proven Advice from High Achievers on How to Live Your Dreams and Have Financial Freedom

by Bobbi Rebell & Tony Robbins

Bobbi Rebell, award-winning TV anchor and personal finance columnist at Thomson Reuters, taps into her exclusive network of business leaders to share with you stories of the financial lessons they learned early...

Winning with Money: Simplify Your Financial Life

by Coleman Aaron

Most people who need a budget just hate budgeting; it makes people feel confined. Money management systems often have the same effect, seeming too complex or restrictive.

With its focus on taking control of your...

Earning It

by Joann S. Lublin

More than fifty trailblazing executive women who broke the corporate glass ceiling offer inspiring and surprising insights and lessons in this essential, in-the-trenches career guide from Joann S. Lublin, a...

Is Your Child A Money Master Or A Money Monster?: Seven Habits of Highly Motivated Kids for Financial Success

by Sunny Lee


Sunny knows the power of rewards, and shows parents how to use that power to encourage their children to thrive.

When her twin sons, Jason...


by Anthony Ekanem

If you have always dreamed of being a writer, you can live your dreams by writing your own book and then self-publishing. Self-publishing is the way that many writers today are choosing to get their book out...

Resume Writing Secrets

by Anthony Ekanem

Everyone in the business world knows that having a good, strong resume can mean the difference between getting a job and not getting a job. You will need to have a resume that is crafted professionally and that...

Ladders & Trampolines

by Musa Kalenga

Dynamic young business marketer and strategist Musa Kalenga introduces us to Ladders and Trampolines, his model for how to be effective in the competitive arena of contemporary marketing. The concept of a Ladder...

The Thinking Mind: A Festschrift for Ken Manktelow

by Niall Galbraith, Erica Lucas & David Over

The field of thinking has undergone a revolution in recent years, opening itself up to new perspectives and applications. The traditional focus on laboratory-based thinking has transformed as theoretical work...


by Marc Vollenweider

Cut through information overload to make better decisions faster

Success relies on making the correct decisions at the appropriate time, which is only possible if the decision maker has the necessary insights...

Jobs For Development

Note To Self: Unbecoming to Become

by Tiffani Latrice Berry, Lisa Maynard & Michelle Ellison

How do I get beyond societal messages that hold me back from living out my full potential? Learn to muster the courage to share your authentic self with the world through asking yourself the challenging questions...

Hopping over the Rabbit Hole

by Anthony Scaramucci, Tony Robbins & Peter Diamandis

Develop the Scaramucci mindset that drives entrepreneurial success

Hopping over the Rabbit Hole chronicles the rise, fall, and resurgence of SkyBridge Capital founder Anthony Scaramucci, giving you a primer...