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Video Marketing Profit Kit

by Raymond Wayne

“Discover How To Use The Raw Power of Video Marketing To Build a Thriving Online Business?”

Pictures may be worth a thousand words but videos are worth thousands of pictures... and more!

With video, you can...

The future of banking (Flash Ensayo)

by Miguel Á. Fernández Ordóñez

A reflection on the fragile banking sector nowadays and the possibility of progressing towards a system of public and safe money, issued by the Central Bank.

Miguel A. Fernández Ordóñez introduces his text...

FaceBook  My  Business   Training Guide

by Laura Maya

It’s a globe-straddling social network, it’s your go-to social advertising platform – and now it’s a marketplace too! On October 3rd, Facebook announced the arrival of Facebook Marketplace, a new feature...

Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprise Insolvency

by Riz Mokal, Ronald Davis, Alberto Mazzoni & Irit Mevorach et al.

This new book systematically examines the current process for distressed Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), and proposes a different, more appropriate, 'modular' approach to the treatment of such entities...

Selfie Made

by Meridith Valiando Rojas


Selfie Made is...

Sales Success Stories

by Scott Ingram, Lee Bartlett, Trong Nguyen & Phil Terrill et al.

Want to learn the insider secrets of the top 1% sales achievers? Discover the inspiring techniques of 20 sales VIPs so you can climb the ranks and bring in the biggest commissions of your career.

Fed up with...

Leading Transformation

by Nathan Furr, Kyle Nel & Thomas Zoega Ramsoy

The only way to lead breakthrough change is by overcoming the human foibles and biases--incrementalism, habits and routines, discomfort with ambiguity, politics and fear--that hold people back. This book reveals...

The Harvard Business Review Leader's Handbook

by Ron Ashkenas & Brook Manville

Put aside all the hypey new frameworks, the listicles, the "10 best things you need" to succeed as a leader today. The critical leadership practices--the ones that will allow a leader to make the biggest impact...

HBR's 10 Must Reads 2019

by Harvard Business Review, Joan C. Williams, Thomas H. Davenport & Michael E. Porter et al.

The definitive management ideas of the year from Harvard Business Review.

  • Includes the definitive ideas of the year, all in one place, selected by HBR's editors.
  • Gives readers the opportunity to catch up on a...

  • The Basics of Bitcoins and Blockchains

    by Cody Franklin & Joseph Pisenti

    Dystopian Alternate History: An ambitious feat of engineering and a continent in crisis

    For fans of Philip K. Dick’s The Man in the High Castle and Stephen King’s 11/22/63, comes an epic saga by YouTubers...

    The Movement of the Working Class from Wage Slavery to Freedom

    by A. E. Woodruff

    "The new dominant class warped the old institutions to its own purposes, introduced a new method of production and exchange, imposed its will upon the balance of society and thereby established a new civilization....

    Corporate Strategy

    by Hiriyappa B

    Corporate strategy focuses on the formulation and implementation of strategy by using of the Generic, Grand and Diversification Strategies and their relevance to contemporary practice in business. This book...

    Instant Profits Guide to Blast Youtube Marketing to Every Success

    by Dwayne Anderson

    Take your business to the next level with the best technique to blast your YouTube Marketing  efforts to Every Success

    Dominating The Most Trending Online Marketing Platform

    YouTube has given new dimensions to...

    Generating Prosperity for Working Families in Affluent Countries

    by Brian Nolan

    The challenge of how to ensure that working families see their living standards improve over time is central in rich countries. Many argue that conditions are stagnating for many, driving political polarization...

    Shadow Networks

    by Francisco Louçã & Michael Ash

    The 2007-08 financial crisis surprised many economists and the public. But how did the crisis come about, why was it so deep, and why has the clean-up been so slow and painful? Many accounts of the crisis focus...

    Breaking Bad Habits

    by Freek Vermeulen

    Have you ever wondered why most newspapers are so large? Or why management consultants work such long hours? Or why hotels still insist on having check-in desks? Ask anyone in these industries, and their answer...

    Muscular Portfolios

    by Brian Livingston

    • Muscular Portfolios will be supported by a $100,000 marketing budget from the author’s team including David Ratner and Tess Woods, who have advised Robert Kiyosaki, Jack Bogle, and others
    • Outreach through...

    Can You Hear Me?

    by Nick Morgan

    Communicating virtually is cool--but it's often a bad connection. Communication expert Nick Morgan explains what's lost in virtual communication, how to guard against its risks, and how to ensure that the human...

    How to Audit Your Account without Hiring an Auditor

    by Aaron Efuribe

    Most times there arises conflict as regards what auditors perceive as auditing and what users perceive as auditing. 

    Users of financial statements feel that an audited account shows that the company has a clean...

    2018 10 Value Investing Newsletter by Quant Investing / Dein Aktien Newsletter / Your Stock Investing Newsletter

    by Tim du Toit

    ### english below ### Der Inhalt ist in Englisch, für die Aktien-Empfehlungen reichen geringe Englisch Kenntnisse. Du möchtest in Aktien investieren, weist aber nicht in welche und willst Zeit sparen? Du möchtest...