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A Field in Flux

by Robert B. McKersie & Thomas A. Kochan

A Field in Flux chronicles the extraordinary journey of industrial and labor relations expert Robert McKersie. One of the most important industrial relations scholars and leaders of our time, McKersie pioneered...

Mercenaries and Missionaries

by Brandon Vaidyanathan

Mercenaries and Missionaries examines the relationship between rapidly diffusing forms of capitalism and Christianity in the Global South. Using more than two hundred interviews in Bangalore and Dubai, Brandon...

War and Peace and IT

by Mark Schwartz

Today, the big obstacle to a successful business transformation within a company is neither culture, nor bureaucracy, nor even the ever-changing technology landscape. It is the relationship between the business...

Innovator's DNA, Updated, with a New Introduction

by Jeff Dyer, Hal Gregersen & Clayton M. Christensen

A new classic, cited by leaders and media around the globe as a highly recommended read for anyone interested in innovation.

In this bestselling book, authors Jeff Dyer (Innovation Capital and The Innovator's...

Innovation Capital

by Jeff Dyer, Nathan Furr & Curtis Lefrandt

Innovation experts Jeff Dyer, Nathan Furr, and Curtis Lefrandt reveal the critical ingredient--innovation capital--that explains why your ideas will win the resources and support they need or why they will struggle,...

Sell Your Soul: How to Build Your Creative Career

by Russell Nohelty

Are you sick of barely scraping by as a creative? 

How long have you been trying to build your career? How many hours have you spent banging your head against a wall? How much money have you sunk into ads and...

The Business of Platforms

by Michael A. Cusumano, Annabelle Gawer & David B. Yoffie

A trio of experts on high-tech business strategy and innovation reveal the principles that have made platform businesses the most valuable firms in the world and the first trillion-dollar companies.


The Remix

by Lindsey Pollak

The essential guide for business leaders, entrepreneurs, and employees looking to navigate today’s multigenerational workplace, which spans more generations than ever before.

Millennials have only just begun...

The Robert Collier Letter Book

by Robert Collier

First published in 1931, The Robert Collier Letter Book is by far the top book on writing sales letters. But it goes beyond that. As every great copywriter knows, these techniques are directly transferable to...

Marketing Hope

by Leonie Schiffauer

Multilevel marketing and pyramid schemes promote the idea that participants can easily become rich. These popular economies turn ordinary people into advocates of their interests and missionaries of the American...

The Art of making MONEY

by Napoleon Whill, PhD.

In "The art of making money", the bestseller of Napoleon WHill you will discover the secrets of becoming rich.

The five fundamental rules, the errors to be avoided, in short, everything you should know to reach...

HBR's 10 Must Reads on Negotiation

by Harvard Business Review

This book provides the essential ideas on how to be strategic and successful in all stages of negotiation, from preparation, reading the room, keeping heads cool, reaching a deal, and ensuring it is executed....

HBR's 10 Must Reads on Diversity

by Harvard Business Review

In today's competitive hiring market, you can't risk excluding or alienating talented employees--regardless of their gender, race, class, or physical ability. Bias can seep into the deepest corners of your workplace...

Connected Strategy

by Christian Terwiesch & Nicolaj Siggelkow

The Internet of Things, robo investment advisers, wearable fitness devices, remote health care operations . . . business executives in many industries are currently being inundated with a confusingly and exhaustingly...

Henry James: The Complete Collection

by Henry James

This volume collects the complete writings of Henry James: 23 novels, 112 stories and novellas, 12 plays, 6 books with travelogues, 10 with critical essays and 3 autobiographies. Contents: THE NOVELS Watch and...

HBR's 10 Must Reads for CEOs

by Harvard Business Review

A Must Reads for CEOs--everything that's on their radar--or that should be.

  • CEOs have been a core HBR audience for decades. This is an opportunity to curate--and flag--a volume just for them.
  • The ideal volume...

HBR's 10 Must Reads on Nonprofits and the Social Sectors

by Harvard Business Review

Nonprofits and the social sectors are taking on an increasing share of the world's most vital work. Make sure your organization is ready for the challenge.

If you read nothing else on nonprofits and the social...

Everything All at Once

by David Weinberger

The future isn't a place. It's a set of tools. For three hundred years we've lived with Isaac Newton's tools, designed for a clockwork universe where the rules are simple, knowable, and apply the same way everywhere....

Agile Entrepreneurship: How to Start your Business Project

by Rafael Morales

When launching a business project, it is difficult to decide how to start: looking for fundings, designing the product, outlining the marketing plan? An entrepreneur has a limited set of resources and projects...

Google My Business 2.0 Training guide (1, #2)

by Laura Maya

Any business that serves customers locally needs to be on Google My Business (GMB). It offers the greatest impact for brands seeking local exposure.

Google My Business is, without a doubt, a market pioneer when...