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Theonomics: Reconnecting Economics with Virtue and Integrity

by Andrew Lightbown & Peter Sills

At a time when economics, banking and commerce are never out of the headlines, Theonomics asks if theology is capable of informing, shaping and penetrating all aspects of life, and especially economic life....

Zen of Technology - Stress-Free Email: Do email better - with efficiency and no stress.

by Nick Ruffilo & Anne Kostick

Email is a necessary part of our daily personal and work lives. A majority of office workers admit to feeling stress about their email, and also checking their email as many as 5 times an hour. Email isn't broken,...

E-Guide To The Employment of Foreign Manpower

by Vincent Gabriel

The Singapore economy has undergone drastic changes. There is less and less of the traditional activities. A simple example is that Singapore has lost its place as the No. 1 port, yet Singapore remains a shipping...

The Federal Reserve Conspiracy

by Antony C Sutton

Another fine and extremely well researched work by Antony C. Sutton. An expose' of the people and forces behind the takeover of the US economy by the Federal Reserve system, on behalf of the oligarchs. A must...

Get Out of Debt Now: The Roadmap to Financial Freedom

by Anne Marie

I know what's like to be broke.

Nine years ago I was in debt because of the huge legal fees and the loss of my job. I was an innocent victim fighting for justice. The lawyer's fee almost bankrupt me. I resorted...


by John Caffrey

Find out the most closely guarded sales secrets of one of door to door's most successful ever exponents! From simple - but important - points such as maximising the percentage of a customer base contacted, to...

Topics in time series econometrics

Lectures in econometric modelling

Agrarian Justice

by Thomas Paine

Paine advocates the use of taxation to fund a universal old-age and disability pension, as well as a fixed sum to be paid to all citizens on reaching maturity.

An Affordable Future: Challenges facing Australians and their governments

by Paul Bailey & Kerry Davies

An Affordable Future: Challenges facing Australians and their governments, is about how national wealth and income is created in Australia; how governments tax and spend that wealth; and the state of public...

Course of Management Control Systems (part 2) - Teaching Material

Citizen Lobbyist: A Citizen's Point of View

by Jeffrey Schwartz

"Citizen Lobbyist" explores what it takes to influence elected officials to establish new laws without any formal training. This book tells Jeff Schwartz's success story as he influenced the creation of a Health...

Evolutionary Coaching: A Values Based Approach to Unleashing Human Potential

by Richard Barrett

No matter what type of coach you are, if you are concerned with the healthy psychological growth of your clients, this is a book you should read. It is not about coaching per se, it is about the framework of...

10 Online Tools No Small Business Should Be Without

by Marc Zirogiannis

A guide to 10 online tools that no small business should be without. This ebook provides small business owners with a ranked list of internet tools in the order of their importance. It describes the basic highlights...

Devops Hiring

by Dave Zwieback

If your organization has embraced DevOps, you need people whose nonlinear career paths and wide-ranging interests will help you remove dysfunctional silos. But your efforts to hire DevOps practitioners aren't...

Retail Shop Success

by Vincent Gabriel

I put down what I have learnt when I had to run a retail shop. It was a humbling experience because retailing is so complex.

Customers depend on you, and suppliers always have their own agendas and push what...

Success in the Vegetarian Eatery

by Vincent Gabriel

This book marks the fact that vegetarian food has gone mainstream. At one time associated with devotees of Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism vegetarian food has been accepted by the health conscious and by the public,...

Simplified Home Buyers Guide and Essays on Management Communications

by Niyi Oluini K. Famayegun

Simplified Home Ownership Instruction Guide and Essay Series in Managerial Communication

The Secret to Leadership How Not to Suck: An Explanation as to Why Leaders Fail and a Simplified and Different Approach to Becoming an Effective and R

by Thomas DiPaolo

The Secret to Leadership: How to Not Suck, takes a different view and approach to leadership study. This book will help break down the very basic principles of effective leaders and strip away the over complicated...

Surviving Introduction to Finance

by James Triplett

The idea for this book came from my experiences as a finance instructor and tutor. Repeated observations of learners and areas where they struggle, ask for clarification, or request assistance working problems...