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Trabaja desde Casa

by Numa Editorial

Trabajar desde casa es un sueño hecho realidad para quienes desean disfrutar de la comodidad y flexibilidad que ofrece el estilo de vida. ¡La sola idea de trabajar desde casa evoca ideas de vida fácil, siestas...

Summary of Profit First

by Alexander Cooper

Summary of Profit First

The GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) formula for determining a business's profit since time immemorial has always been:

Sales - Expenses = Profits

While that formula is logically...

Valuing Businesses Using Regression Analysis

by C. Fred Hall

Demystifies regression-based valuation through simple explanations, easy-to-understand charts, and time-saving bonus resources

Current methodologies using median, quartiles, or standard deviations to calculate...

Google Earning Secrets  Training  Guide

by Laura Maya

Discover How To Unravel The Mysteries Of Google To Make Tremendous Wealth Faster & More Efficiently With Google's Powerful Online Tools, Services & Applications!

As the marketplace moves from physical store locations...

Creative Tourism in Smaller Communities

by Kathleen Scherf

Tourists are travelling the world in greater numbers than ever before, seeking immersive cultural experiences. This massive rise of tourism has raised issues of social and cultural sustainability in the world?s...

Start-Up Secure

by Chris Castaldo

Add cybersecurity to your value proposition and protect your company from cyberattacks

Cybersecurity is now a requirement for every company in the world regardless of size or industry. Start-Up Secure: Baking...

Scaling Conversations

by Dave MacLeod

Find out what your customers and employees are really thinking with this indispensable resource

Scaling Conversations: How Leaders Access the Full Potential of People delivers invaluable strategies for how leaders...


by Alain Lempereur, Jacques Salzer, Aurelien Colson & Michele Pekar et al.

When negotiation fails, mediation avails other moves for an amicable resolution. Whether you are a current or future mediator or a party to a conflict, this is your essential companion to the theory, concepts,...

Becoming a Data Head

by Alex J. Gutman & Jordan Goldmeier

"Turn yourself into a Data Head. You'll become a more valuable employee and make your organization more successful." 

Thomas H. Davenport, Research Fellow, Author of Competing on Analytics, Big Data @ Work,...

Mindfulness without the Bells and Beads

by Clif Smith

Use mindfulness to unleash your potential - without adopting spiritual beliefs

Mindfulness Without the Bells and Beads: Unlocking Exceptional Performance, Leadership, and Wellbeing for Working Professionals strips...

Applied Modeling Techniques and Data Analysis 2

by Yannis Dimotikalis, Alex Karagrigoriou, Christina Parpoula & Christos H. Skiadas


Data analysis is a scientific field that continues to grow enormously, most notably over the last few decades, following...

Applied Mergers and Acquisitions

by Robert F. Bruner & Joseph R. Perella

A comprehensive guide to the world of mergers and acquisitions

Why do so many M&A transactions fail? And what drives the success of those deals that are consummated? Robert Bruner explains that M&A can be understood...

The New Accounts Payable Toolkit

by Christine H. Doxey

A new approach to the entire accounts payable process for the digitized world

The accounts payable process can be very complex, but it doesn?t have to be. Best practices, internal controls, and automation can...

People Strategy

by Jack Altman

Learn to unlock the potential of your employees and colleagues with this definitive resource for people management 

People Strategy: How to Invest in People and Make Culture Your Competitive Advantage provides...

Circular Economy For Dummies

by Eric Corey Freed

Imagine a future free from wasted materials, labor, and energy for you, your business, and your family

A circular economy is an economic system designed to save money, eliminate waste, and achieve deep sustainability....

Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns

by Thomas N. Bulkowski

The market's bestselling and most comprehensive reference on chart patterns, backed by statistics and decades of experience

When the smart money trades the securities markets, they leave behind financial footprints....

Shifting the Balance

by Mark Schrutt

Digital transformation expert Mark Schrutt reveals how the world?s top companies are using vast amounts of data to inform their decisions, disrupt industries, and get closer to their customers. Businesses that...

Summary of How to Avoid a Climate Disaster

by Alexander Cooper

Summary of How to Avoid a Climate Disaster

There are two numbers you need to know when it comes to understanding climate change. The first is fifty billion-the number of greenhouse gasses we release into the...

Summary of Crucial Conversations

by Alexander Cooper

Summary of Crucial Conversations

Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes are High is the best-selling, self-help book by Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, Ron McMillan, and Al Switzer. In it, the authors...

Affiliate Income Training  Kit

by Raymond Wayne

Affiliate Marketing Is One Of The Few Industries Where The Impact Of The Coronavirus Has Presented Affiliate Marketers With Better Opportunities!

As affiliate marketing is trending & a free source to make passive...