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7 Steps to Accelerated Wealth: A Fast-track Introduction to Accelerated Wealth Building Through Property Investment

by John L. Fitzgerald & Ian Leslie

In Seven Steps to Accelerated Wealth John Fitzgerald shares his seven key principles of accelerated wealth building through property. This practical guide shows readers how to make $1 million by following the...

Management and Organization Theory: A Jossey-Bass Reader

by Jeffrey A. Miles

Management and Organization Theory offers a summary and analysis of the 40 most popular, researched, and applied management and organization theories. This important resource includes key instruments used to...

Outsmarting the Scam Artists: How to Protect Yourself From the Most Clever Cons

by D. Shadel

A practical guide to avoiding the most common scams, from a fraud-fighting expert

U.S. consumers lose billions of dollars each year to scam artists-and the next victim could be you. While anyone can be targeted,...

Investing in the Renewable Power Market: How to Profit from Energy Transformation

by Tom Fogarty & Robert Lamb

The financial challenges facing clean energy installations

The path to the widespread adoption of renewable energy is littered with major technological legal, political, and financial challenges. Investing in...

Money: Understanding and Creating Alternatives to Legal Tender

by Thomas Greco, Karen Kerney & Vicki Robin

Cash. Loot. Scratch. Lucre. Bread. Coin. Scrip. Moolah. Green. We all think we know intuitively what money is, and what it can do for us. Tom Greco, director of the Community Information Resource Center, understands...

Perfect Phrases for Creativity and Innovation: Hundreds of Ready-to-Use Phrases for Break-Through Thinking, Problem Solving, and Inspiring Team

by Karen Eriksen


In today's fast-moving economy and competitive climate, developing a creative, innovative workforce is absolutely essential for success.

Perfect Phrases...

$1 Million for Life: How to Make It, Manage It, Maximise It

by Ashley Ormond

Want to build wealth that will last you a lifetime?

Then $1 Million for Life is the book for you! In this step-by-step guide to financial freedom, investor and best-selling author Ashley Ormond outlines dozens...

20 Must Ask Questions for Every Property Investor

by Margaret Lomas

Good property investment is not about applying a magic formula, tapping into so-called secrets to success or paying top dollar to be part of a too-good-to-be-true investment scheme. It is about understanding...

Everything You Need to Know (But Forget to Ask) When Buying or Selling Property

by Mary Smits

When it comes to buying and selling real estate, knowledge is power -- and this book lets you in on the secrets. Everything You Need to Know (But Forget to Ask) When Buying or Selling Property is a concise,...

101 Ways to Get Out Of Debt and On the Road to Wealth

by Ashley Ormond

101 Ways to Get Out Of Debt and On the Road to Wealth is the ultimate handbook for anybody who wants to get out of debt and stay out of debt.

This book will provide you with an insider's knowledge of how to...

Self Managed Superannuation Funds: A Survival Guide

by Max Newnham

RE: Self Managed Superannuation Funds: A Survival Guide

Self managed superannuation funds (SMSFs) are the fastestgrowing sector of the superannuation industry. It's no wonder, given the almost unlimited investment...

Concise Guide to Value Investing: How to Buy Wonderful Companies at a Fair Price

by Brian McNiven

The business performance creates the value -- the price creates the OPPORTUNITY.

No-one likes to pay too much for something. We all like to thing that what we buy is ' good value'. It's not different when we...

Contract Negotiation Handbook: Getting the Most Out of Commercial Deals

by Damian Ward

A good commercial contract is both a springboard and a safety net -- it provides the opportunity to expand and grow your business, but also to protect it if things go wrong. In a tough commercial world, getting...

The Truth About Positive Cash Flow Property

by Margaret Lomas

Property investing has become one of the first choices for both new and experienced investors in Australia today, and a 'property investment industry' has appeared and grown rapidly. With this growth has come...

Smart Stewardship for Nonprofits: Making the Right Decision in Good Times and Bad

by Peter C. Brinckerhoff

A practical guide to effective decision-making frameworks and tools for nonprofits that ensure successful stewardship

The basic tenets of decision making for nonprofits are similar, whether you're growing, shrinking,...

On the Fault Line: Managing tensions and divisions within societies

by Jeffrey Herbst

Societies in all countries are split by major divisions - or 'faultlines' - caused by differences in race, religion, ethnicity, wealth, class or power. Like geological faultlines, some are plainly evident, whereas...

I Got My Dream Job and So Can You


How to land the job of your dreams...even right out of college.

Leadership For Dummies

by Kris Cole

Created especially for the Australian customer!

Improve your leadership skills and bring out the best in the people you lead

People may join organisations, but they stay because of good leaders. Find out how...

Australian Resumes For Dummies

by Amanda McCarthy

Created especially for the Australian customer!

Packed with tips on creating and distributing your resume in today's new job search environment

Whether you're entering the job market for the first time, changing...

Superannuation For Dummies

by Trish Power & Alan Kohler

Created especially for the Australian customer!

Getting your super working for you is easier than you think.

Does taking control of your superannuation seem far too complicated? Are you unsure how the latest...