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My Side of the Street

by Jason DeSena Trennert

On a sticky summer morning at the end of the Eighties, 19-year-old Jason DeSena Trennert--a bright, unconnected Georgetown undergrad with big dreams and an even bigger power tie--set out for Wall Street. Mustering...

Advances in Heavy Tailed Risk Modeling

by Gareth W. Peters & Pavel V. Shevchenko

A cutting-edge guide for the theories, applications, and statistical methodologies essential to heavy tailed risk modeling

Focusing on the quantitative aspects of heavy tailed loss processes in operational risk...

Smart Money: How High-Stakes Financial Innovation is Reshaping Our World¿For the Better

by Andrew Palmer

Six years after the financial crisis, investment bankers remain villains in the public mind. But as Economist editor Andrew Palmer reveals in Smart Money, this vilified industry is capable of doing great good...

Morocco:The Sub-Saharan Expansion of Moroccan Banks: Challenges and Opportunities

by International Monetary Fund. Midd Dept.

This Selected Issues paper presents an overview of the cross-border expansion of Moroccan banks in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). It discusses policies to minimize possible negative spillovers and address the main...

High Liquidity Creation and Bank Failures

by Zuzana Fungacova & Rima Turk

We formulate the “High Liquidity Creation Hypothesis” (HLCH) that a proliferation in the core activity of bank liquidity creation increases failure probability. We test the HLCH in the context of Russian...

Does Basel Compliance Matter for Bank Performance?

by Rym Ayadi & Sami Ben Naceur

The global financial crisis underscored the importance of regulation and supervision to a well-functioning banking system that efficiently channels financial resources into investment. In this paper, we contribute...

What Drives Interest Rate Spreads in Pacific Island Countries? An Empirical Investigation

by Fazurin Jamaludin & Vladimir Klyuev

Growth has been sluggish in Pacific island countries (PICs). High cost of credit is likely one of the reasons. While the small scale, geographic dispersion, and vulnerability to shocks increase the cost and...

Capitalism's Toxic Assumptions: Redefining Next Generation Economics

by Eve Poole

In Science, no-one believes the earth is flat any more. Economists, on the other hand, haven't budged from their original worldview. Market Capitalism depends on seven big ideas: competition, the 'invisible...

Determinants of Bank Interest Margins in the Caucasus and Central Asia

by Raja Almarzoqi & Sami Ben Naceur

In this paper, we use a bank-level panel dataset to investigate the determinants of bank interest margins in the Caucasus and Central Asia (CCA) over the period 1998–2013. We apply the dealership model of...

Is Islamic Banking Good for Growth?

by Patrick A. Imam & Kangni Kpodar

The rapid growth of Islamic banking has attracted much attention lately in the economic literature. At the same time, a mature body of the literature has shown that financial development is broadly conducive...

Frontier and Developing Asia:The Next Generation of Emerging Markets

by Alfred Schipke

Frontier economies are receiving increasing attention from policymakers, investors, and academics. Compared with other low-income countries they have experienced rapid growth over the last two decades, giving...

Republic of San Marino:2015 Article IV Consultation-Staff Report; Press Release; and Statement by the Executive Director for the Republic of San Marin

by International Monetary Fund. Euro Dept.

Over the last half decade, San Marino’s economy has managed to weather the implosion of its offshore banking model, the global crisis, and Italy’s decision to put San Marino on a tax blacklist. Together,...

United States:Financial Sector Assessment Program-Detailed Assessment of Observance on the Basel Core Principles for Effective Banking Supervision

by International Monetary Fund. Department

This paper discusses key findings of the Detailed Assessment of Observance of the Basel Core Principles for Effective Banking Supervision (BCP) on the United States. The U.S. federal banking agencies have improved...

How Did Markets React to Stress Tests?

by Bertrand Candelon & Amadou N. R. Sy

We use event study methods to compare the market reaction to U.S. and EU-wide stress tests performed from 2009 to 2013. Typically, stress tests have a positive impact on stressed banks’ returns. While the...

God's Bankers: A History of Money and Power at the Vatican

by Gerald Posner

A deeply reported, fast-paced exposé of the money and the cardinals-turned-financiers at the heart of the Vatican—the world’s biggest, most powerful religious institution—from an acclaimed journalist...

Uncertainty and Investment:The Financial Intermediary Balance Sheet Channel

by Sophia Chen

Rollover risk imposes market discipline on banks’ risk-taking behavior but it can be socially costly. I present a two-sided model in which a bank simultaneously lends to a firm and borrows from the short-term...

Central Banking in Latin America:From the Gold Standard to the Golden Years

by Luis Ignacio Jácome

This paper provides a brief historical journey of central banking in Latin America to shed light on the debate about monetary policy in the post-global financial crisis period. The paper distinguishes three...

Handbook of High Frequency Trading

by Greg N. Gregoriou

This comprehensive examination of high frequency trading looks beyond mathematical models, which are the subject of most HFT books, to the mechanics of the marketplace. In 25 chapters, researchers probe the...

The Role of Bank Capital in Bank Holding Companies' Decisions

by Adolfo Barajas & Thomas F. Cosimano

This paper examines the role of bank capital in decision-making by bank holding companies (BHCs) in the United States. Following Chami and Cosimano’s (2001) call option approach to bank capital, BHCs optimally...

Inside the FDIC: Thirty Years of Bank Failures, Bailouts, and Regulatory Battles

by John F. Bovenzi

Witness how the FDIC manages your money during financial crises

Inside the FDIC tells the real stories behind bank failures and financial crises to provide a direct account of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation...