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Central Banks into the Breach

by Pierre L. Siklos

Central banks play an important role in the course of national economies and the global economy. Their leaders are regularly feted or vilified, their policy pronouncements highly anticipated and routinely scrutinized....

Insider's Guide to Fixed Income Securities & Markets

by Doug Carroll & Professor An Yan PhD

The Insider's Guide to Fixed Income Securities and Markets is designed to provide readers with a comprehensive, yet reasonably concise, resource that investigates all major types of fixed income securities and...

Redefining Capitalism in Global Economic Development

by Kui-Wai Li

Redefining Capitalism in Global Economic Development reconsiders capitalism by taking into account the unfolding forces of economic globalization, especially in Asian economies. It explores the economic implications...

Barometer of Fear

by Alexis Stenfors

  • Author has been described as one of the ‘world's most infamous rogue traders’

  • Guaranteed to receive widespread publicity - author has already had an extensive profile article written about him in the Wall...

Cash, Corruption and Economic Development

by Vikram Vashisht

Have you ever asked yourself what gives comfort to someone who demands and accepts a bribe, sells drugs or commits professional crimes for money? The majority of these people are not wealthy, and they accept...

Money and Banking, Second Edition

by William D. Gerdes

Let's learn about money! Money is a market phenomenon. It originated as a spontaneous social institution, and its use is still inextricably tied to market exchange. Therefore, the analysis of money occurs in...

Why Wall Street Matters

by William D. Cohan

A timely, counterintuitive defense of Wall Street and the big banks as the invisible—albeit flawed—engines that power our ideas, and should be made to work better for all of us

Maybe you think the banks...

Financial Integration in Latin America

by Charles, Mr. Enoch & Wouter Bossu

With growth slowing across much of the Latin America as a result of the end of the commodity supercycle and economic rebalancing in China, as well as fragmentation of the international banking system, policies...

Fiscal Politics

by Vitor Gaspar & Sanjeev, Mr. Gupta

Two main themes of the book are that (1) politics can distort optimal fiscal policy through elections and through political fragmentation, and (2) rules and institutions can attenuate the negative effects of...

Demonetisation Decoded: A Critique of India's Currency Experiment

by Jayati Ghosh, C. P. Chandrasekhar & Prabhat Patnaik

On the night of 8 November 2016, at 8:15 pm, India's Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, announced in a televised broadcast to the nation that with effect from midnight, currency notes of denominations Rs 500 and...

Growth Without Inequality: Reinventing Capitalism

by Henry K. H. Woo

Many years on after the 2007-8 financial crisis, most developed nations still find themselves in a state of weak recovery, high debt pile-up and distributive disparity. The intriguing question that we face is...

The Digital Banking Revolution: How financial technology companies are rapidly transforming the traditional retail banking industry through disruptive

by Luigi Wewege

Over the past decade financial service innovations have contributed to a completely new way in which customers can bank, threatening the status quo of traditional retail banks, and redefining a banking model...

Women, Work, and Economic Growth

by Kalpana, Ms. Kochhar & Sonali, Ms. Jain-Chandra

Women make up a little over half of the world's population, but their contribution to measured economic activity and growth is far below its potential. Despite significant progress in recent decades, labor markets...

Banking: A Very Short Introduction

How to Calculate Interest Earned on Money? Or, Does Money Grow on Trees?: SHORT STORY # 45.  Nonfiction series #1 - # 60.

by Alla P. Gakuba

How to Calculate Interest Earned on Money—is an essential tool, or skill, to use every day in order to be money wise and be a powerful person.  This story is teaches this tool, actually it gave a simple formula....

Modernizing China

by W. Raphael Lam & Markus, Mr. Rodlauer

China is at a critical juncture in its economic transformation as it tries to rebalance what is generally seen as an exhausted growth model. A unifying theme across the reforms that will deliver this transformation...

Bank Regulation: Effects on Strategy, Financial Accounting and Management Control

by Anna-Karin Stockenstrand & Fredrik Nilsson

Bank Regulation: Effects on Strategy, Financial Accounting and Management Control discusses and problematizes how regulation is affecting bank strategies as well as their financial accounting and management...

China's Banking Transformation

Managing Financial Institutions: Markets and Sustainable Finance

by Elizabeth S. Cooperman

This book goes beyond traditional financial institutions textbooks, which tend to focus on mathematical models for risk management and the technical aspects of measuring and managing risk. It focuses on the...

Centres and Peripheries in Banking: The Historical Development of Financial Markets

by Even Lange, Ulf Olsson & Iain L. Fraser

This volume presents a broad investigation into the relationship between the centre and the periphery in banking. Focusing on the historical development of financial markets, from their emergence in the early...