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Leadership Your Way

by Kim Krisco

"Krisco shares the ideas that allowed our team to break through the rigid mindsets we've been struggling to change." — Michael Barker, Vice President, Organization Development, Verizon

"Leadership Your Way...

The Oxford Handbook of Job Loss and Job Search

by Ute-Christine Klehe PhD & Edwin van Hooft PhD

Job search is and always has been an integral part of people's working lives. Whether one is brand new to the labor market or considered a mature, experienced worker, job seekers are regularly met with new challenges...

The End of Work

by John Tamny

From the author of Popular Economics comes a surpringly sunny projection of America's future job market.

Forget the doomsday predictions of sour-faced nostalgists who say automization and globalization will take...

Rebel Talent

by Francesca Gino

The world’s best chef.

An airline caption who brought his flight to safety in a daring water landing.

A magician known for his sensational escape acts.

A computer scientist who founded a world-renowned animation...

Personal (R)evolution

by Allison Task

It’s time to take charge of your life—and do that thing you’ve always wanted to do.

Personal (R)evolution is your very own life coach in your pocket. Best-selling author and coach Allison Task will help...

Do the Hustle Without the Hassle

by Angela Heath

Can you make money online without a domain name, website, business plan or a tech person by your side? Do the Hustle Without the Hassle shows you how. You don't even need money, until you make money.

If you...

LinkedIn for Military

by Matt Scherer

LinkedIn for Military is the go-to guide to LinkedIn, designed for military personel transitioning to civilian life. This book will guide you through the process of setting up a LinkedIn profile, one that will...

Business environment

by Hiriyappa.B,Ph.D.

Business Environment can use as a manual for how to develop and analysis of business in a complex, critical, dynamic and progressive competitive environment. It is ideal for self- study and context includes...


by Molly Mahoney Matthews

Rather than unspooling a dry list of dos and don’ts, Molly shares pragmatic advice on how to connect the dots between entrepreneurship, education, and empowerment. New grads to those 50+ who are lookng to...

Doing Your Job - Successfully

by Tab Edwards

Suppose that your employer or other stakeholder walked up to you today and asked you a simple question: “How will you succeed in your job?” Would you know the answer? What would you say to him or her?



by Scott Amyx

Has success eluded you, no matter how hard you try?

Are you frustrated by trying to achieve your dreams by copying others? Internationally-acclaimed speaker and founder of the cutting-edge venture capital Amyx...

The Race to Place

by Geoff Sims

When the author started working in recruitment over thirty years ago, things were very different. The key measures were the number of interviews arranged with clients and the number of temporary workers placed....

Mind Tools for Managers

by James Manktelow & Julian Birkinshaw

The manager's must-have guide to excelling in all aspects of the job

Mind Tools for Managers helps new and experienced leaders develop the skills they need to be more effective in everything they do. It brings...

Crack the C-Suite Code

by Cassandra Frangos

An insider’s guide to creating your own path to the corner office

How can I reach the C-suite? That is the most common question Cassandra Frangos hears from the executives she coaches. Many aspire to reach...


by Marcia LaReau & Neil Patrick

Your Career Survival Guide for the 21st Century:

Most people today need one thing more than anything else to survive. A job. Yet world events are conspiring to make good, well-paying jobs scarcer and harder to...

Planet on Purpose

by Brandon Peele & Tim Kelley

Are you ready for a fulfilling, prosperous career, a life you love and a better world?

Unleashing your higher purpose is a scientifically-validated method to achieve breakthrough success, and change the world....

The Forward March

by Dominic L Giacona, Emily Daves & Judy Robinett

A young entrepreneur shares the action-oriented mindset and methodology that took him from uncertain highschooler to US Navy sailor, to inventing a product and launching a business. 

Where are you? Are you lost?...


by Ahlström & Hirasawa

HOW DO YOU REACH TRUE SUCCESS? By understanding fear of failure. You accept it and embrace it. When you do, inhibitions are removed and you become free to create the life you want.

We are oftentimes encouraged...

The Job Interview Workbook

by Tory S. Thorkelson

The Job Interview Workbook:

*Based on 10+ years of teaching job preparation and interview skills to undergraduate students, this workbook will:

*Build on basic skills like making small talk and asking open and...


by Dr. Patti Fletcher

Only 4% of women are CEOs and women make up only 18% of board seats around the globe. But if all the research shows that the odds are stacked against women, what can we learn from the women who managed to reach...