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The Richest Man in Babylon

by George S. Clason

Beloved by millions, this timeless classic holds the key to all you desire and everything you wish to accomplish. This is the book that reveals the secret to personal wealth. Countless readers have been helped...

Solving Partial Differential Equation Applications with PDE2D

by Granville Sewell

Solve engineering and scientific partial differential equation applications using the PDE2D software developed by the author 

Solving Partial Differential Equation Applications with PDE2D derives and solves...

The Richest Man in Babylon

by George S. Clason & GP Editors

The Richest Man in Babylon is considered as the greatest of all inspirational works on the subject of thrift, financial planning, and personal wealth. Revealed inside are the secrets to acquiring money, keeping...

Introduction to Computational Economics Using Fortran

by Hans Fehr & Fabian Kindermann

Introduction to Computational Economics Using Fortran is the essential guide to conducting economic research on a computer. Aimed at students of all levels of education as well as advanced economic researchers,...

Econometrics for Daily Lives, Volume II

by Tam Bang Vu

This volume deals with advanced topics and specific problems in applied econometrics. Part III introduces advanced topics in econometric theory and contains three chapters. Chapter 7 deals with modeling issues...


by Candina Group Rsc

EDEAS8k?M carefully selects in this document the maritime market analysis that has been created by its representative Jose María Candina over the last four years, highlighting those that have received the most...

Foundations of Info-Metrics

by Amos Golan

Info-metrics is the science of modeling, reasoning, and drawing inferences under conditions of noisy and insufficient information. It is at the intersection of information theory, statistical inference, and...

Data Mining for Business Analytics

by Galit Shmueli, Peter C. Bruce, Inbal Yahav & Nitin R. Patel et al.

Data Mining for Business Analytics: Concepts, Techniques, and Applications in R presents an applied approach to data mining concepts and methods, using R software for illustration

Readers will learn how to implement...

The Foundations of Behavioral Economic Analysis

Data Mining for Business Analytics

by Galit Shmueli, Peter C. Bruce, Mia L. Stephens & Nitin R. Patel

Data Mining for Business Analytics: Concepts, Techniques, and Applications with JMP Pro® presents an  applied and interactive approach to data mining.

Featuring hands-on applications with JMP Pro®, a statistical...

Matching, Regression Discontinuity, Difference in Differences, and Beyond

Predictive Analytics

by Eric Siegel

"Mesmerizing & fascinating..."  The Seattle Post-Intelligencer

"The Freakonomics of big data." —Stein Kretsinger, founding executive of

Award-winning | Used by over 30 universities |...

A Few Hares to Chase: The Economic Life and Times of Bill Phillips

by Alan Bollard

The Phillips Curve is world famous amongst economists. The man who invented it was an inventor, an engineer, a genius, who led an exciting life and contributed to economics in many different ways. Born and brought...

Microeconometrics and MATLAB: An Introduction

by Abi Adams, Damian Clarke & Simon Quinn

This book is a practical guide for theory-based empirical analysis in economics that guides the reader through the first steps when moving between economic theory and applied research. The book provides a hands-on...

Time Series and Panel Data Econometrics

by M. Hashem Pesaran

This book is concerned with recent developments in time series and panel data techniques for the analysis of macroeconomic and financial data. It provides a rigorous, nevertheless user-friendly, account of the...

Joseph Stiglitz

by 50MINUTES.Com

Economist and Nobel Prize winner

This book is a practical and accessible guide to understanding the life and works of Joseph Stiglitz.

In 50 minutes you will be able to:

   • Recognize and understand the...

Advances in Heavy Tailed Risk Modeling

by Gareth W. Peters & Pavel V. Shevchenko

A cutting-edge guide for the theories, applications, and statistical methodologies essential to heavy tailed risk modeling

Focusing on the quantitative aspects of heavy tailed loss processes in operational risk...

Analogies and Theories: Formal Models of Reasoning

by ITZHAK GILBOA, Larry Samuelson & David Schmeidler

The book describes formal models of reasoning that are aimed at capturing the way that economic agents, and decision makers in general think about their environment and make predictions based on their past experience....

Lectures in econometric modelling (ed. 2015)

by Maria Grazia Zoia & Mario Faliva

This book collects a series of lectures on classical econometrics given, at different times, at the Catholic University of Milan and at the Geneva University, on the one hand, as well as within several PhD....

Bayesian Inference in the Social Sciences

by Ivan Jeliazkov & Xin-She Yang

Presents new models, methods, and techniques and considers important real-world applications in political science, sociology, economics, marketing, and finance

Emphasizing interdisciplinary coverage, Bayesian...