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Home Salon Accelerator: Double Your Profits In 90 Days

by Grace Vassallo

Being a home salon owner and solopreneur, it can be lonely working

by yourself. You have brilliant technical skills but now that you are in

business, you need a little helping hand with a few areas.


How Billionaires Live: How Successful People Think and Behave

by Samuel River

Many people think I'm smart, but I actually do more stupid mistakes than any of them, and most of those mistakes are too obvious to be considered mistakes of a smart person. It's just gets worse when someone...

What They Don't Teach You at Harvard Business School: Notes from a Street-smart Executive

by Mark H. Mccormack

#1 NATIONAL BESTSELLER • Featuring a new foreword by Ari Emanuel and Patrick Whitesell


Mark H. McCormack, one of the most successful entrepreneurs in American business, is widely credited as the founder...

From Great to Gone: Why FMCG Companies are Losing the Race for Customers

by Peter Lorange & Jimmi Rembiszewski

The modern consumer is no longer attracted by single-minded, predictable and one-benefit-focused brand promises. The old-fashioned FMCG communication strategies based on television, radio and print with constant...

The Strategic Alliance Handbook: A Practitioners Guide to Business-to-Business Collaborations

by Mike Nevin

Strategic alliances offer organisations an alternative to organic growth or acquisition when faced with the need to develop the business to a new level, innovate in terms of products or services or significantly...

A Field Guide for Organisation Development: Taking Theory into Practice

by Mike Alsop, Grahame Smith & Ed Griffin

Organisation Development, as a field, is messy, imperfect and hard to get hold of - it is like nailing jelly to the wall. A Field Guide for Organisation Development offers a variety of perspectives and unparalleled...

More Sex Is Safer Sex: The Unconventional Wisdom of Economics

by Free Press & Steven E. Landsburg

Steven Landsburg's writings are living proof that economics need not be "the dismal science." Readers of "The Armchair Economist" and his columns in "Slate" magazine know that he can make economics not only...

Territorial Development and Action Research: Innovation Through Dialogue

by James Karlsen & Miren Larrea

Territorial Development and Action Research examines the role of action research within fields such as territorial development and innovation. Most researchers analyse these fields from the outside, developing...

Understanding Creative Business: Values, Networks and Innovation

by Jim Shorthose & Neil Maycroft

From authors used to operating between the commercial, public and independent sectors of the mixed cultural economy, Understanding Creative Business bridges the gap between creative practice and mainstream business...

Comparative Causal Mapping: The CMAP3 Method

by Mauri Laukkanen & Mingde Wang

Comparative Causal Mapping: The CMAP3 Method, by Mauri Laukkanen and Mingde Wang, is an introduction to the conceptual backgrounds of causal (cognitive) mapping and to the typical methods in comparative and...

Excellence through Mind-Brain Development: The Secrets of World-Class Performers

by Harald S. Harung & Frederick Travis

Everyone seeks to attain excellence and happiness in their lives, yet world-class performance is rare. Research shows that education accounts for only 1 per cent of performance levels, work experience only 3...

The Power of Thinking Differently: An imaginative guide to creativity, change, and the discovery of new ideas

by Hyena Press & Javy W. Galindo

The Ultimate Road Map of the Creative Process for Problem Solving, Art, Business, Invention, and Living a more Authentic Life Discover the roots of innovation and creative genius in this whimsical, comedic exploration...

Smart Work: Centralise, Organise, Realise

by Dermot Crowley

Organise your way to renewed focus and calm

Smart Work is the busy professional's guide to getting organised in the digital workplace. Are you drowning in constant emails, phone calls, paperwork, interruptions...

Program Management

by Michel Thiry & Darren, Professor Dalcher

Program management (PgM) is fast developing as the essential link between strategy and projects and as a vehicle for organizational change. It offers the means to manage groups of projects with a common business...

Guide to Investing in the Nigerian Stock Market

by Alex Uwajeh

This is the neatest, concise, clear guide to investing in the Nigerian stock market. It is well written, highly effective approach, powerful and straight to the point, If you are serious about learning and investing...

Faulty Towers: Tenure and the Structure of Higher Education

by Roger E. Meiners

Setting the record straight about the institution of academic tenure, this book elucidates its history, legal status, and common misunderstandings. Meiners argues that the original aim of tenure—to ensure...

Why "A" Students Work for "C" Students and Why "B" Students Work for the Government: Rich Dad's Guide to Financial Education for Parents

by Robert T. Kiyosaki

Kiyosaki expands on his belief that the school system was created to churn out 'Es' / Employees... those "A Students" who read well, memorize well and test well... and not the creative thinkers, visionaries...

School Infrastructure in Paraguay: Needs, Investments, and Costs

by Quentin Wodon

What is the state of school infrastructure for primary and secondary education in Paraguay? How much is invested by the government in order to improve school infrastructure and how have these investments evolved...

Real Estate Investing 101: Best Way to Find a Good Real Estate Agent, Top 13 Tips

by H. Richard Steinhoff

Buying or Selling a house? Don't do anything before reading this book. Buying or selling a house is a whole lot easier when using a real estate agent. But not just any agent, you need a Realtor. They will save...

Learning for Life: How Continuous Education Will Keep Us Competitive in the Global Economy

by Jason Wingard & Michelle LaPointe

Today's global knowledge economy requires individuals and companies alike to quickly adapt to new tools and strategies. To remain competitive, both must continually upgrade their skills. In the United States,...