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Totaled: The Billion-Dollar Crash of the Startup that Took on Big Auto, Big Oil and the World

by Brian Blum

When a billion-dollar electric car startup crashed and burned, global investors and average car buyers alike asked: What happened?

Business and technology journalist Brian Blum reveals the answer in his new book...

Think Bigger: And 39 Other Winning Strategies from Successful Entrepreneurs

by Michael W. Sonnenfeldt

What does it take to succeed today both personally and professionally?

In looking for answers, one obvious place to start would be to talk to self-made men and women who themselves are successful. That's exactly...

10K Boss: The Power of Everyday Entrepreneurialism

by Suzi Chen

Anyone can dream, but a dream without action will always remain just that – a dream. 

10K Boss: the Power of Everyday Entrepreneurialism tells the story of 3 everyday entrepreneurs who have worked tirelessly...

10K Boss: The Power of Everyday Entrepreneurialism

by Suzi Chen

Anyone can dream, but a dream without action will always remain just that – a dream. 

10K Boss: the Power of Everyday Entrepreneurialism tells the story of 3 everyday entrepreneurs who have worked tirelessly...

Start Your Own Nonprofit Organization

by The Staff of Entrepreneur Media, Inc. & Corbin Collins

  • Only book to comprehensively cover starting a nonprofit organization rather than sustaining one
  • Covers a growing market—in the last decade nonprofits have grown to more than 1.5 million organizations in the...

  • Expert to Influencer

    by Jane E Anderson

    Can’t seem to grow your consulting, speaking or coaching practice? Trying to find new clients but can’t access new leads in a noisy market?


    Congratulations! You have had your practice...

    Fully Alive: Using the Lessons of the Amazon to Live Your Mission in Business and Life

    by Tyler Gage

    Fully Alive tells the story of an astoundingly successful young entrepreneur’s immersion in Amazonian indigenous spirituality, its life-changing impact on him, and how he integrated the lessons he learned...

    What The...I Did Not Sign Up For This: The Ups and Downs of Supporting an Entrepreneur

    by Gabi Sprake

    Gabi Sprake and her husband, Colin have experienced the gamut of emotional highs and lows while running multiple businesses over the course of their 20-year marriage, while successfully maintaining a healthy...

    Take Your Shot: How to Grow Your Business, Attract More Clients, and Make More Money

    by Robin Waite

    TAKE YOUR SHOT is the story about Russ Hibbert. Russ is a hard worker, dedicated to his wife and children, and building a career as a golf professional. But one day he wakes up and realises his business is...

    The Emigrant Edge: How to Make It Big in America

    by Brian Buffini

    New York Times bestseller!

    Brian Buffini, an Irish immigrant who went from rags to riches, shares his strategies for anyone who wants to achieve the American dream.

    Born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, Brian Buffini...

    From Start-Up to Success

    by Melanie Colusci & Cori Wamsley

    Ladies, if you want to start a business—or you’re a little unsure of the path with your new brand—then, From Start-Up to Success: Navigating the Journey to Becoming (and Staying) a Successful Entrepreneur...

    Disruptive Impact: - winning the game with no rules...

    by James Paterson

    A Disrupted Journey

    Globalisation and digitisation are changing everything. In the past taxi drivers in Sydney weren’t impacted by activities in San Francisco - Uber’s birthplace. Relationships weren’t...


    by Tash Corbin

    The dream of starting your own online business can be alluring - choose your own hours, have a life as well as a business, and make more money than you ever have before. But for far too many women, it seems...

    Elon Musk

    by Ashlee Vance

    "Nous sommes en train de changer le monde, de changer l'histoire, et vous en êtes ou pas." Elon Musk

    Elon Musk fait partie de ceux qui changent les règles du jeu. Largement considéré comme le plus grand...

    Think Like an Entrepreneur: The Mindset of Success

    by Jane Mara

    What makes an entrepreneur successful?

    The latest scientific research revealed in this book demonstrates that entrepreneurial thinking can be easily developed by everyone and is far more than creative thinking,...

    Entrepreneurship and Institutions

    by Nick Williams, Tim Vorley & Colin Williams

    Entrepreneurship does not occur in a vacuum. The institutions which provide the framework for economic activity matter. As countries around the world strive for economic growth, this book examines how institutional...

    Start Your Own Freight Brokerage Business

    by The Staff of Entrepreneur Media


    With 70% of all manufactured and retail goods transported by truck in the U.S., it’s the perfect time to broker your own share of this $700 billion transportation industry. Learn to apply...

    The Archangels' Share

    by Kenny Kemp, Graham Lironi & Peter Shakeshaft

    The remarkable inside story of Archangels, the oldest and one of the biggest business angel syndicates in the world. In 1992, angel investment was practically unheard of in Scotland... 25 years later, Archangels...

    The Independent Dentist

    by Ben Warnock & Jennifer Warnock

    Practicing dentistry has a high burn-out rate for many reasons, but the Alliance for Integrity in Dentistry has a solution-one that can transform the daily burdens of practicing dentistry: Dental offices should...

    Girl Code: Unlocking the Secrets to Success, Sanity, and Happiness for the Female Entrepreneur

    by Cara Alwill Leyba

    Women around the world have responded to Cara Alwill Leyba’s Girl Code with a resounding YES. Companies like Kate Spade and Macy’s have brought her in to teach “the Code.” Inc. magazine named Girl Code...