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Preparing Your Family Business for Strategic Change

by Drew S. Mendoza, John L. Ward & Craig E. Aronoff

Strategies for family firms, unlike those of other businesses, can and should incorporate family factors. Responsible and disciplined strategic integration of family and business goals, strengths and values...

Keeping the Family Business Healthy

by John L. Ward

Based on research and interviews with leaders at family firms this book will help you evaluate what stage of growth you are in; how to begin your strategic and corporate plans; when to begin implementing growth...

Healthy Growth for the Family Business

by Jennifer M. Pendergast

Family businesses find many different paths to success. Some, like Wal-Mart become among the world s largest businesses. Others, happily serve a limited market. Whether a business remains small or grows large,...

Sharing Wisdom, Building Values

by Denise H. Kenyon-Rouvinez, Gordon Adler, Guido Corbetta & Gianfilippo Cuneo

Sharing Wisdom, Building Values is a valuable collection of personal family letters written from great entrepreneurs to their family members about business, success and life.  Through the words of the notable...

Nurturing the Talent to Nurture the Legacy

by Amy M. Schuman

Career development is often neglected in family firms, yet it is essential to the continuous process of building leadership capacity for the future.  A well-planned and effective career-development process...

Family Business Values

by Drew S. Mendoza, John L. Ward & Craig E. Aronoff

The most successful families have strong values that are deeply rooted in emotional bonds and shared history.   These values have important underpinnings to decisions that are made each day, from how we treat...

Working for a Family Business

by Christopher J. Eckrich & Stephen L. McClure

Eckrich and McClure provide a greater understanding of what a family business really is and how they differ from other companies and work environments.  Working for a Family Business is designed to provide...

Financing Transitions

by François M. de Visscher, Drew S. Mendoza & John L. Ward

If a family-owned company is to endure and provide the maximum potential opportunity for future generations, it must plan for provision of both adequate shareholder liquidity and sufficient business capital....

Family Business Ownership

by Stephen L. McClure, Drew S. Mendoza, John L. Ward & Craig E. Aronoff

Ownership in a family business can be a rewarding and important role.  It means stewardship, protection and nurturing the family business.  As a guide for shareholders, this book will developing understanding...

The Family Constitution

by Daniela Montemerlo & John L. Ward

The family agreement is becoming a prime objective to a successful family business.   Designed for families planning to draft such an agreement, families deciding whether or not to begin the process, and...

Developing Family Business Policies

by Drew S. Mendoza, Joseph H. Astrachan, John L. Ward & Craig E. Aronoff

Developing policies to guide decision making can help the family business avoid serious problems.  When everyone in the family understands the basis for decision making there is very little room for feeling...

From Siblings to Cousins

by Drew S. Mendoza, John L. Ward & Craig E. Aronoff

Statistics show that many family businesses fail by the third generation-- those that survive are able to navigate the transition from a sibling run business to an expanded family run business.  Here Aronoff...

How to Choose and Use Advisors

by Craig E Aronoff & John L. Ward

Leading a family business can be complex, and every business owner needs help from time to time—but choosing the right advice can make or break the business.  In How to Choose and Use Advisors, Authors Aronoff...

Making Sibling Teams Work

by Drew S. Mendoza, Joseph H. Astrachan & John L. Ward

Where a business was once almost invariably handed from father to son, it is now increasingly passed from a founder to a next-generation sibling team. Brothers and sisters own and run businesses together in...

Make Change Your Family Business Tradition

by Drew S. Mendoza, John L. Ward & Craig E. Aronoff

Family business leaders of the past could often guarantee decades of success built on a single, long-lived strategic plan. But the current rapid rate of change makes ongoing success an infinitely more difficult...

Seven Steps to Your Personal Entrepreneurial Breakthrough

by Kathy Caprino

For every successful entrepreneur, there's a moment of discovery: a breakthrough realization that you can do can really shine! Now, top coach Kathy Caprino shows how to find your breakthrough...move...

Entrepreneurship and Visualization: Harness the Power of Visualizing for Business Success

by Tricia Molloy

Every top athlete has harnessed the power of visualization. You can, too! Discover how to visualize your next business success, your next sale, your next interview--whatever you want! Next, enhance your visualization...

Entrepreneurship and Cultivating an Attitude of Gratitude

by Tricia Molloy

Never underestimate the power of gratitude! Learn how to show appreciation and give thanks...keep a gratitude grateful for the gifts that accompany failure and disappointment...refocus on what you...

Entrepreneurship and Positive Attitudes for the Road to Business Success

by Tricia Molloy

Whatever you do, you think it first. What are you saying to yourself and the universe right now? Learn how to transform those messages...make them more positive, self-affirming...and use your new affirmations...

Entrepreneurship and Attracting the Right Influences in Your Business

by Tricia Molloy

It's the law of attraction: like energy attracts like energy. For better or worse, our feelings and emotions powerfully influence who and what we attract into our lives. Learn how to change what you attract...