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Optimizing and Assessing Information Technology: Improving Business Project Execution

by K. Scott Proctor

A valuable guide to making better IT decisions within business

Optimizing and Assessing Information Technology is designed to be both easy-to-use and immediately useful. Engaging and accessible, this book has...

Carbon Finance: The Financial Implications of Climate Change

by Sonia Labatt & Rodney R. White

Praise for Carbon Finance

"A timely, objective, and informative analysis of the financial opportunities and challenges presented by climate change, including a thorough description of adaptive measures and insurance...

Creating a Balanced Scorecard for a Financial Services Organization

by James Creelman & Naresh Makhijani

How to tap the power of the balanced scorecard, for financial services organizations

Designed to help financial services organizations build and implement the strategic management framework known as the balanced...

Carbon Finance: The Financial Implications of Climate Change

Intangible Assets: Valuation and Economic Benefit

by Jeffrey A. Cohen

Praise for Intangible Assets

"In Intangible Assets, Jeffrey Cohen presents an informative, thought-provoking and practical look at an increasingly important component of every business's worth. He describes the...

The Sense of Dissonance: Accounts of Worth in Economic Life

by David Stark

What counts? In work, as in other areas of life, it is not always clear what standards we are being judged by or how our worth is being determined. This can be disorienting and disconcerting. Because of this,...

Options for Volatile Markets: Managing Volatility and Protecting Against Catastrophic Risk

by Richard Lehman & Lawrence G. McMillan

Practical option strategies for the new post-crisis financial market

Traditional buy-and-hold investing has been seriously challenged in the wake of the recent financial crisis. With economic and market uncertainty...

Financing Africa

by Thorsten Beck & Samuel Munzele Maimbo

Financing Africa takes stock of Africa's financial systems in light of recent changes in the global financial system -including the greater risk aversion of international investors, a shift in economic and financial...

Bull's Eye Investing: Targeting Real Returns in a Smoke and Mirrors Market

by John Mauldin

The era of buying and holding stocks is gone -- and will not return for some time. Now is the time to learn to target where the market is going to be, not where it has been, so you can invest successfully. Financial...

Treynor on Institutional Investing

by Jack L. Treynor


"Jack Treynor has a mind of his own. I mean that as the highest compliment. Jack Treynor sees what no one else sees, thinks what no one else thinks, explains what...

The Era of Uncertainty: Global Investment Strategies for Inflation, Deflation, and the Middle Ground

by Katherine Krantz, Francois Trahan & Robert Doll

Macroeconomic Investment Strategies for an Era of Economic Uncertainty

“Over the years, François’ insightful analyses of the business cycle has led to market calls that have both benefitted investors on...

Managing Credit Risk: The Great Challenge for Global Financial Markets

by John B. Caouette, Edward I. Altman & Paul Narayanan

Managing Credit Risk, Second Edition opens with a detailed discussion of today’s global credit markets—touching on everything from the emergence of hedge funds as major players to the growing influence of...

Strategic Corporate Finance: Applications in Valuation and Capital Structure

by Justin Pettit

Essential guidance for the corporate finance professional — advisor, Board Director, CFO, Treasurer, business development executive, or M&A expert—to ask the right questions and make the critical decisions....

Against the Grain: How to Succeed in Business by Peddling Heresy

by Irwin Ross, Joel M. Stern & John S. Shiely

The unique story of a business heretic and his concept of Economic Value Added (EVA)

In Against the Grain, Joel Stern shares for the first time, not only the story of how EVA swept the corporate world, but the...

Evidence-Based Technical Analysis: Applying the Scientific Method and Statistical Inference to Trading Signals

by David Aronson

Evidence-Based Technical Analysis examines how you can apply the scientific method, and recently developed statistical tests, to determine the true effectiveness of technical trading signals. Throughout the...

Trading VIX Derivatives: Trading and Hedging Strategies Using VIX Futures, Options, and Exchange Traded Notes

by Russell Rhoads

A guide to using the VIX to forecast and trade markets

Known as the fear index, the VIX provides a snapshot of expectations about future stock market volatility and generally moves inversely to the overall stock...

What Every Fidelity Investor Needs to Know

by James Lowell

Fidelity offers investors some of the most innovative financial tools, products, and platforms currently available, and with What Every Fidelity Investor Needs to Know, James Lowell—one of the most trusted...

The Handbook for Investment Committee Members: How to Make Prudent Investments for Your Organization

by Russell L. Olson

Comprehensive coverage of what it takes to be a responsible member of an investment committee

In a clear, organized, and easy-to-understand manner, this handbook explains the responsibilities and expectations...

Five Key Lessons from Top Money Managers

by Scott Kays

An in-depth look at strategies and techniques of five of thecountry's best money managers

In Five Key Lessons from Top Money Managers, Scott Kaystaps into the investment knowledge of five of the nation's foremostmoney...

Portable Alpha Theory and Practice: What Investors Really Need to Know

by Sabrina Callin & Bill Gross

As an original innovator of the portable alpha concept, PIMCO has been managing an increasing number of different portable alpha strategies for investors since 1986. And now, with Portable Alpha Theory and Practice,...