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The Risk Premium Factor: A New Model for Understanding the Volatile Forces That Drive Stock Prices

by Stephen D. Hassett

A radical, definitive explanation of the link between loss aversion theory, the equity risk premium and stock price, and how to profit from it

The Risk Premium Factor presents and proves a radical new theory...

What Works on Wall Street, Fourth Edition: The Classic Guide to the Best-Performing Investment Strategies of All Time

by James O'Shaughnessy

Historically tested long-term strategies that always outperform the market

"O'Shaughnessy's conclusion that some strategies do produce consistently strong results while others underperform could shake up the...

Energy and Emissions Markets: Collision or Convergence

by Tom James & Peter C. Fusaro

Written by best selling author Peter C. Fusaro and renowned energy market expert and commentator Tom James, this book demonstrates that the forces of energy and environmental issues and linked more than ever...

Inside Volatility Arbitrage: The Secrets of Skewness

by Alireza Javaheri

Today?s traders want to know when volatility is a sign that the sky is falling (and they should stay out of the market), and when it is a sign of a possible trading opportunity. Inside Volatility Arbitrage can...

Managing Lease Portfolios: How to Increase Return and Control Risk

by Townsend Walker

Leasing is one of today's more complex forms of financing, and, unless you have extensive experience in this arena, making informed decisions can be difficult. Over the life of a lease, its risks and returns...

Paul Volcker: The Making of a Financial Legend

by Joseph B. Treaster

As the Chairman of the Federal Reserve from 1979 to 1982, Paul Volcker established himself as one of the most influential economic thinkers. Currently a major advocate for corporate governance and accounting...

New Frontiers in Technical Analysis: Effective Tools and Strategies for Trading and Investing

by Paul Ciana

An essential guide to the most innovative technical trading tools and strategies available 

In today's investment arena, there is a growing demand to diversify investment strategies through numerous styles...

An Introduction to Islamic Finance: Theory and Practice

by Zamir Iqbal & Abbas Mirakhor

The first book to offer comprehensive coverage of Islamic finance and banking and its applications to the rest of the world, now fully revised and updated

The ongoing international financial crisis has reignited...

Banking Regulation and the Financial Crisis

by Jin Cao

This book is a review on the economic theories of systemic risks in the financial market and the topics in constructing the macroprudential framework for banking regulation in the future. It explains the reasons...

Collaborative Leadership in Financial Services

by Philip Ullah

Collaborative Leadership in Financial Services is a practical guide which focuses on technologists within investment banking and capital markets. It is intended for everyone within the hierarchy of an organization...

401(k) Day Trading: The Art of Cashing in on a Shaky Market in Minutes a Day

by Richard Schmitt

For many, retirement has become increasingly difficult to both attain and afford. But there is a way today's 401(k) participant, as well as those contributing to similar retirement savings plans, can turn their...

The Profitable Art and Science of Vibratrading: Non-Directional Vibrational Trading Methodologies for Consistent Profits

by Mark Andrew Lim

Enter the world of vibration trading with a new methodology for making more money, more safely

What if you could enter the markets and know, in advance, the exact value of trades needed to sustain a losing streak,...

Project Risk and Cost Analysis: eBook Edition

by Michael S., PMP Dobson & Deborah Singer, M.Ed. Dobson

Project Risk and Cost Analysis focuses on risk in the context of project management, primarily in the area of risk's effects on project costs, with emphasis on the many modern tools that help you and your organization...

Handbook of the Equity Risk Premium

by Rajnish Mehra

Edited by Rajnish Mehra, this volume focuses on the equity risk premium puzzle, a term coined by Mehra and Prescott in 1985 which encompasses a number of empirical regularities in the prices of capital assets...

Equity Derivatives: Theory and Applications

by Marcus Overhaus, Andrew Ferraris & Thomas Knudsen

Written by the quantitative research team of Deutsche Bank, the world leader in innovative equity derivative transactions, this book acquaints readers with leading-edge thinking in modeling and hedging these...

Fiduciary Management: Blueprint for Pension Fund Excellence

by A. van Nunen

Fiduciary Management offers an in-depth explanation of every facet of this fast-growing approach to organizing the management of an institutional investment portfolio. Expert author Anton van Nunen begins by...

Finance & Development, September 2011

by Internation International Monetary Fund

"All for One" examines inequality and the many ways it matters. In our overview article, the World Bank's Branko Milanovic explains how income inequality is measured and tells us that it's increased in most...

Hedge Funds: Insights in Performance Measurement, Risk Analysis, and Portfolio Allocation

by Greg N. Gregoriou, Georges Hübner & Nicolas Papageorgiou

Whether already experienced with hedge funds or just thinking about investing in them, readers need a firm understanding of this unique investment vehicle in order to achieve maximum success. Hedge Funds unites...

Structured Finance Modeling with Object-Oriented VBA

by Evan Tick

A detailed look at how object-oriented VBA should be used to model complex financial structures

This guide helps readers overcome the difficult task of modeling complex financial structures and bridges the gap...

The Art of Capital Restructuring: Creating Shareholder Value Through Mergers and Acquisitions

by H. Kent Baker & Halil Kiymaz

The most up-to-date guide on making the right capital restructuring moves

The Art of Capital Restructuring provides a fresh look at the current state of mergers, acquisitions, and corporate restructuring around...