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The Remittance Market in India

by Gabi G. Afram

Millions of migrants worldwide send billions of dollars in remittances each year to their families or communities of origin. In many developing countries, remittances are an important source of family and national...

Pricing of Sovereign Credit Risk: Evidence from Advanced Economies During the Financial Crisis

by C. Emre Alper & Lorenzo Forni

We investigate the pricing of sovereign credit risk over the period 2008-2010 for selected advanced economies by examining two widely-used indicators: sovereign credit default swap (CDS) and relative asset swap...

Bank Funding Structures and Risk: Evidence from the Global Financial Crisis

by Francisco F. Vázquez & Pablo Federico

This paper analyzes the evolution of bank funding structures in the run up to the global financial crisis and studies the implications for financial stability, exploiting a bank-level dataset that covers about...

Macrofinancial Modeling at Central Banks: Recent Developments and Future Directions

by Scott Roger & Jan Vlcek

This paper surveys dynamic stochastic general equilibrium models with financial frictions in use by central banks and discusses priorities for future development of such models for the purpose of monetary and...

Globalization and Islamic Finance: Convergence, Prospects and Challenges

by Zamir Iqbal, Abbas Mirakhor & Hossein Askari

This is an extremely valuable book written by three highly qualified scholars whose credentials for writing such a book are difficult to match. The timing of the book is also perfect, having come at a time when...

Commodity Trader's Almanac 2012: For Active Traders of Futures, Forex, Stocks and ETFs

by Jeffrey A. Hirsch & John L. Person

An indispensable resource for today's active commodity, currency, futures, and ETF trader In the 2012 Edition of the Commodity Trader's Almanac, Jeffrey Hirsch once again teams up with veteran trader John Person...

The Stability of Islamic Finance: Creating a Resilient Financial Environment for a Secure Future

by Zamir Iqbal, Abbas Mirakhor & Noureddine Krichenne

The Stability of Islamic Finance main focus is on the question of the sources of financial instability which seems inherent in the conventional system. As a core component of this focus, the book will consider...

Quantitative Credit Portfolio Management: Practical Innovations for Measuring and Controlling Liquidity, Spread, and Issuer Concentration Risk

by Lev Dynkin, Bruce Phelps & Jay Hyman

An innovative approach to post-crash credit portfolio management

Credit portfolio managers traditionally rely on fundamental research for decisions on issuer selection and sector rotation. Quantitative researchers...

Trading Binary Options: Strategies and Tactics

by Abe Cofnas

An essential guide to the fast growing area of binary options

Long the province of professional traders, binary options are now offered to retail investors through the North American Derivative Exchange (Nadex)...

Extreme Money: The Masters of the Universe and the Cult of Risk

by Satyajit Das

A definitive cultural history of high finance from one of the industry's most astute analysts

Written by internationally respected financial expert Satyajit Das, Extreme Money shows how real engineering was replaced...

Stock Trader's Almanac 2012

by Jeffrey A. Hirsch & Yale Hirsch

A time-tested guide to stock trading market cycles Published every year since 1968, the Stock Trader's Almanac is a practical investment tool with a wealth of information organized in calendar format. Everyone...

The Number That Killed Us: A Story of Modern Banking, Flawed Mathematics, and a Big Financial Crisis

by Pablo Triana

A critical look at the risk measurement tool that has repeatedly hurt the financial world

The Number That Killed Us finally tells the "greatest story never told": how a mysterious financial risk measurement...

Long-Term Secrets to Short-Term Trading

by Larry R. Williams

Hugely popular market guru updates his popular trading strategy for a post-crisis world

From Larry Williams-one of the most popular and respected technical analysts of the past four decades-Long-Term Secrets...

A Nation in Crisis--The Meltdown of Money, Government and Religion: How to Prepare for the Coming Collapse

by Larry Bates & Chuck Bates

This book begins with the premise that the world is in a real mess in the areas of money, politics, and religion.

Rigged Money: Beating Wall Street at Its Own Game

by Lee Munson

Today's financial landscape and what Wall Street doesn't want you to know

Rigged Money is based on one simple truth: Wall Street needs money from Main Street, not the other way around. The financial industry...

Financial Management: Bullet Guides

by Philip Ramsden

Open this book and you will

Master basic finance

Manage balance sheets

Budget effectively

Foster success

Fundamentals of Financial Instruments: An Introduction to Stocks, Bonds, Foreign Exchange, and Derivatives

by Sunil Parameswaran

The essential guide to financial instruments, logically presented

Fundamentals of Financial Instruments deals with the global financial markets and the instruments in which they trade. While most books on finance...

Global Housing Markets: Crises, Policies, and Institutions

by Ashok Bardhan, Robert Edelstein & Cynthia Kroll

A global look at the reasons behind the recent economic collapse, and the responses to it

The speculative bubble in the housing market began to burst in the United States in 2007, and has been followed by ruptures...

Institutional Money Management: An Inside Look at Strategies, Players, and Practices

by Hany A. Shawky & David M. Smith

An informative look at institutional investment management methods and practice

The policies, practices, and decisions of institutional investment managers worldwide affect the economic health of not only the...

The Fundamentals of Municipal Bonds

by John Wiley

The definitive new edition of the most trusted book on municipal bonds

As of the end of 1998, municipal bonds, issued by state or local governments to finance public works programs, such as the building of schools,...