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Analysis & Review of Kerry Patterson's & et al Crucial Conversations by Instaread: Tools for Talking When Stakes Are High by Kerry Patterson, Joseph G

by . Instaread

Analysis & Review of Kerry Patterson's & et al Crucial Conversations by Instaread. Inside this Instaread of Crucial Conversations: · Overview of the book · Important People · Key Takeaways · Analysis of...

The Executive Horse: 21st Century Leadership Lessons From Horses

by Evelyn T McKelvie

 “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”   - Einstein

With the exponential growth of complexity we need exponential growth in learning.

If you are a business...

U.S. Veterans in the Workforce: Why the 7 Percent are America's Greatest Assets

by Schindler Mike

The tender moments of both departing and returning soldiers with their families touch us in powerful and individual ways. The photos and videos tell a story of a happy homecoming or an anxious goodbye. In viewing...

Clash of the Generations: Managing the New Workplace Reality

by Valerie M. Grubb

Case studies and strategies for more effective multi-generational management

Clash of the Generations explores this new and increasingly common workplace phenomenon, and provides strategies to help managers...

The TWI Facilitator's Guide: How to Use the TWI Programs Successfully

by Donald A. Dinero

There are many books on TWI, but they don't include any new material. Practitioners have altered the programs without understanding the underlying principles. These changes have made the programs less effective....

First Time Boss: Essential Tools for Your New Leadership Role

by R.C. Williams & Michael Trust

Filled with tips, examples, and explanations, this book is written for anyone who is beginning a career in supervision. Whether you are a first time supervisor, manager, or executive, you will benefit from the...


by Rob Kendall

Whatever your job you need to communicate with others, as even when your intentions are sound, the impact of a bad conversation can be highly destructive. If people in your work community form a negative opinion...

Learning and Performance: A Systemic Model for Analysing Needs and Evaluating Training

by Bryan Hopkins

Changing work roles, greater emphasis on individual autonomy, the growing importance of relationships, the complexity of many businesses; all these things call into question the prevailing approach to training...

Readings and Cases in International Human Resource Management

by B. Sebastian Reiche, Günter K. Stahl & Mark E. Mendenhall

The new edition of Readings and Cases in International Human Resource Management examines the interactions between people, cultures, and human resource systems in a wide variety of regions throughout the world....

Business Analytics

by Dinabandhu Bag

This book provides a first-hand account of business analytics and its implementation, and an account of the brief theoretical framework underpinning each component of business analytics. The themes of the book...

Preventing and Managing Workplace Bullying and Harassment: A Risk Management Approach

by Moira Jenkins

Employers and managers have a duty of care as part of occupational health and safety laws to prevent hazards that might contribute to workplace injuries. This book shows you how to meet these responsibilities...

Rewarding Performance Globally: Reconciling the Global-Local Dilemma

by Fons Trompenaars & Robert J. Greene

This book provides professionals with an easy reference resource for successfully implementing a performance management system in a multinational company. Providing research-based strategies for reconciling...

Family Capitalism: Best practices in ownership and leadership

by Gry Osnes

In most countries family businesses make up between 50 - 95% of business entities. Families control 30% of the Fortune 500 companies. These owners and their businesses are often an important part of the social...

Professional Practice in Learning and Development: How to Design and Deliver Plans for the Workplace

by Mark Loon

Develop professional practice in learning and development with this definitive guide for the modern organization.

Set them up for success: A practical approach to managing your team

by Ernest Mhande, Nicholas Challis & services Reality Premedia

Many people are ushered into managerial positions without the required managerial training. Some become managers through a promotion that come in recognition of their technical expertise. Others become managers...

The Best 299 Interview Questions for Top Recruiters

by Martin Tschumi

The key to the success of professionally held interviews lies in the quality of the questions and the correct interpretation of the answers. A good interviewer steers the conversation in the desired direction...

Diversity in Multinational Corporations

by Roxana Maiorescu & Brenda Wrigley

Globalization, information and communication technologies, and the millennials who have entered the workforce, compelled corporations to change their resistant and defensive approaches to diversity and to proactively...

CONFESSIONS OF A CORPORATE SHAMAN: Healing the Organizational Soul

by Harrison Snow

The way we solve problems, make decisions or lead teams are artifacts like the typewriter and the memeograph machine. Confessions of a Corporate Shaman is about expanding our personal bandwidth. Greater intelligence...

Unleashing Capacity: The Hidden Human Resources

by Rita Trehan

The tools and capabilities available to today’s HR professionals provide a unique position that, when used correctly, can lead to that all-important—and highly coveted—role at the leadership table. But...

Office Ergonomics: Ease and Efficiency at Work, Second Edition

by Anne D. Kroemer & Karl H.E. Kroemer

Office ergonomics - whether we realize it or not - directly or indirectly affects every one of us. It is the study of the work we do, the environment we work in, and the tools we use to successfully perform...