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Transformative HR: How Great Companies Use Evidence-Based Change for Sustainable Advantage

by John Boudreau & Ravin Jesuthasan

Proven HR strategies that can have a real impact on organizational success

This book demonstrates how some of the world's most admired and prominent organizations are redefining HR leadership by using evidence-based...

Leading Complex Projects

by Kaye Remington

Leadership in projects has been under-represented in many of the most influential project methodologies, where the focus has been on management and process. The importance to project success of key roles such...

Leading Successful PMOs: How to Build the Best Project Management Office for Your Business

by Peter Taylor

Many organizations profit hugely by utilizing a Project Management Office (PMO); it means they achieve benefits from standardizing and following project management policies, processes, and methods. However,...

Value Management: Translating Aspirations into Performance

by Roger H. Davies & Adam J. Davies

Change programmes in both private and public sectors have a poor record of delivering their intended value. The reasons given most often for their failure include lack of executive support or buy-in from key...

The Nonprofit's Guide to Human Resources

by Jan Masaoka

The nonprofit workplace has a culture of its own, shaped largely by the organization's mission and the staff attracted to the mission, which can include large numbers of volunteers. And with many of today's...

Michael Allen's 2012 e-Learning Annual

by Michael W. Allen

The field of e-learning continues to experience dramatic and turbulent growth. Over time, as technology has improved and the method's real capabilities have emerged, e-learning has gained widespread acceptance...

Managing Diversity in the Military

by Daniel P. McDonald & Kizzy M. Parks

This edited book examines the management of diversity and inclusion in the military.

Owing to the rise of asymmetric warfare, a shift in demographics and labor shortfalls, the US Department of Defense (DoD)...

New Ways of Organizing Work

by Clare Kelliher & Julia Richardson

New Ways of Organizing Work offers a broader understanding of changes to the way work is organized and the implications for relevant stakeholders. It brings together contributions from a well established group...

Advising Upwards: A Framework for Understanding and Engaging Senior Management Stakeholders

by Lynda Bourne

Much has been written about leadership and team building, but there are still major gaps in thinking and research about how to engage senior stakeholders in support of an organisation's projects. The central...

Readings and Cases in International Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior, 5th Edition

by Günter K. Stahl, Mark E. Mendenhall & Gary R. Oddou

Readings and Cases in International Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior, 5th Edition examines cross-cultural interactions between people, cultures and human resource systems in a wide variety...

Human Resource Management in China: New Trends and Practices

by Fang Lee Cooke

The approach to managing human resources has changed significantly in China over the last twenty-five years as its transformation from a state planned economy to a market-oriented economy continues. By adopting...

Win-Win Performance Appraisals: What to Do Before, During, and After the Review to Get the Best Results for Yourself and Your Employees: What to Do Be

by Lawrence Holpp

Increase Productivity with High-Impact Performance Reviews!

Performance appraisals may not be everyone's favorite task. Done right, though, they serve as a vital part of company strategy-and document in black...

ABC of Action Learning

by Reg Revans

Reg Revans based his theories of Action Learning on 30 years of work and observation. This revised and updated reissue of the definitive text, ABC of Action Learning, is a clear, easily-read primer for anyone...

Diversity in the Workplace: Multi-disciplinary and International Perspectives

by Stefan Gröschl

Most regions and countries in the world are experiencing increasingly diverse populations and labour markets. While the causes may vary, the challenges businesses face due to a heightened awareness of this diversity...

Alcohol at Work: Managing Alcohol Problems and Issues in the Workplace

by Clive Tobutt

In the European Union many individuals will partake in drinking a little wine with their lunch or dinner to aid their enjoyment of the meal or as an appetizer for food. Alcohol is also a drug of dependence....

Continuing Professional Development: Lifelong Learning of Millions

by Andrew L. Friedman

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is the means by which the professions across the world ensure that their knowledge and skills remain up to date and relevant to changing needs and environments. CPD...

An Emerging Non-Regular Labour Force in Japan

by Huiyan Fu

Like many industrialised nations, the current employment trend in Japan centres on diversification of the labour market with an increased use of temporary labour. Among a wide range of non-regular labour arrangements,...

Careers Around the World: Individual and Contextual Perspectives

by Jon P. Briscoe, Douglas T. Hall & Wolfgang Mayrhofer

Companies are becoming more global and international, and commerce and information flow seamlessly across national borders. In addition, modernization, rapid technological change, an increasingly (shared) global...

Manager's Guide to Effective Coaching, Second Edition

by Marshall Cook & Laura Poole

Boost productivity by making the switch from "boss" to COACH!

Effective managers know their job is to help employees succeed, not to give them orders. They create relationships that build collaboration and meaningful...

Armstrong's Handbook of Strategic Human Resource Management

by Michael Armstrong

Armstrong's Strategic Human Resource Management provides unique practical guidance on implementing the complex HR business strategies that have been formulated by practitioners, academics and consultants.