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Advanced Presentations by Design: Creating Communication That Drives Action

by Andrew Abela

Advanced Presentations by Design overturns much of the conventional wisdom and practice for creating presentations. Based on over 200 research studies from the fields of communication, marketing, psychology,...

Building Expertise: Cognitive Methods for Training and Performance Improvement

by Ruth Colvin Clark

This third edition of the classic resource, Building Expertise draws on the most recent evidence on how to build innovative forms of expertise and translates that evidence into guidelines for instructional designers,...

Aligning Training for Results: A Process and Tools That Link Training to Business

by Ron Drew Stone

What makes some training programs successful while others produce disappointing results? The answer, says Ron Stone, lies in the processes trainers employ to determine needs, design and develop programs, deliver...

The Elements of Ethics for Professionals

by W. Brad Johnson & Charles R. Ridley

Patterned after Strunk and White's classic The Elements of Style, this handy guide pulls the existing research on the delicate balance of professional ethics into one concise source. Johnson and Ridley explore...

Managing Yourself Revised Edition

by Elearn

Stuck for ideas, inspiration or just want to work differently? Management Extra brings all the best management thinking together in one package. The books are practical and well structured to provide an in depth...

Collaborative Leadership

by David Archer & Alex Cameron

Collaborative leadership is about delivering results across boundaries. The nature of that boundary is important, whether it's a formal contract or an informal agreement between two parties to work together...

A Leader's Guide to Leveraging Diversity

by Terrence Maltbia & Anne Power

Leveraging Diversity: Strategic Learning Capabilities for Breakthrough Performance is designed to help business leaders and diversity practitioners alike conquer the complexity and take advantage of the opportunities...

The Difference: How the Power of Diversity Creates Better Groups, Firms, Schools, and Societies

by Scott E. Page

In this landmark book, Scott Page redefines the way we understand ourselves in relation to one another. The Difference is about how we think in groups--and how our collective wisdom exceeds the sum of its parts....

Learning from Burnout

by Tim Casserley & David Megginson

Burnout is a taboo subject. Admitting you are burning out in your job is tantamount to career suicide for some employees; for their organizations it is like raising a white flag in the war for talent. But suppose...

Change, Strategy and Projects at Work

by Roger Jones & Neil Murray

Change, Strategy and Projects at Work provides a working insight into the nature of change, the formulation of strategy and the implementation of change through projects in the workplace. It is a 'how to' book...

Strategic Learning and Leading Change

by Stephen John

Strategic Learning and Leading Change is a practical, inspiring read that challenges business commentators who have doubted the power of HR and presents examples of how HR leaders are leading change to truly...

Age Works: What Corporate America Must Do to Survive the Gray

by Beverly Goldberg

In ten years, the massive baby-boom generation will begin to reach retirement age, but few companies have paid attention to the fact that there are not enough younger workers to replace them. The challenge to...

The Essential Guide to Training Global Audiences: Your Planning Resource of Useful Tips and Techniques

by LuAnn Irwin & Renie McClay

The Essential Guide to Training Global Audiences is a groundbreaking book that offers a much-needed guide for anyone who must design and deliver excellent learning experiences for people from a culture other...

Criterion-Referenced Test Development: Technical and Legal Guidelines for Corporate Training

by Sharon A. Shrock & William Coscarelli

Criterion-Referenced Test Development is designed specifically for training professionals who need to better understand how to develop criterion-referenced tests (CRTs). This important resource offers step-by-step...

Solving the Compensation Puzzle: Putting Together a Complete Pay and Performance System

by Sharon K. Koss

Whether creating a new system or filling in the gaps in an established business, this resource acts as a practical tool for dealing with compensation in the workplace. Linking pay and performance, this guidebook demonstrates...

Investing in People: Financial Impact of Human Resource Initiatives

by Wayne F. Cascio

This is the eBook version of the printed book.

A Logical, Proven Framework for Understanding the Economic Value of Human Resources Investments


How to choose Human Resources investments that deliver optimal...

Talent Assessment: A New Strategy for Talent Management

by Tony Davis, Maggie Cutt & Neil Flynn

Talented and ambitious people will only stay with their current employer if they are offered positive development, motivation and nurturing. Talent Assessment demonstrates how to manage the needs of these individual...

Technology, Outsourcing & Transforming HR

by Graeme Martin, Martin Reddington & Heather Alexander

This book examines the progress made in e-enabling the HR function and the relationship with outsourcing. The editors will review and analyse recent developments in the application of outsourcing and ICT to...

Return on Investment in Meetings and Events

by M. Theresa Theresa Breining & Jack J. J. Phillips

The Phillips ROI Methodology™ utilizes five levels of evaluation, which are essential in determining the return on investment.

At Level 1 - Reaction and Planned Action, attendee and stakeholder satisfaction...

Managing Communications in a Crisis

by Peter Ruff & Khalid Aziz

A comprehensive, practical handbook outlining how to prepare for a crisis (in terms of media and stakeholder relations) and what to do if and when one hits.