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A Climate of Success

by Roderic Gray

Could your organization be a better place to work? What effect would that have on the quality and quantity of what gets done?

This book examines the concept of organizational climate ('what it feels like to work...

How to Manage Training: Facilitating Workplace Learning for High Performance - EBook Edition

by Carolyn NILSON

The knowledge, skills and guidance managers need to become true learning leaders. Now more than ever, a versatile, well-trained workforce is critical to an organization's success. Written for managers from a...

Budgeting for Better Performance Super Series

by NoContributor

With forty well structured and easy to follow topics to choose from, each workbook has a wide range of case studies, questions and activities to meet both an individual or organization's training needs. Whether...

Strategic Human Capital Management

by Jon Ingham

Strategic human capital management (HCM) is not just a measurement focused approach to human resource management (HRM). It is certainly not a decision science in which people can be managed as a result of quantitative...

Human Resource Management for the Hospitality and Tourism Industries

by Dennis Nickson

Human Resource Management for the Hospitality and Tourism Industries takes an integrated look at HRM policies and practices in the tourism and hospitality industries. Utilising existing human resource management...

Performance Appraisals: Strategies for Success - EBook Edition

by Diane Arthur

Learn how to make the performance appraisal process deliver maximum value to the organization. Performance appraisals are a critical tool for aligning employee performance with the goals of the organization....

Recruiting, Retaining and Promoting Culturally Different Employees

by Lionel Laroche & Don Rutherford

The USA and Canada welcomes every year significant numbers of immigrant professionals who have high levels of formal education (Bachelors, Masters and Ph.D.) as well as extensive experience; yet a significant...

Motivation, Ability and Confidence Building in People

by Adrian Mackay

In order to get the best out of people in organisations, managers need to address the fundamental principals of people management: those of motivation, ability and confidence building. This proposed book aims...

Out of the Shadows

by Michel Syrett, Patricia Leighton & Robert Hecker

Over half of all people working on behalf of any given organization are typically not their own employees. Some are freelance contractors working in their own right. A significant proportion is employed to provide...

The Chief Learning Officer (Clo)

by Tamar Elkeles & Jack J. J. Phillips


Tamar Elkeles, vice president of Qualcomm Learning Center and co-author of The Chief Learning Officer, has been named 2010 CLO of the Year by Chief Learning Officer...

The Roi Fieldbook

by Patricia Phillips, Jack J. J. Phillips & Ron Stone

Since the publication of 'Return on Investment in Training and Performance Improvement Programs,' many individuals have attempted to implement the ROI methodology in their organizations. Having a credible process...

Building a Values-Driven Organization

by Richard Barrett

Richard Barrett, author of the best-selling book Liberating the Corporate Soul, presents his new thinking

Based on his experience working with over 1,000 organizations in 32 countries on cultural transformation...

Leading Change Training

by Jeffrey Russell

The Trainer's Workshop Series is designed to be a practical, hands-on roadmap to help you quickly develop training in key business areas. Each book in the series offers all the exercises, handouts, assessments,...

Leading People Through Disasters: An Action Guide: Preparing for and Dealing with the Human Side of Crises

by SPHR, Kathryn McKee & Liz Guthridge

The only book that tackles how to manage the human factors and provide leadership before, during, and after catastrophic events provoked by nature, accidents, or acts of violence. The potential damage that can...

Work It Out, REV. Ed.: Using Personality Type to Improve Team Performance

by Sandra Krebs Hirsh & Jane A. G. Kise

For a decade, Work It Out has been at the forefront helping business leaders, managers, and consultants resolve conflict and miscommunication in the workplace. Now this newly revised edition brings current how...

Performance Management: Measure and Improve The Effectiveness of Your Employees

by Harvard Press

Today’s competitive workplace demands that managers evaluate employee performance, and provide coaching. Performance Management will help managers prepare for a formal performance meeting with a direct report,...

Corporate Reputations, Branding and People Management

by Susan Hetrick & Graeme Martin

The book helps HR practitioners understand corporate-level concepts and their relevance to the key strategic agendas of organizations by drawing on a wide range of ideas from branding, marketing, communications,...

Learning to Think Strategically

by Julia Sloan

In Learning to Think Strategically, author Julia Sloan presents a previously unexamined account of the relationship between strategic thinking and the learning process involved - taking learning from the academic...

Learning in Organizations: Complexities and Diversities

by Peter J Smith & Eugene Sadler-Smith

Taking a fresh and innovative approach to the complexities and challenges inherent in organizational learning diversity, the authors show that there are no generic solutions. They argue there is no 'best way'...

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Meeting & Event Planning, 2nd Edition