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Intercultural Competencies in China

by Helena Maria Lischka & Peter Kürble

Intercultural competencies in China focuses on one of the economically most important and - at least from a western point of view - culturally obscure markets: China is the second largest economy by nominal...

Podcasting Made easy

by Steve Hart

If you want to know all there is to start podcasting for fun and profit then Podcasting Made Easy will answer all your questions.

It will give you the confidence to make your first podcast using the hardware...

Science, Technology, Innovation, and Development in the Arab Countries

by Omar Bizri

Science, Technology, Innovation, and Economic Growth in Arab Countries explores fresh approaches to STI policy formulation and implementation in the region, with applications to developing countries elsewhere....

Economic Development of Emerging East Asia

by Frank S.T. Hsiao & Mei-Chu Wang Hsiao

This unique book provides comparative economic studies of Taiwan and Korea, and compares them mostly with Japan and the United States and finds that, in terms of the real GDP per capita in PPP, these emerging...

Six Billion Shoppers

by Porter Erisman

An insightful, practical guide to e-commerce in emerging markets--and how to profit from their explosive boom.

From China to India to Nigeria, e-commerce is entering a golden era in countries that were long left...

Clean Brexit

by Liam Halligan & Gerard Lyons

In this optimistic and inclusive guide, Sunday Telegraph columnist Liam Halligan and renowned economic forecaster Gerard Lyons cut through the complexity and spin to offer a vision of how Britain, and the world,...

Inside the Global Economy

by Andrew Vonnegut

This comprehensive and informed text offers a practical introduction to the workings of the global economy. Drawing on his hands-on experience in international finance and economic policy, Andrew Vonnegut clearly...

Rio 2016

by Andrew Zimbalist

A clear-eyed, critical examination of the social, political, and economic costs of hosting the 2016 summer Olympics

The selection of Rio de Janeiro as the site of the summer 2016 Olympic Games set off jubilant...

Consuming Japan

by Andrew C. McKevitt

This insightful book explores the intense and ultimately fleeting moment in 1980s America when the future looked Japanese. Would Japan's remarkable post–World War II economic success enable the East Asian...

Unfinished Business: The Unexplored Causes of the Financial Crisis and the Lessons Yet to be Learned

by Tamim Bayoumi

A penetrating critique tracing how under-regulated trading between European and U.S. banks led to the 2008 financial crisis-with a prescription for preventing another meltdown

Doing Business in Germany : Visiting Trade Shows for Indian Executives

by Andra Riemhofer

Visits to German exhibitions are very popular amongst market participants from Asia. India currently ranks second when it comes to the number of visitors from the region; in 2015, about 38,000 executives from...

The Language of Global Success

by Tsedal Neeley

For nearly three decades, English has been the lingua franca of cross-border organizations, yet studies on corporate language strategies and their importance for globalization have been scarce. In The Language...

Revenge of the Rich

by Austin Mitchell

Austin Mitchell's book is the first comprehensive study of the rise, fall and consequences of neoliberalism in Britain and New Zealand, the two countries which adopted the new economics most enthusiastically,...


by International Monetary Fund. Euro Dept.

France: Selected Issues


by International Monetary Fund. Euro Dept.

President Macron's electoral victory creates a unique window of opportunity to transform France's economy. Running on a pro-reform and pro-EU platform, Emmanuel Macron defeated his far-right challenger by a...

Indexing Structural Distortion: Sectoral Productivity, Structural Change and Growth

by Sakai Ando & Koffie Ben Nassar

This paper proposes a new index of sectoral labor distortion using employment and valueadded shares. We show that this index is highly correlated with growth both crosssectionally and over time. We also use...

Did the Exchange Rate Floor Prevent Deflation in the Czech Republic?

by Francesca G Caselli

To fight deflationary pressures at the zero lower bound, in November 2013, the Czech National Bank (CNB) introduced a one-sided floor on the exchange rate, as an additional monetary policy instrument. This paper...

Policy Mix and the US Trade Balance

by Gustavo Adler & Carolina Osorio Buitron

The strong US policy response to the 2008-09 financial crisis raised concerns about its impact (spillovers) on other countries, with great focus on the monetary stimulus but little attention to fiscal policy,...


by International Monetary Fund. West Dept.

The macroeconomic outlook remains weak. Public debt remains elevated, at around 100 percent of GDP, despite a recent debt restructuring agreement with private external bondholders. Growth is projected at just...