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Canada: 2013 Article IV Consultation

by International Monetary Fund. West Dept.

KEY ISSUES Economic Outlook: Strong private consumption and residential investment helped Canada recover quickly from the last recession but left a legacy of elevated household debt and high house valuations....

Canada: Selected Issues

by International Monetary Fund. West Dept.

The unconventional energy boom has had significant positive effects on Canada’s economic activity and has the potential to contribute even more in the future with the appropriate extension of infrastructure...

Corporate Sustainability in India: A Practical Guide for Multinationals

by Caroline Twigg

This DoShort offers practical insights for companies or foundations who want to run their business in India in a sustainable way.

Seychelles: Staff Report for the Eight Review Under the Extended Arrangement

by International Monetary Fund. Afri Dept.

KEY ISSUES Context. Economic growth and macroeconomic stability improved in 2013. A robust rise in tourism earnings supported growth, as well as a reduction in the current account deficit as a share of GDP....

Bulgaria: Staff Report for the 2013 Article IV Consultation

by International Monetary Fund. Euro Dept.

KEY ISSUES Context. Macroeconomic and financial stability has been maintained despite the difficult environment globally-especially in neighboring Greece-and recent domestic discord, but growth remains tepid...

A Hybrid Approach to Estimating the Efficiency of Public Spending on Education in Emerging and Developing Economies

by Francesco Grigoli

The measurement of the efficiency of public education expenditure using parametric and non-parametric methods has proven challenging. This paper seeks to overcome the difficulties of earlier studies by using...

Emerging Markets and the Global Economy: A Handbook

by Mohammed El Hedi Arouri, Sabri Boubaker & Duc Khuong Nguyen

Emerging Markets and the Global Economy investigates analytical techniques suited to emerging market economies, which are typically prone to policy shocks. Despite the large body of emerging market finance literature,...

Peru: Selected Issues Paper

by International Monetary Fund. West Dept.

In recent years, the IMF has released a growing number of reports and other documents covering economic and financial developments and trends in member countries. Each report, prepared by a staff team after...

Peru: Staff Report for the 2013 Article IV Consultation

by International Monetary Fund. West Dept.

KEY ISSUES Context: The overall state of the economy remains strong despite lower metal prices and market turbulence in mid-2013. The economy is still operating somewhat near potential and continues to be one...

Grenada: Ex Post Assessment of Longer-Term Program Engagement

by International Monetary Fund. Fina Dept.

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Grenada's first arrangement under the Poverty Reduction and Growth Facility (PRGF) played an important role in bolstering the small island economy after it was buffeted by major adverse shocks....

Republic of Mozambique: First Review Under the Policy Support Instrument and Request for Modification of Assessment Criteria-Staff Report; Pre

by International Monetary Fund. Afri Dept.

KEY ISSUES Context and outlook. Mozambique’s macroeconomic outlook remains favorable and the PSI-supported program is broadly on track. All assessment criteria were met and most indicative targets, but there...

The Quest for Non-Resource-Based FDI: Do Taxes Matter?

by Tidiane Kinda

Using manufacturing and services firm-level data for 30 sub-Saharan African (SSA) countries, this paper shows that taxation is not a significant driver for the location of foreign firms in SSA, while other investment...

Remittances and Vulnerability in Developing Countries

by Giulia Bettin & Andrea Presbitero

This paper examines how international remittances are affected by structural characteristics, macroeconomic conditions, and adverse shocks in both source and recipient economies. We exploit a novel, rich panel...

Thin Capitalization Rules and Multinational Firm Capital Structure

by Jennifer Blouin & Harry Huizinga

This paper examines the impact of thin capitalization rules that limit the tax deductibility of interest on the capital structure of the foreign affiliates of US multinationals. We construct a new data set on...

Handbook of Economic Growth

by Philippe Aghion & Steven Durlauf

Volumes 2A and 2B of The Handbook of Economic Growth summarize recent advances in theoretical and empirical work while offering new perspectives on a range of growth mechanisms, from the roles played by institutions...

Solomon Islands: Staff Report for the 2013 Article IV Consultation and Second Review Under the Extended Credit Facility Arrangement and

by International Monetary Fund. Asia Dept

KEY ISSUES Context: Solomon Islands has achieved considerable gains in development and macroeconomic stability in recent years. However, the country is at an important juncture—with both security and development...

Effectiveness of Capital Outflow Restrictions

by Christian Saborowski & Sarah Sanya

This paper examines the effectiveness of capital outflow restrictions in a sample of 37 emerging market economies during the period 1995-2010, using a panel vector autoregression approach with interaction terms....

Managerial Cultures: A Comparative Historical Analysis

by David Hanson

How did the conduct of business come to be so different in different countries? Why are some less developed countries in the process of rapid industrialization while so many others remain poor? Analysts often...

Competitiveness in the European Economy

by Stefan Collignon & Piero Esposito

This book deals with the relationship between the competitiveness of countries in Europe and the analysis of macroeconomic imbalances. It focuses mainly on a European analysis, along with special studies of...

International Competition and Industrial Change: Essays in the History of Mining and Metallurgy 1800-1950

by Charles Harvey & Jon Press

First Published in 1990. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.