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Research in the Decision Sciences for Innovations in Global Supply Chain Networks: Best Papers from the 2014 Annual Conference

by European Decision Sciences Institute, Jan Stentoft & Antony Paulraj

The papers in this volume introduce powerful new innovations in global supply chain networks. The best papers from the 2014 annual conference of the European regional subdivision of the Decision Sciences Institute...

Collision and Collusion

by Janine R. Wedel

When the Soviet Union's communist empire collapsed in 1989, a mood of euphoria took hold in the West and in Eastern Europe. The West had won the ultimate victory--it had driven a silver stake through the heart...

Research in the Decision Sciences for Global Business: Best Papers from the 2013 Annual Conference

by European Decision Sciences Institute & Gyula Vastag

This volume brings together important new research in decision science, capturing the crucial role of local context in a globalized, standardized world. Assembling the best work presented at the 2013 Conference...

Assessing China's Corporate Sector Vulnerabilities

by Mali Chivakul & Raphael W. Lam

This paper documents and assesses the risk stemming from rising corporate indebtedness in China using a firm-level dataset of listed firms. It finds that while leverage on average is not high, there is a fat...

Electronic Fiscal Devices (EFDs) An Empirical Study of their Impact on Taxpayer Compliance and Administrative Efficiency

by Peter Casey & Patricio Castro

Several administrations have adopted electronic fiscal devices (EFDs) in their quest to combat noncompliance, particularly as regards sales and the value-added tax (VAT) payable on sales. The introduction of...

Fiscal Multipliers in Ukraine

by Pritha Mitra & Tigran Poghosyan

Amid renewed crisis, falling tax revenues, and rising debt, Ukraine faces serious fiscal consolidation needs. Durable fiscal adjustment can support economic confidence and rebuild buffers but what is its overall...

Spillovers in the Nordic Countries

by Borislava, Miss Mircheva & Dirk Muir

Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden form a tightly integrated region which has strong ties with the euro area as well as some exposure to Russia. Using the IMF’s Global Integrated Monetary and Fiscal model...

Investment Scaling-up and the Role of Government:the Case of Benin

by Matteo Ghilardi & Sergio Sola

This paper studies the fiscal implications for the Beninese economy of scaling up of public investment when the government is subject to inefficiencies on the spending and on the tax collection side. While scaling...

Growing (Un)equal:Fiscal Policy and Income Inequality in China and BRIC+

by Serhan Cevik & Carolina Correa-Caro

This paper investigates the empirical characteristics of income inequality in China and a panel of BRIC+ countries over the period 1980–2013, with a focus on the redistributive contribution of fiscal policy....

China:How Can Revenue Reforms Contribute to Inclusive and Sustainable Growth?

by Raphael W. Lam & Philippe Wingender

Revenue reforms can contribute to more inclusive, green, and sustainable growth in China. Relative to OECD economies, fiscal policy in China is less redistributive. Options for promoting more inclusive growth...

Playing by the Rules:Reforming Fiscal Governance in Europe

by Luc Eyraud & Tao Wu

The paper contributes to the discussions on fiscal governance in Europe. It takes stock of recent reforms, identifies areas for further progress, and discusses a menu of policy options for the medium-term. The...

Red Notice: A True Story of High Finance, Murder, and One Man's Fight for Justice

by Bill Browder

A real-life political thriller about an American financier in the Wild East of Russia, the murder of his principled young tax attorney, and his dangerous mission to expose the Kremlin’s corruption.

Bill Browder’s...

The Flexible System of Global Models - FSGM

by Michal Andrle & Patrick Blagrave

The Flexible System of Global Models (FSGM) is a group of models developed by the Economic Modeling Division of the IMF for policy analysis. A typical module of FSGM is a multi-region, forward-looking semi-structural...

Fiscal Decentralization and the Efficiency of Public Service Delivery

by Moussé|Razafimahefa, Ivohasina Fiza Sow

This paper explores the impact of fiscal decentralization on the efficiency of public service delivery. It uses a stochastic frontier method to estimate time-varying efficiency coefficients and analyzes the...

The Use and Effectiveness of Macroprudential Policies:New Evidence

by Eugenio Cerutti & Stijn Claessens

Using a recent IMF survey and expanding on previous studies, we document the use of macroprudential policies for 119 countries over the 2000-13 period, covering many instruments. Emerging economies use macroprudential...

Flashpoints: The Emerging Crisis in Europe

by George Friedman

A major new book by New York Times bestselling author and geopolitical forecaster George Friedman (The Next 100 Years), with a bold thesis about coming events in Europe. This provocative work examines “flashpoints,” unique...

How Inclusive Is Abenomics?

by Chie Aoyagi & Giovanni Ganelli

We assess the ongoing reform efforts in Japan in terms of inclusive growth. We use prefectural level panel data to regress a measure of inclusive growth, which incorporates both average income growth and income...

Iceland:2014 Article IV Consultation and Fifth Post-Program Monitoring Discussions-Staff Report; Press Release; and Statement by the Executive Directo

by International Monetary Fund. Euro Dept.

This 2014 Article IV Consultation highlights that Iceland has reached a relatively strong macroeconomic position with good growth prospects. Unemployment continues to trend down, now at 4 percent. Growth is...

Iceland:Selected Issues Paper

by International Monetary Fund. Euro Dept.

This Selected Issues paper examines implications of capital account liberalization in Iceland. Capital controls were critical in 2008 to avoid a more severe collapse of the Icelandic economy. Six years later,...

Ukraine:Request for Extended Arrangement Under the Extended Fund Facility and Cancellation of Stand-By Arrangement-Staff Report; Press Release; and St

by International Monetary Fund. Euro Dept.

This paper discusses Ukraine’s Request for Extended Arrangement Under the Extended Fund Facility (EFF) and Cancellation of Stand-by Arrangement (SBA). Despite tangible progress under the SBA, the crisis in...