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Muscular Portfolios

by Brian Livingston

  • Muscular Portfolios will be supported by a $100,000 marketing budget from the author’s team including David Ratner and Tess Woods, who have advised Robert Kiyosaki, Jack Bogle, and others
  • Outreach through...

Forex Made Easy

by Stephen Benjamin

Do you want to learn how to trade Forex profitably? Have you been trading before without any result?

Worry not! In this book I will teach you the step by step procedure of making money from the Forex market without...

Forex Trading

by Stephen Benjamin

Do you want to learn how to trade Forex with ease? Do you really want to make money from Forex trading? Have you been trading before without any positive result? Worry not! I will teach you step by step how...

An Ultimate Guide to Launch An SEC Compliant ICO

by Jennifer M. Greenlee, Corey A. Washington & Ernesto Lee

ICOs and cryptocurrencies are incredibly complex, and most people who talk about them really don’t understand the intricacies at all. This book is here to help you understand all the abstract ICO information...

Bitcoin Investment  KnowHow  Made Easy

by Hillary Scholl

Has the Crypto-Currency Reached its Peak  as Bitcoin Blasts Through $15000 Barrier  with Dramatic Rise

Bitcoin is Making Headlines

Bitcoin is changing financing in the same way that the internet changed publishing!...

Cryptocurrency for Beginners

by Kurt Dugan

Enter the Profitable New World of Cryptocurrencies!

When you get your copy of Cryptocurrency for Beginners, you’ll learn about the profit potential of today’s newest financial markets. This book describes...

The Rise of Investor-State Arbitration

by Taylor St John

Today, investor-state arbitration embodies the worst fears of those concerned about runaway globalization - a far cry from its framers' intentions. Why did governments create a special legal system in which...

When you are Super-Rich, who can you Trust?

by Caroline Garnham

Caroline Garnham, a former leading private client lawyer was head of Simmons &Simmons private client practice for fifteen years. She was nominated as one of the top five leading private client lawyers in 2011...

The Little Book of Common Sense Investing

by John C. Bogle

The best-selling investing "bible" offers new information, new insights, and new perspectives

The Little Book of Common Sense Investing is the classic guide to getting smart about the market. Legendary mutual...

The Motley Fool Investment Guide: Third Edition: How the Fools Beat Wall Street's Wise Men and How You Can Too

by David Gardner & Tom Gardner

A completely revised and updated edition of an investing classic to help readers make sense of investing today, full of “solid information and advice for individual investors” (The Washington Post).


Wealth Management Unwrapped, Revised and Expanded

by Charlotte B. Beyer

You are the CEO of My Wealth, Inc. — so Take Charge!

Wealth Management Unwrapped provides you with the tools and tips you need to take back control and more effectively manage your money. Wall Street veteran...


by Jason Calacanis

One of Silicon Valley’s most successful angel investors shares his rules for investing in startups.

There are two ways to make money in startups: create something valuable—or invest in the people that are...

Tools & Techniques of Estate Planning, 18th Edition

by Stephan R. Leimberg; L. Paul Hood, Jr.; Jay Katz; Edwin P. Morrow; and Martin M. Shenkman

In the course of a single year, estate planning has been directly affected by numerous, significant revisions to the law. When the rules change as much they have recently, every estate planner must stay completely...

Rent to Rent

by Jacquie Edwards

Create financial freedom following a proven step by step checklist to build your Rent to Rent business! Jacquie Edwards built a business using the Rent to Rent strategy that has made her financially free and...

Tools & Techniques of Investment Planning, 4th Edition

by Stephan R. Leimberg, Thomas R. Robinson, and Robert R. Johnson

The Tools & Techniques of Investment Planning, 4th Edition helps practitioners demystify the process of investing by providing practical insights into the strengths and weaknesses of different investment approaches...

Building Wealth through Venture Capital

by Leonard A. Batterson & Kenneth M. Freeman

Venture capital demystified, for both investors and entrepreneurs

Building Wealth Through Venture Capital is a practical how-to guide for both sides of the table—investors and the entrepreneurs they fund....

Advisor's Guide to Annuities, 5th Edition

by John L. Olsen, Clu®, ChFC®, Aep® and Michael E. Kitces, Msfs, Mtax, Cfp®, Clu®

Written in plain English, the latest updated, revised, and expanded edition of The Advisor’s Guide to Annuities covers both the technical details of how various types of annuities operate, as well as the broader...

The Land of Enterprise

by Benjamin C. Waterhouse

This groundbreaking account of the development of American business from the colonial period to the present explains that the history of the United States can best be understood not as a search for freedom—but...

The Robots are Coming

by John Pugliano

How you can survive (and even thrive) during the artificial intelligence-powered robot takeover of the workplace

No longer just a concern for factory workers, intelligent robots are replacing workers in previously...

Preferred Stock

by Kenneth G Winans

This book is intended for an intermediate to advanced investor. Even today, preferred stocks are one of the least understood investment mediums in the world of finance. This book builds upon Mr. Winans’ past...