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The Curse of Cash

by Kenneth S. Rogoff

From the New York Times bestselling author of This Time Is Different, "a fascinating and important book" (Ben Bernanke) about phasing out most paper money to fight crime and tax evasion—and to battle financial...

Redefining Capitalism in Global Economic Development

by Kui-Wai Li

Redefining Capitalism in Global Economic Development reconsiders capitalism by taking into account the unfolding forces of economic globalization, especially in Asian economies. It explores the economic implications...

Risk and Return for Regulated Industries

by Bente Villadsen, Michael J. Vilbert & Dan Harris

Risk and Return for Regulated Industries provides a much-needed, comprehensive review of how cost of capital risk arises and can be measured, how the special risks regulated industries face affect fair return,...

Financial Frictions and the Great Productivity Slowdown

by Romain A, Mr. Duval & Gee Hee, Mr. Hong

We study the role of financial frictions in explaining the sharp and persistent productivity growth slowdown in advanced economies after the 2008 global financial crisis. Using a rich cross-country, firm-level...

Inclusive Growth Framework

by Alexei P, Mr. Kireyev & Jingyang Chen

The paper suggests an operationally usable framework for the evaluation of growth inclusiveness-the inclusive growth framework (IGF). Based on the data on growth, poverty, and inequality, the framework allows...

Income Inequality and Education Revisited

by David, Mr. Coady & Allan Dizioli

This paper presents new results on the relationship between education expansion and income inequality. While human capital theory suggests that income inequality increases with inequality of education outcomes,...

Trading with China

by JaeBin, Mr. Ahn & Romain A, Mr. Duval

We analyze the impact on productivity in advanced economies of fast-growing trade with China between the mid-1990s and late-2000s, separately identifying the export and import channels. We use country-sector-level...

Labor Market Adjustments to Shocks in Australia

by Adil, Mr. Mohommad

Labor markets in Australia have adjusted smoothly to significant declines in commodity prices with little increase in unemployment. This paper examines several aspects of the adjustment, focusing on (i) evidence...

The Algebraic Galaxy of Simple Macroeconomic Models

by Evan C, Mr. Tanner

Simple macroeconomic frameworks like the IS/LM have survived because they help us conceptualize complex problems while also providing 'back of the envelope' estimates of macroeconomic outcomes. Herein, a bare-bones...

Sovereign Bond Prices, Haircuts and Maturity

by Tamon, Mr. Asonuma & Dirk Niepelt

Rejecting a common assumption in the sovereign debt literature, we document that creditor losses ("haircuts") during sovereign restructuring episodes are asymmetric across debt instruments. We code a comprehensive...

Portfolio Inflows and Real Effective Exchange Rates

by Rasmané|| Ouedraogo

It has been well-established in the literature that portfolio inflows appreciate the real effective exchange rate. However, the literature lacks a systematic empirical analysis of the impact of portfolio inflows...

Disinflation, External Vulnerability, and Fiscal Intransigence

by Evan C, Mr. Tanner

This paper examines the policy challenges a country faces when it wants to both reduce inflation and maintain a sustainable external position. Mundell's (1962) policy assignment framework suggests that these...

Riding the Energy Transition

by Reda Cherif & Fuad Hasanov

Recent technological developments and past technology transitions suggest that the world could be on the verge of a profound shift in transportation technology. The return of the electric car and its adoption,...

Debt Limits and the Structure of Public Debt

by Alex Pienkowski

This paper provides a tractable framework to assess how the structure of debt instruments-specifically by currency denomination and indexation to GDP-can raise the debt limit of a sovereign. By calibrating the...

Regional Economic Outlook, April 2017, Western Hemisphere Department

by Hamid, Mr. Faruqee

With the global economy gaining some momentum, economies of Latin America and the Caribbean are recovering from a recession at the regional level in 2016. This gradual improvement can be understood as tale of...

Bank Solvency and Funding Cost

by Stefan W., Mr. Schmitz & Michael Sigmund

This paper presents new evidence on the empirical relationship between bank solvency and funding costs. Building on a newly constructed dataset drawing on supervisory data for 54 large banks from six advanced...

Regional Economic Issues, May 2017, Central, Eastern, and Southeastern Europe

by International Monetary Fund. Euro Dept.

Economic growth is broadening in Central, Eastern, and Southeastern Europe. Further ahead, however, growth prospects are tested by a dwindling workforce and weak productivity. Reaching Western European income...

International Financial Integration in the Aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis

by Philip R., Mr. Lane & Gian M, Mr. Milesi-Ferretti

This paper documents the evolution of international financial integration since the global financial crisis using an updated dataset on external assets and liabilities, covering over 210 economies for the period...

Debt Sustainability in Low-Income Countries

by Yasemin Bal Gunduz

This paper estimates the determinants of external debt distress in low-income countries (LICs), disentangling the roles of institutions, shocks, and policies. The most prominent factors in raising the risk of...

Regional Economic Outlook, April 2017, Asia and Pacific