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Nobel Lectures in Economic Sciences (2006-2010)

by Bertil Holmlund

In 1968, Sveriges Riksbank (Sweden's central bank) established the Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel, founder of the Nobel Prize. The Prize in Economic Sciences is awarded by the Royal Swedish...

Why we can't afford the rich

by Andrew Sayer

Why we can't afford the rich exposes the unjust and dysfunctional mechanisms that allow the top 1% to siphon off wealth produced by others, through the control of property and money. Andrew Sayer shows how the...

Puzzles of Economic Growth

by Leszek Balcerowicz & Andrzej Rzo?ca

Looking at the economic growth of seemingly similar countries one can find striking differences. Why has Australia gotten so much ahead of New Zealand, in spite of the latter being held up as a paragon of free...

Achieving Competencies in Public Service: The Professional Edge: The Professional Edge

by James S. Bowman, Jonathan P. West & Marcia A. Beck

The new context and character of public service - shifting values, entrepreneurship, information technology, and multi-sector careers - require a 'skills triangle' of technical, ethical, and leadership abilities....

Basics of International Business

by James P. Neelankavil & Anoop Rai

The field of international business is dynamic, complex, and challenging, vulnerable to fast-breaking events such as economic shifts, political turmoil, and natural disasters. This concise and affordable textbook...

Bridges and Spans

by Cynthia Phillips & Shana Priwer

Information about types of bridges and how they are built.

Cases in Advertising Management

by Larry D Kelley & Donald W Jugenheimer

"Cases in Advertising Management" offers a wide range of short, medium-length, and longer cases, all designed to illuminate the topics covered in an Advertising Management course. The book can stand alone, or,...

Economics, Information Systems, and Electronic Commerce: Empirical Research

by Robert J. Kauffman & Paul P. Tallon

The methods and thinking of economics permeate a large part of the IS discipline. Reciprocally, newly emerging research methods relying on the IT-enabled treatment of massive data aggregates feed economic research....

Expanding Access to Health Care: A Management Approach

by Terry F. Buss & Paul N. Van de Water

The U.S. health care system faces well-known problems: 47 million people without health insurance, rapidly rising costs that consume 16 percent of the country's economic output, and widely uneven quality of...

Maritime Taiwan: Historical Encounters with the East and the West: Historical Encounters with the East and the West

by Shih-Shan Henry Tsai

For centuries the island of Taiwan, 100 miles off the Asian mainland, has been a crossroads for traders and settlers, pirates and military schemers from around the world. Unlike China, with its long tradition...

Political Systems of East Asia: China, Korea, and Japan

by Louis D Hayes

This innovative, interdisciplinary introduction to East Asian politics uses a thematic approach to describe the political development of China, Japan, and Koreas since the mid-nineteenth century and analyze...

Reformist Voices of Islam: Mediating Islam and Modernity

by Shireen Hunter & Shireen T Hunter

In recent years, Islamic fundamentalist, revolutionary, and jihadist movements have overshadowed more moderate and reformist voices and trends within Islam. This compelling volume introduces the current generation...

The Economics of Inequality, Discrimination, Poverty, and Mobility

by Robert Rycroft

Thoroughly classroom tested, this introductory-level text surveys what economists have to say about inequality (or income and wealth distribution), poverty, mobility - both intragenerational (within careers),...

The Financial System and the Economy: Principles of Money and Banking: Principles of Money and Banking

by Maureen Burton & Bruce Brown

The new edition of this classic text is designed for an undergraduate one semester or quarter course in money and banking. Written in an informal, engaging style, with minimal math requirements, it gives students...

Twentieth-century Chinese Women's Poetry: An Anthology: An Anthology

by Julia C. Lin

Chinese women's writing is rich and abundant, although not well known in the West. Despite the brutal wars and political upheavals that ravaged twentieth-century China, the ranks of women in the literary world...

Wildlife Conservation in China: Preserving the Habitat of China's Wild West

by Jonathan Harris

Very little is known about the issue of wildlife conservation within China. Even China specialists get a meager ration of stories about pandas giving birth in zoos, or poachers in some remote setting being apprehended....

Borrower Protection and the Supply of Credit  :  Evidence from Foreclosure Laws

by Jihad Dagher & Yangfan Sun

Laws governing the foreclosure process can have direct consequences on the costs of foreclosure and could therefore affect lending decisions. We exploit the heterogeneity in the judicial requirements across...

Reconstructing Keynesian Macroeconomics Volume 3: Macroeconomic Activity, Banking and Financial Markets

by Carl Chiarella, Peter Flaschel & Willi Semmler

This book represents the third of three volumes offering a complete reinterpretation and restructuring of Keynesian macroeconomics and a detailed investigation of the disequilibrium adjustment processes characterizing...

Impact of Demographic Changes on Inflation and the Macroeconomy

by Jong-Won Yoon & Jinill Kim

The ongoing demographic changes will bring about a substantial shift in the size and the age composition of the population, which will have significant impact on the global economy. Despite potentially grave...

Vertical Fiscal Imbalances and the Accumulation of Government Debt

by Inaki Aldasoro & Mike Seiferling

Delegating fiscal decision making power to sub-national governments has been an area of interest for both academics and policymakers given the expectation that it may lead to better and more efficient provision...