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Peer Coaching at Work

by Polly Parker, Douglas T. (Tim) Hall, Kathy E. Kram & Ilene C. Wasserman

When it comes to mentoring, peer coaching is an undervalued workhorse. It's effective, inexpensive, widely applicable, and relatively easy to implement. Many coaches consider it to be the next wave in professional...

Leading Complex Projects

by Edward W. Merrow

Quantitative analysis of outcomes vs PMs at the individual level

Leading Complex Projects takes a unique approach to post-mortem analysis to provide project managers with invaluable insight. For the first time,...


by John Robinson

From Humble beginnings to becoming a millionaire twice in his lifetime, John Robinson weaves the story of his life. Born in the deep south, reared by a mother living the life of a migrant worker, John endures...

Creating Mindful Leaders

by Joe Burton

Unleash your inner mindful leader

Mindfulness, emotional intelligence and resilience are the “must have skills” for modern leaders—yet many professionals are too stressed to know where to start. Creating...

From Impossible to Possible

by Andrew Hollo

Are you a public sector or non-profit leader who is having trouble getting alignment — of ideas and people?


Do you feel your mission is diluted by pressures to perform, to compete, or to make budget?



HBR Guide to Data Analytics Basics for Managers (HBR Guide Series)

by Harvard Business Review

How to use data for better decisions--from gathering the right information to making sense of the numbers to communicating your findings and getting buy-in.

  • Provides practical advice for managers on how to use...

Selling Boldly

by Alex Goldfayn

IF YOU’RE IN SALES, FEAR HAS COST YOU MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, AND THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU. Fear is the reason most salespeople don’t like to pick up the phone (salespeople average just four hours per week on...

Managing Up

by Mary Abbajay

Build vital connections to accelerate your career success

Managing Up is your guide to the most valuable 'soft skill' your career has ever seen. It's not about sucking up or brown-nosing; it's about figuring...

Firm Growth and Innovation

by Rico J. Baldegger

A major issue of dynamic growth management is the coordination of current requirements of the company with demands that have to be met in the future. Prof. PhD Rico J. Baldegger is Director and Professor of...

Talent Rules

by Ram Charan, Dominic Barton & Dennis Carey

Building on their provocative HBR articles and new research into top companies around the world, three leading lights in leadership, talent and strategy make the case for why the CEO needs to take charge of...

Alive at Work

by Daniel M. Cable

We’ve all seen the oft-cited Gallup poll that reports that an alarming majority of the workforce is disengaged and unmotivated.

In Alive at Work, social psychologist Dan Cable argues that the reason for all...

The Visionary Leader

by Dr. Medell Briggs

From acclaimed teaching physician, improvement advisor, and entrepreneur, Dr. Medell Briggs, comes The Visionary Leader: 7 Solutions to Implement Successful Change in Modern Healthcare. This title is the...

New Success Secrets

by Muhammad Siddique & Tcat Houser

Would You Like to Become Unstoppable?

In this ground breaking work, serial entrepreneurs Muhammad Siddique and Tcat Houser share their SUCCESS SECRETS, and show you how to:

  • Start, run, and manage a SUCCESS...

Extraordinary Influence

by Tim Irwin & Tim Tassopoulos

The age-old question for every leader—how do we bring out the best in those we lead? Anyone who has run a company, raised a family, lead an army, or coached a team struggles to find the key to help others...

Beyond The Phoenix Project

by Gene Kim & John Willis

In this transcript of the audio series, Gene Kim and John Willis present a nine-part discussion that includes an oral history of the DevOps movement, as well as discussions around pivotal figures and philosophies...

Best of the Best

by Ron Pagliarulo

Whether you are an owner/operator franchisee, a large franchise operation with multiple locations, or you’re just managing a single location, Ron Pagliarulo shares information in this book that will make you...


by Silke Hermann, Niels Pflaeging & Pia Steinmann

The practical guide to organizational development and high performance in 21st century dynamics.

Complexitools are organizational techniques that are as alive as today´s markets, today´s work, and the challenges...

The Expert Landlord

by David Beattie

You have a residential investment property. Perhaps you are already renting it out. But are you doing it like a pro and do you know how to maximise your return from it? In this book, property management expert...

The Expert Landlord

by David Beattie

You have a residential investment property. Perhaps you are already renting it out. But are you doing it like a pro and do you know how to maximise your return from it? In this book, property management expert...

Entrepreneur Voices on Strategic Management

by The Staff of Entrepreneur Media, Inc. & Riaz Khadem

Everything You Need to Know About Managing Your Team As a manager, you tend to walk a tightrope with executives on one side and employees on the other. But while managing personalities, team dynamics, and company...