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Government, SMEs and Entrepreneurship Development: Policy, Practice and Challenges

by Robert A. Blackburn & Michael T. Schaper

Recent decades have seen substantial growth in the range of assistance programmes for SMEs and entrepreneurs across the world. Once regarded as peripheral to the economy and public policy, the role of small...

Clinical Co-Management: A Bridge to Clinical Integration and Pathway to Bundled Payments

by JD, CRA, Cherilyn G. Murer

A decade ago, UK HealthCare recognized the need to reposition itself as a regional referral center, focusing on advanced subspecialty care for the entire state of Kentucky. The goal was to become a "medical...

Off-Centered Leadership

by Sam Calagione

Find out what happens when companies stop competing and start collaborating.

Off-Centered Leadership considers an innovative approach to business by exploring what happens when companies stop competing and...

The Economics of Abundance: A Political Economy of Freedom, Equity, and Sustainability

by Wolfgang Hoeschele

No matter how many resources we consume we never seem to have enough. The Economics of Abundance is a balanced book in which Wolfgang Hoeschele challenges why this is so. He claims that our current capitalist...

The Contract Scorecard: Successful Outsourcing by Design

by Sara Cullen

Adoption and use of a contract scorecard demonstrates a maturing ability to manage commercial outsourcing arrangements. The process of designing the scorecard helps you nail down the key outcomes and avoid lack...

The Employer Brand: Keeping Faith with the Deal

by Helen Rosethorn

The culture an organisation cultivates as an employer is just as important to its success as the brand image of its products or services. A culture that is at odds with the organisation's commercial activities...

The Durable Corporation: Strategies for Sustainable Development

by Güler Aras & David Crowther

Sustainability is normally considered to be about choices for the future being limited by decisions made in the present, and is frequently portrayed as concerning environmental issues alone. The Durable Corporation...

Superbosses: How Exceptional Leaders Master the Flow of Talent

by Sydney Finkelstein





What do football coach Bill Walsh, restaurateur Alice Waters, television...

Business Architecture: A Practical Guide

by Jonathan Whelan & Graham Meaden

Organizations today exist in an environment of unprecedented change. They do so against a backdrop of a global, competitive marketplace, the fast-paced enablement of technology, amplified regulation and accelerating...

Principles of Strategic Management

by Tony Morden

Now published in its Third Edition, Principles of Strategic Management by Tony Morden is a proven textbook that offers a comprehensive introduction to the study and practice of strategic management. This new...

American Pragmatism and Organization: Issues and Controversies

by Nick Rumens & Mihaela Kelemen

Emerging during the late nineteenth century in the diverse scholarship of US commentators such as Charles Sanders Peirce, William James and John Dewey, American pragmatism shaped many intellectual currents within...

Water Management and Climate Change: Dealing with Uncertainties

by Cecilia Tortajada, Asit K. Biswas & Avinash Tyagi

To plan successfully and manage the increased uncertainties posed by likely future climate change, knowledge needs to advance much more for the water profession beyond what it is now available. Meeting these...

The Marketing Book

by Michael J. Baker & Susan Hart

The Marketing Book is everything you need to know but were afraid to ask about marketing. Divided into 25 chapters, each written by an expert in their field, it's a crash course in marketing theory and practice....

European Industrial Managers: West and East

by J.J. Boddewyn

First published in 1971, this collection of fourteen contemporaneous European research studies on managerial backgrounds and on the patterns, roles, and evolution of managerial careers examine managerial motivations...

A Handbook of Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility

by Güler Aras & David Crowther

The current economic situation has highlighted deficiencies in corporate governance while also showing the importance of stakeholder relations. It has also raised the profile of the debates regarding corporate...

Dealing With The Tough Stuff

by Darren Hill, Alison Hill & Sean Richardson

A practical toolkit for handling workplace conflict and difficult conversations

Dealing with the Tough Stuff is the business leader's critical guide to handling difficult conversations in the workplace. Based...

Audit Effectiveness: Meeting the IT Challenge

by Kamil Omoteso

In Audit Effectiveness, Dr Kamil Omoteso examines how information technology is changing the landscape for the audit profession as IT tools and techniques continue to be developed for auditors in the pursuit...

Business Transformation Management Methodology

by Lars Alexander Gollenia & Axel Uhl

This book provides an integrative Business Transformation Management Methodology, the BTM², with an emphasis on the balance between the rational aspects of transformation and the often underestimated emotional...

Regulating Multinationals in Developing Countries: A Conceptual and Legal Framework for Corporate Social Responsibility

by Edwin Mujih

Edwin Mujih explores the difficulties associated with regulating multinational companies operating in developing countries, with a particular focus on extractive industries. The author highlights the need to...

Managing Tourism in a Changing World: Issues and Cases

by Rodolfo Baggio, Wojciech Czakon & Marcello M. Mariani

Managing Tourism in a Changing World provides an overview of state-of-the-art research surrounding today's tourism management. Recognising the relevance of tourism activities as major economic drivers, this...