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Skills for New Managers

by Morey Stettner


Managing people is one of the most demanding yet career-enhancing and rewarding skills you can have. Skills...

Solving Problems with Design Thinking: Ten Stories of What Works

by Jeanne Liedtka, Andrew King & Kevin Bennett

Design-oriented firms such as Apple and IDEO have demonstrated how design thinking can directly affect business results. Yet most managers lack a real sense of how to put this new approach to use for issues...

Create Your Future the Peter Drucker Way: Developing and Applying a Forward-Focused Mindset

by Bruce Rosenstein

Drive positive change in your company using the “future-oriented mindset” of Peter Drucker

Create Your Future the Peter Drucker Way helps any business leader uncover the future now and use this knowledge to...

Wiki Management: A Revolutionary New Model for a Rapidly Changing and Collaborative World

by Rod Collins

We now live in a "wiki" world where mass collaboration is not only possible-it's often the best solution. Conventional management thought assumes that command-and-control is the most effective way to organize...

Project Soup: Recipes for Managing to Success

by Robert Prinzo

Project management is much like making a soup. And just as there are many recipes for chicken soup, there are many project management methodologies available. However, the reality is that project management...

The Elephant Catchers: Key Lessons for Breakthrough Growth

by Subroto Bagchi

`Unlike an operation to catch rabbits, trapping an elephant calls for expertise over enthusiasm. Those who hunt rabbits are rarely able to rope in elephants.? Many organizations, even those that may have a brilliant...

Leadership Lessons from Peter Drucker

by Peter F. Drucker & Rick Wartzman


The Drucker Lectures

The Drucker Lectures features more than 30 talks from one of management's most important figures. Drawn from the Drucker Archives at the Drucker Institute at Claremont...

Adapt Now

by Kelly Isley

Adapt Now is about uncovering business rules and real world strategies that will clear the path to success for readers in any industry.

My name is Kelly Isley, and I'm leading this exciting adventure along with...

The Talent Equation: Big Data Lessons for Navigating the Skills Gap and Building a Competitive Workforce

by Matt Ferguson & Lorin Hitt

"Companies that can unleash the passions and gifts of their people will have a competitive advantage in the landscape of the future--becoming curators instead of keepers of talent. This book gives readers some...

Fearless Performance Reviews: Coaching Conversations that Turn Every Employee into a Star Player

by Jeff Russell & Linda Russell

Turn the performance review process into a performance enhancement process

Fearless Performance Reviews introduces a groundbreaking new framework that transforms not just the review process but the entire relationship...

The Green Office Manual: A Guide to Responsible Practice

by Wastebusters Ltd

This revised second edition highlights the opportunities for achieving cost savings and environmental improvements to enhance competitiveness in organizations of all sizes, with specific guidance for small businesses....

ISO 14001: A Missed Opportunity for Sustainable Global Industrial Development

by Riva Krut & Harris Gleckman

ISO 14001 is the new international standard for environmental management systems. But what difference will it make to the environmental performance of companies that receive it? Will it do anything to further...

Clean and Competitive: Motivating Environmental Performance in Industry

by Rupert Howes, Jim Skea & Bob Whelan

Reconciling wealth creation and environmental care is one of the key challenges in the pursuit of sustainable development. Companies considering greener modes of operation are mindful of their formal responsibilities...

Regulatory Realities: The Implementation and Impact of Industrial Environmental Regulation

by Andrew Gouldson & Joseph Murphy

Arguing that the performance of industrial environmental regulation is determined by the level and nature of the innovation it stimulates, this text aims to analyze the influence of different structures and...

Building Corporate Accountability: Emerging Practice in Social and Ethical Accounting and Auditing

by Simon Zadek, Richard Evans & Peter Pruzan

The practice of social and ethical accounting is emerging as a key tool for companies in the 1990s in response to calls for greater transparency and accountability to different stakeholders, and as a means for...

Learn How to Become a Successful Manager (Collection)

by Richard Templar

The Rules of Management will teach you how to manage your team--and manage yourself. They're surprisingly easy to learn and live by. Now, Richard Templar has brought them all together in one place: the quick,...

Delivering High Performance: The Third Generation Organisation

by Douglas G. Long

Douglas Long's Third Generation Leadership and the Locus of Control focused on individuals' values, world views and the behaviours needed to facilitate leadership in the future. Here, in Delivering High Performance,...

Strategic Partnering: Remove Chance and Deliver Consistent Success

by Luc Bardin & Raphaël|Bardin, Guillaume Bardin

Strategic Partnering - remove chance and deliver consistent success - is designed to take the guesswork out and provide you with a ground-breaking and fully encompassing system of rules and processes, to make...

Coherence: The Secret Science of Brilliant Leadership

by Alan Watkins

Every business leader faces innumerable challenges every working day, each one taking their toll on precious energy levels and the ability to respond and react positively in a commercial environment. Coherence...

Guanxi: Relationship Marketing in a Chinese Context

by Erdener Kaynak, Y.H. Wong & Thomas Leung

This systematic analysis of the Chinese concept of guanxi—broadly translated, "personal relationship" or "connections"—offers step-by-step instructions for building guanxi in order to facilitate successful...