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Global Business

by Robert H. H. Scarlett & J.D., Ph.D., Lawrence E. D. D. Koslow

In today's world, more and more businesses are taking steps toward globalization, and companies must work to remain competitive. 'Global Business' will help every business professional understand how all the...

Managing Change Effectively

by Donald L. L. Kirkpatrick

One of the most important skills of successful managers is dealing with change. 'Managing Change Effectively' combines philosophical insights with practical applications to help managers effectively incorporate...

Succeeding in Business in Central and Eastern Europe

by Woodrow H. H. Sears & Audrone Tamulionyte-Lentz

In Central and Eastern Europe, the 'Old Europe' of cobblestones co-exists with mobile phones, horse carts fight for road space with cars, and farmers' markets compete with mega-stores.

Western business professionals...

The Future of Knowledge

by Verna Allee

Verna Allee, whose groundbreaking book 'The Knowledge Evolution' helped usher in the exploding field of knowledge management, has brought her experience-tested insights into an exciting new synthesis, penetrating...

Knowledge and Social Capital

by Eric Lesser

Social capital - the informal networks, trust and common understanding among individuals in an organization - determines major competitive advantages in today's networked economy. Knowledge and Social Capital...

The Power of 360? Feedback

by Ph.D., Leanne E. D. Atwater & Ph.D., David A. D. Waldman

Now learn from two seasoned consultants how to implement the 360° feedback process effectively--whatever the size and history of your organization. Packed with case studies and the authors' real-life consulting...

Knowledge, Groupware and the Internet

by David Smith

Knowledge, Groupware, and the Internet details the convergence of modern knowledge management theory and emerging computer technologies, and discusses how they collectively enable business change and enhance...

Start Right in E-Business

by Bennet Lientz & Kathryn Rea

E-business occurs when a company has established critical business procedures and activities to support e-commerce transactions. Using this definition, e-commerce is part of e-business--a company needs e-commerce...

The Strategic Management of Intellectual Capital

by David A. A. Klein

The fourth in the readers' series Resources for the Knowledge-Based Economy, The Strategic Management of Intellectual Capital analyzes the link between the strategic and operational roles of intellectual capital...

Innovation Strategy for the Knowledge Economy

by Debra M M Amidon

Innovation Strategy for the Knowledge Economy is intended for managers who have practiced the best of quality and re-engineering management techniques and are ready to transform their organizations with the...

Intercultural Services

by Gary M. M. Wederspahn & William R. R. Sheridan

For worldwide intercultural services, here is one-stop shopping at its best. This easy-to-use guide gives you practical advice to locate, evaluate, purchase, and oversee intercultural services. It describes...

Knowledge Management and Organisational Design

by Paul S S Myers

The first in the readers' series called Resources for the Knowledge-Based Economy, Knowledge Management and Organizational Design is a unique compilation of articles and book excerpts that describe how the management...

Knowledge Management Tools

by Rudy Ruggles

The third in the readers series Resources for the Knowledge-Based Economy, Knowledge Management Tools analyzes the use of knowledge management tools in the past, present and future. It helps managers and companies...

Mastering the Chaos of Mergers and Acquisitions

by J. Garrett Garrett Ralls Jr. & Kiberley A. A. Webb

This book reveals the complexity of mergers and acquisitions, and explains how to master it. From doing the deal to making it work, this comprehensive book discusses every aspect of successfully growing your...

Honing Your Knowledge Skills

by Mariana Funes & Nancy Johnson

New technology and organizational structures are transforming the workplace, but management skills have not yet caught up. Harnessing knowledge and using it as a competitive advantage is one of the key priorities...

Public Relations Strategy

by Sandra Oliver

Public Relations Strategy links models and theories of strategic management to the PR function and discusses how globalization and the Internet are changing organizational PR strategy.

Bringing Out the Best in Everyone You Coach: Use the Enneagram System for Exceptional Results

by Ph.D. Lapid-Bogda, Ginger

"Clearly written, well organized, and practical, we predict this will quickly become the 'standard' Enneagram coaching book for years to come."

Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson, bestselling authors of Personality...

Why Teams Win: 9 Keys to Success in Business, Sport and Beyond

by Saul L. Miller

A top sports psychologist reveals the nine keys to winning, in sports or business

Success in business is often based on the quality of the teams within the business. Even personal success is often based on a...

Stakeholder Relationship Management: A Maturity Model for Organisational Implementation

by Lynda Bourne

This book has two specific purposes: firstly, as a 'how-to' book to provide the fundamental processes and practices to support either individuals or organisations in improving stakeholder management in endeavours...

Extraordinary Groups: How Ordinary Teams Achieve Amazing Results

by Geoffrey M. Bellman

Two leading experts present a new approach to help teams nurture extraordinary experiences and excel Occasionally we participate in a group that inspires us to describe the experience as "powerful" or simply...