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by Stephen Wearing & John Neil

Ecotourism: Impacts, Potentials and Possibilities analyzes the impacts of mainstream tourism in first, second and third world countries, and argues the benefits of adopting the philosophical approaches of ecotourism...

Critical Management Perspectives on Information Systems

by Carole Brooke

Critical Management Perspectives on Information Systems provides a coherent set of reference points to show students and researchers the organizational issues of information systems in theory, method and practice....

Guts!: Companies that Blow the Doors off Business-as-usual

by Kevin Freiberg

Kevin and Jackie Freiberg’s previous book, Nuts!: Southwest Airline’s Crazy Recipe for Business and Personal Success, described the unconventional leadership that made Southwest an airline industry dynamo....

Designing Matrix Organizations That Actually Work: How IBM, Proctor & Gamble and Others Design for Success

by Jay R. Galbraith

Organization structures do not fail, says Jay Galbraith, but management fails at implementing them correctly. This is why, he explains, the idea that the matrix does not work still exists today, even among people...

Achieving Class a Business Excellence: An Executive's Perspective

by Dennis Groves, Kevin Herbert & Jim Correll

A tough, challenging, and eventful journey is outlined in this cutting-edge business story. Greg, the company President, uses the latest edition of the trusted industry standard, The Oliver Wight Class A Checklist...

Energy Shift: Game-Changing Options for Fueling the Future

by Eric Spiegel, Neil McArthur & Rob Norton

Transportation fuel and electric power prices, energy security, and climate change have been on every business leader's mind. Recent shifts in scientific knowledge, public awareness, and political will are causing...

Corruption in International Business: The Challenge of Cultural and Legal Diversity

by Sharon Eicher

International business involves complex, ethically challenging, and sometimes threatening dilemmas that can involve political and personal agendas. As a result, it can often be difficult to discern corruption...

Looking Beyond Profit: Small Shareholders and the Values Imperative

by Peggy Chiu

This fascinating in-depth study of small shareholders provides both theoretical and empirical insights into their personal values and attitudes to corporate social responsibility (CSR). Peggy Chiu establishes...

Making the Business Case: Proposals That Succeed for Projects That Work

by Ian Gambles

A well-written and well-researched business case will secure funding; make sure any project stays on the right side of regulation; mobilize support for the cause; provide the platform for managing the project...

Presence-Based Coaching: Cultivating Self-Generative Leaders Through Mind, Body, and Heart

by Doug Silsbee

Presence-Based Coaching offers coaches a hands-on resource for developing the capacities and skills needed to be reliably present in all situations, and shows how to let go of habitual—and often ineffective—ways...

Leadership in the Era of Economic Uncertainty: Managing in a Downturn

by Ram Charan

"There is no better person than Ram Charan to provide advice on managing in a downturn."

-Larry Bossidy, former Chairman & CEO Honeywell International Inc.

"This is all classic guru writing, stressing the extremity...

Chinese Multinationals


This book examines the rise of Chinese companies in international markets during the last two decades of rapid expansion of the Chinese economy. The fruit of a collaboration between two leading business schools,...

Customer-Driven Operations Management: Aligning Business Processes and Quality Tools to Create Operational Effectiveness in Your Company: Aligning Bus

by Christopher K. Ahoy

The global economy is witnessing previously unseen levels of competitiveness, forcing business leaders to contend with unprecedented challenges. No longer can companies seize and hold a customer base by operating...

Inside Drucker's Brain

by Jeffrey A. Krames

The most accessible guide to the essential ideas of "the inventor of modern management".

In late 2003, ninety-four-year-old Peter Drucker invited Jeffrey Krames to his home for an unprecedented day-long interview....

Political Dilemmas at Work: How to Maintain Your Integrity and Further Your Career

Mastering the Hype Cycle: How to Choose the Right Innovation at the Right Time

by Jackie Fenn & Mark Raskino

It happens over and over again. Some innovation (a new product, a management trend) comes along that captures the public's imagination. Everybody joins the parade with great fanfare and high expectations. This...

Political Dilemmas at Work: How to Maintain Your Integrity and Further Your Career

by Gary Ranker

Mike Phipps and Colin Gautrey’s first book, 21 Dirty Tricks at Work,   presented the most common political tactics used by individuals in the workplace. This book helped many people around the world handle...

Managing Yourself Revised Edition

by Elearn

Stuck for ideas, inspiration or just want to work differently? Management Extra brings all the best management thinking together in one package. The books are practical and well structured to provide an in depth...

Global Supply Chain Management and International Logistics

by Alan E. Branch

The development of international trade is driven by international logistics and management and the provision of the global supply chain. The ultimate objective of global supply chain management is to link the...

Managing and Delivering Performance

by Bernard Marr

Performance management is at the top of agendas in most government and public organizations, as well as many not-for-profit organizations. In this follow up to his successful book, Strategic Performance Management...