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Introducing Leadership

by David Pardey

Introducing Leadership is a highly practical textbook which draws on robust research to present a clear picture of what leadership actually involves. It explores why leadership has become so important in recent...

Wake Up and Sell More Coffee: Fresh Ways to Make Money from Your Coffee Business

by John Richardson & Hugh Gilmartin

These experts and coffee shop owners seek to answer two main questions:

1. What is the one thing they wish they'd known before they started

2. What is the secret to success of their business and of great coffee...

BIG Ideas to BIG Results: Leading Corporate Transformation in a Disruptive World

by Michael T. Kanazawa & Robert H. Miles



Why do most corporate transformation leaders fail to achieve...

Driven by Difference: How Great Companies Fuel Innovation Through Diversity


Studies show that diverse teams are more creative than homogenous ones-but only when they are managed effectively. The secret is to minimize conflict while maximizing the informational diversity found in varied...

The Little Black Book of Change

by Paul Adams & Mike Straw

Your go-to-guide to delivering effective and transformative change that lasts

All too often, change efforts fail to deliver on their promise. However it is possible to turn an organization around quickly to...

Can I Have It All

by Anuranjita Kumar

Upcoming book with candid, emotive & intriguing narrative delving into personal experiences of a woman leader through her journey in corporate environment.

The book, 'Can I have it all?' is written as a memoir...

Destination Innovation: HR's Role in Charting the Course

by Patricia M. Buhler

HR professionals are responsible in large part for nurturing the culture of organizations. As the profession continues its shift to more strategic work, this challenge becomes even more critical. Working at...

Repurposing HR: From a Cost Center to a Business Accelerator

by Carol E.M. Anderson

HR managers have been trained to think of themselves as cost centers, challenged at every budget cycle to cut, pare, and shrink expenses. Their staff brandish benchmarks and statistics to say how engagement...

HR's Greatest Challenge: Driving the C-Suite to Improve Employee Engagement and Retention

by Richard P. Finnegan

Nothing HR does contributes more to productivity than improving engagement and retention. Employees stay or leave – and engage or disengage – primarily based on their relationship with their manager. And...

Partnering with the Frenemy: A Framework for Managing Business Relationships, Minimizing Conflict, and Achieving Partnership Success

by Sandy Jap

Why do crucial business partnerships and alliances fail so often and how can you keep it from happening to you? Partnering with the Frenemy answers these questions, helping you anticipate, prevent, and solve...

Managing and Leading People Through Organizational Change: The theory and practice of sustaining change through people

by Julie Hodges

A comprehensive guide to managing and leading people during organizational change, offering a global approach and focus on action, this text demonstrates the importance of the people element in sustaining change....

Corporate Brand Personality: Re-focus Your Organization's Culture to Build Trust, Respect and Authenticity

by Lesley Everett

Corporate Brand Personality addresses the increasing need for organizations to re-focus and re-align their corporate culture in order to compete in a business world that today demands trust, respect and strong...

The Leadership Contract

by Vince Molinaro

A comprehensive blueprint for the enlightened leader  

The Leadership Contract is the modern leader's handbook for organizational renewal. Leaders are no longer "rulers," nor are they accidental—in today's...

Self-Handicapping Leadership: The Nine Behaviors Holding Back Employees, Managers, and Companies, and How to Overcome Them

by Phillip J. Decker & Jordan Paul Mitchell


  • Get people to reengage—and solve problems instead of creating them!
  • Model and propagate better ways to lead and collaborate
  • Escape the killer...

High Output Management

by Andrew S. Grove

The essential skill of creating and maintaining new businesses—the art of the entrepreneur—can be summed up in a single word: managing. In High Output Management, Andrew S. Grove, former chairman and CEO...

The Hybrid Sales Channel: How to Ignite Growth by Bridging the Gap Between Direct and Indirect Sales: How to Ignite Growth by Bridging the Gap Between

by Rich Blakeman

Customers are changing the way they buy. Why aren't you changing the way you sell?

Today's customers have more buying options than ever before. They don't care if it's direct or indirect. They don't mind if...

Growing Pains

by Eric G. Flamholtz & Yvonne Randle

An insightful and practical toolkit for managing organizational growth

Growing Pains is the definitive guide to the life cycle of an organization, and the optimization strategies that make the organization stronger....

Mastering Leadership

by Robert J. Anderson & William A. Adams

Is your leadership a competitive advantage, or is it costing you? How do you know? Are you developing your leadership effectiveness at the pace of change?

For most leaders today, complexity is outpacing their...

Black Box Thinking: Why Most People Never Learn from Their Mistakes--But Some Do

by Matthew Syed

Nobody wants to fail. But in highly complex organizations, success can happen only when we confront our mistakes, learn from our own version of a black box, and create a climate where it’s safe to fail.


Tough Things First: Leadership Lessons from Silicon Valley's Longest Serving CEO: Leadership Lessons from Silicon Valley's Longest Serving CEO

by Ray Zinn

Silicon Valley pioneer Ray Zinn, CEO of top microchip company Micrel for 37 years, shows entrepreneurs and executives how to lead and succeed by tackling the Tough Things First

In high school, Ray Zinn's track...