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Social Marketing: A Clear and Concise Reference

by Gerardus Blokdyk

How do you assess your Social Marketing workforce capability and capacity needs, including skills, competencies, and staffing levels? Is Social Marketing currently on schedule according to the plan? How do the...

Steve Jobs: The Unauthorized Autobiography

by J.T. Owens X

Get a unique insight into the mind of visionary and creative genius Steve Jobs, the iconic entrepreneur and founder of Apple.

One of the most significant innovators and inventors in history, responsible for ringing...

The Impact Formula

by Oliver Medill

Are you looking to bring a new and profitable dimension to your career? Do you have key insights, experiences and growth opportunities to share? Would you like to inspire and impress with charismatic speaking...

Exactly How to Sell

by Phil M. Jones

The sales guide for non-sales professionals

Exactly How to Sell walks you through a tried and true process that draws on time tested methods that are designed to attract and keep more customers. No matter what...

Write Your Book! Publish Your Book! Market Your Book!

by Blythe Ayne

Writers are no longer constrained by a narrow, subjective, bottleneck in the river of publication, commandeered by a handful of people determining if our work will ever see the light of day. 

As indie authors,...

Marketing Secrets: Learn Rarely Revealed Expert Strategies

by Stephen Fox, Paul Donihue & Clive Pyne

Many businesses can’t answer the question, “Who is your target market?” They make the fatal assumption that everyone will surely want to buy their product or service. Not! Having the right marketing strategy...

Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising

by Perry Marshall, Keith Krance & Thomas Meloche

Now in its third edition, the Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising walks readers through the set-up process, introduces the new apps and services, and brings them up-to-speed as they get an education on all...

Where did my industry go?

by Mark Burgess

My first experience of an agency was back in the mid 1990s. Since then I have set up and built various successful businesses in the property, marketing, recruitment, publishing and digital sectors. Over all...

How to Become a Rock Star Chef in the Digital Age: A Step-by-Step Marketing System for Chefs and Restaurateurs to Burn Their Competition and Build the

by Mark Garcia

In How To Become a Rock Star Chef, author Mark Garcia reveals an 11-Step plan on how chefs, restaurateurs and food-service professionals can strategically position themselves, their brands or their services...

The Best Dick

by Mike Sharman

Mike Sharman invites you to share in the hustle, in this business book The Best Dick. From the enthusiastic, entrepreneurial beginnings of a bootstrapped startup founder - a relatively inexperienced 26 year...

Amazon Affiliate Money Making Machine

by Raymond Wayne

An employee doesn’t need to care about where the company is heading. He will still get paid even if the profits are down. But it’s not the same case for business men – for people who have and manage their...

Client Centric

by Randy Charach

Client Centric lays the groundwork for entrepreneurs, sales, and service professionals to systemize and expand their business. The author of this book is Randy Charach, a self-made multi-millionaire. Randy's...

The Salesman Who Doesn't Sell: A Marketing Guide for Making Money While You Sleep

by Brian Greenberg

A remarkable guide to online marketing solutions that will help business owners and entrepreneurs build their company, enhance their brand, grow their bottom line, and generate returns, even while they sleep....

Creating Signature Stories: Strategic Messaging that Energizes, Persuades and Inspires

by David Aaker

Creating Signature Stories applies the power of storytelling-a key to any digital program-to strategic messaging.

Brand Intimacy: A New Paradigm in Marketing

by Mario Natarelli & Rina Plapler

From Patagonia to Apple, Whole Foods to New Balance, we love our favorite products--and, by extension, the companies that provide them. The emotional connections we form with our beloved brands and services...

Path to Purpose

by Carolyn Butler-Madden

Marketers and leaders recognise that developing an authentic purpose helps to build a stronger

brand that attracts followers and collaborators, rather than just customers and consumers.

In a world that needs solutions,...

Book Yourself Solid

by Michael Port

Kick off the cycle of success with serious self-promotion that works

Book Yourself Solid is a handbook for self-promotion that translates into results. We tend to think of "busy" as the equivalent of "successful"—but...

Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords

by Perry Marshall, Mike Rhodes & Bryan Todd

Google now processes 40,000 searches every second (that’s 1.2 trillion searches every year), making this a key marketing strategy for businesses of any size. Focusing on the growing number of mobile users...

Selling Your Book

by Bruce Mowday

??Many authors have a difficult time marketing and selling their own books and that leads to poor sales. The publishing world has drastically changed in the last decade and today’s successful authors need...

Digital Branding: A Complete Step-by-Step Guide to Strategy, Tactics, Tools and Measurement

by Daniel Rowles

Explore how digital branding can be harnessed and measured, look at the true ROI of your efforts and understand how they impact brand.