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Economic Logic Fifth Edition

by Mark Skousen

In Economic Logic, Mark Skousen offers a step-by-step approach to economics showing how microeconomics and macroeconomics are logically linked together.

The fully revised fifth edition introduces a major breakthrough...

From Falling Behind to Catching Up: A Country Economic Memorandum for Malawi

by Richard Record & Praveen Kumar

Despite decades of development efforts supported by significant amounts of foreign aid, Malawi has experienced weak and volatile economic growth performance over a sustained period of time. Malawi's growth remains...

Financial Services Marketing: An International Guide to Principles and Practice

by Christine Ennew, Nigel Waite & Roisin Waite

Now in its 3rd edition, Financial Services Marketing offers a balanced and useful guide to the topic that is both conceptual and practical. The authors have drawn from ?extensive international experience to...

Qualitative Methods for Health Economics

by Joanna Coast

Qualitative methods are increasingly used within health economics research, but there is almost no specific material to guide the use of these methods in this context; there is very little that links them to...

Decision-Making Management: A Tutorial and Applications

by Alberto Pliego Marugan & Fausto Pedro García Marquez

Decision-Making Management: A Tutorial and Applications provides practical guidance for researchers seeking to optimizing business-critical decisions employing Logical Decision Trees thus saving time and money....

The Economics of Inequality, Discrimination, Poverty, and Mobility

by Robert S. Rycroft

If there was any question before, there is no longer a question today: inequality, discrimination, poverty, and mobility are prominent national issues. The notion of "The American Dream" has been sold to generations...

Expectation, Enterprise and Profit: The Theory of the Firm

by G. L. S. Shackle

Production is a complex system of interdependent activities, necessary to the system as a whole, which itself depends on the continuance of each individual activity that composes it. In such a system, resources...

General Equilibrium Analysis: A Micro-Economic Text

by Harry G. Johnson

This is a new kind of textbook in microeconomic theory. In place of the usual concentration on partial equilibrium analysis and discussion of a standard series of topics, the authors seek to introduce the student...

Gender and Risk-Taking: Economics, Evidence, and Why the Answer Matters

by Julie A. Nelson

The belief that men and women have fundamentally distinct natures, resulting in divergent preferences and behaviours, is widespread. Recently, economists have also engaged in the search for gender differences,...

Time Well Spent

by Daniel Wheatley

Measuring quality of life has been identified as fundamental in assessing the relative progress of societies and as having relevance for both monitoring and policy-making purposes. Self-reported measures of...

An Introduction to Post-Keynesian and Marxian Theories of Value and Price

by Peter M. Lichtenstein

Peter M. Lichtenstein believes that any social-economic theory of capitalism must begin with a theory of value and price. Dismissing the neoclassical school, he turns to post-Keynesian and Marxian economics...

The Foundations of Behavioral Economic Analysis

The Privileges of Wealth: Rising inequality and the growing racial divide

by Robert B. Williams

The American Dream is under assault. This threat results not from a lack of means, but from an unwillingness to share. Total household wealth increased by half in the past generation, but barely one fifth of...

Analytical Peace Economics: The illusion of war for peace

by Partha Gangopadhyay & Nasser Elkanj

The Middle East is at an unprecedented crossroads between the established Euro-centric system and the emerging Asian powerhouses like India and China. Their economies, policies and social structures are a half-way-house...

The Inner Lives of Markets: How People Shape Them¿And They Shape Us

by Ray Fisman & Tim Sullivan

What is a market? To most people it is a shopping center or an abstract space in which stock prices vary minutely. In reality, a market is something much more fundamental to being human, and it affects not just...

Contemporary Economics: An Applications Approach

by Robert Carbaugh

The 8th Edition of Contemporary Economics continues to offer a clear, concise presentation of basic micro- and macroeconomic theory. Emphasising how the discipline of economics connects to the world, the book...


by Ben Fine

Microeconomics: A Critical Companion offers students a clear and concise exposition of mainstream microeconomics from a heterodox perspective. Covering topics from consumer and producer theory to general equilibrium...

The Oxford Handbook of the Economics of Networks

Basic Mathematics for Economists

by Mike Rosser & Piotr Lis

Basic Mathematics for Economists, now in its 3rd edition, is a classic of its genre and this new edition builds on the success of previous editions. Suitable for students who may only have a basic mathematics...

The Economics You Need

by Enrico Colombatto

This short book offers a rigorous yet user-friendly introductory guide for students who need to grasp the essential concepts of economics quickly. It provides a serious, clearly understandable and systematic...