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House Money

by Richard Montgomery

Buying and selling real estate is likely the largest financial transaction consumers encounter. A real estate transaction is a bit like an iceberg. It appears on the surface as a simple operation, while, under...

How Not to Get Rich: The Financial Misadventures of Mark Twain

by Alan Pell Crawford

A detailed and humorous account of the various disastrous money schemes and entrepreneurial pursuits of Mark Twain, who was noted for his spectacularly bad financial decisions during the Gilded Age


How To Become A Millionaire: If A Black Guy Can Do It, So Can You!

by Paul Alleyne, Daniela Weil & Stephanie Hashagen

According to statistics, a black guy has the lowest probability in the world of becoming a millionaire. So if I did it, so can you!

This is unlike any other personal finance book you may have read. Conventional...

Bookkeeper School

by Gina D'amore

So many of my clients cannot read the financial statements, they just know the vocabulary to ask for it. This tells me they don't understand the beginning, because in accounting...the list you make in the beginning,...

Dual Momentum Trend Trading

by Lee Tang

Get Access to the Best Trading Strategy Available Today!

Here is a simple and reliable method to make money in the stock, ETF, futures, and forex markets without quitting your day job.

This book offers you a simple...

Canada's Public Pension System Made Simple

by Lee Tang

Get the Most out of Your Canadian Government Pension!

Are you getting everything you can from the government?

The public pension system is complex and often changes, which means many people are not claiming money...

Become a Property Millionaire

by Glenn Armstrong

If you want to start investing in property or you’re already an experienced property investor looking for ways to maximise your earnings from property…then I’ve got some great news for you.

My name is Glenn...

Become a Property Millionaire

by Glenn Armstrong

If you want to start investing in property or you’re already an experienced property investor looking for ways to maximise your earnings from property…then I’ve got some great news for you.

My name is Glenn...

My Money

by Gerald Mwandiambira

Money is a tool that we can all master. You choose to either be a Money Slave or a Money Master. My Money, written by Gerald Mwandiambira, is a practical, easy to read, personal finance book. A guide that will...

The Road to Retirement

by Jeff Townsend


Whether still on the road to retirement (or for those retirees already arrived), there are increasingly complex financial challenges and choices. Securing retirement...


by Syl Tang

We may not often think of our clothes as having a function beyond covering our naked bodies and keeping us a little safer from the elements. But to discount the enormous influence of clothing on anything from...

Make Them Work For You

by Ben Stein

  • Provides accessible and hopeful message that building financial security is still with in reach of all Americans

  • Will make a great gift for graduations or for anyone going through life/financial transition


  • The Yoga of True Wealth

    by Francis G. Bitterly

    Could it be that the essential missing asset class in the entire investment landscape is about to be enriched with a healthy allocation? That ingredient is nothing less than the human heart and the life changing...

    The Motley Fool Investment Guide: Third Edition: How the Fools Beat Wall Street's Wise Men and How You Can Too

    by Tom Gardner & David Gardner

    A completely revised and updated edition of an investing classic to help readers make sense of investing today, full of “solid information and advice for individual investors” (The Washington Post).


    The Type B Financial Plan

    by Paul R Walters

    Type A people often make finance—and life—a lot harder than it needs to be. In his new book, Paul Walters, MBA, CPA presents a better approach to personal finance. The Type B Financial Plan, characterized...

    True Family Wealth

    by Chris Clarke

    If parents want to grow and keep their money, there are plenty of books to advise them how. If they want to learn how to help their adult children lead inspired lives full of love while having the money and...

    The Kid$Vest Project

    by Greg A. Fouks

    American Youth Financial Literacy

    In the first episode of the successful series, The News Room, news anchor and star, Jeff Daniels, is asked by a fresh-faced college sophomore, “What makes America the greatest...

    The Memo: Five Rules for Your Economic Liberation

    by John Hope Bryant

    True power in this world comes from economic independence, but too many people have too much month left at the end of their money. John Hope Bryant, founder and CEO of Operation HOPE, illuminates the path toward...

    Stock Market Investing for Beginners

    by Robert Eltridge

    One thing is for sure in the world of investing that you do not need complex strategies and you need to keep this very fundamentally simple.You need to be able to understand and define your financial goals and...

    Big Money Thinks Small: Biases, Blind Spots, and Smarter Investing

    by Joel Tillinghast

    Investors are tempted daily with misinformation. They make lucky bets that breed false confidence, and their high-stakes gambles can take an emotional toll. How can anyone stay focused in such a volatile profession?...