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Reengineering Retail

by Doug Stephens & Joseph Pine

PROVEN SERIES: Harold Kalman wrote the first edition thirty years ago to high acclaim, and did a Vancouver edition five years ago that continues to sell year after year. International travelers and architecture...

Get the Growth You Want Right Now.

by Filip De Pessemier

Perhaps you are doubting yourself competing with the big boys. Possibly you are looking to improve yourself and your business. Maybe sometimes you feel stuck or overwhelmed with all available information. 


Welcome to the Idiots

by Phil Davies

A Business Memoir including 236 insights into the mistakes pitfals and pratfalls of building a business

Alibaba's World

by Porter Erisman

In September 2014, a Chinese company that most Americans had never heard of held the largest IPO in history – bigger than Google, Facebook and Twitter combined. Alibaba, now the world's largest e-commerce...

Branding a Store: How to Build Successful Retail Brands in a Changing Marketplace

by Ko Floor

Today's retail landscape is evolving rapidly. Retailers are increasingly becoming brands in their own right. Branding a Store analyses these changes, and the implications for retailers and consumers. This fascinating...

Growing Small

by Angel Cicerone

"Growing Small. How to Manage, Market and Measure Your Way to Retail Success in Just 90 Days! Even if you have no time or money." is a new kind of book that shows small store owners exactly how to take back...

Mastering Social Selling Like a Boss

by Sylvie Lachkar & Hervé Kabla

Over the past decade, social networks have completely changed corporate communication modes, including commercial communication. Despite beginning as purely personal, social networks have become business tools,...

Retail in Detail

by Ronald L. Bond

Since it was first published, Retail in Detail has helped tens of thousands of retail business owners successfully start and run their businesses. It has established a reputation as a no-nonsense, down-to-earth...

Food Co-ops in America

by Anne Meis Knupfer

In recent years, American shoppers have become more conscious of their food choices and have increasingly turned to CSAs, farmers' markets, organic foods in supermarkets, and to joining and forming new food...

The Truth About Facebook - How to Use Facebook For Marketing and Advertising, and Much More -  The Facts You Should Know

by Todd Baird

The Truth About Facebook - How to Use Facebook For Marketing and Advertising, and Much More - The Facts You Should Know

Twitter Marketing Tips - 3 Surprisingly Powerful Tips to Make Twitter Pay Off With No Costs Upfront - And Much More - 101 World Class Expert Facts, Hi

by Dwayne Brooks

Twitter Marketing Tips - 3 Surprisingly Powerful Tips to Make Twitter Pay Off With No Costs Upfront - And Much More - 101 World Class Expert Facts, Hints, Tips and Advice on Twitter

How I Succeeded in Retirement and the Biway Story

by Mal Coven

Coven reveals the secrets behind his co-founding and development of the Biway, a discount chain that predated the coming of Wal-Mart to Canada. Over a twenty-eight-year tenure, the Biway grew to 249 stores across...

I Can Get It for You Retail: Down and Dirty Tales from a Canadian Ad Man

by Rick Padulo

Rick Padulo and his company Padulo Integrated Inc. created vastly successful advertising campaigns for Leon's Furniture, Black's Photography, and Zeller's, among many other businesses. Now one of Canada's top...

Walmart in China

by Anita Chan

Walmart and "Made in China" are practically synonymous; Walmart imports some 70 percent of its merchandise from China. Walmart is now also rapidly becoming a major retail presence there, with close to two hundred...

More Than a Hobby

by David Green & Dean Merrill

The retail industry has undergone enormous changes during the last thirty years.

But there is one retailer that not only has remained consistent in the fluctuating?even tenuous?market, but also has grown in...

Building a Housewife's Paradise

by Tracey Deutsch

Supermarkets are a mundane feature in the landscape, but as Tracey Deutsch reveals, they represent a major transformation in the ways that Americans feed themselves. In her examination of the history of food...

But Wait ... There's More!

by Remy Stern

Whether it was a Ginsu knife, George Foreman Grill, Tony Robbins' motivational book, kitchen device by Ron Popeil, or any of the countless other famous products that have been marketed on infomercials over the...

The Retail Revolution

by Nelson Lichtenstein

The definitive account of how a small Ozarks company upended the world of business and what that change means

Wal-Mart, the world's largest company, roared out of the rural South to change the way business is...

No-Fail Retail

by Regina Blessa

This book presents a practical approach to ensuring your retail stores success with consumers.

It explores topics, such as merchandising and display techniques, retail promotions, consumer perception and behavior,...

Call of the Mall

by Paco Underhill

The author of the international bestseller Why We Buy—praised by The New York Times as “a book that gives this underrated skill the respect it deserves”—now takes us to the mall, a place every American...