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To Get Rich is Glorious

by Jacques deLisle & Avery Goldstein

Assessing prospects as China’s reform enters middle age

In 1978, China’s Deng Xiaoping launched the economic reforms that have resulted in one of history’s most dramatic and profound national transformations....

Salvaging Community

by Michael Touchton & Amanda J. Ashley

American communities face serious challenges when military bases close. But affected municipalities and metro regions are not doomed. Taking a long-term, flexible, and incremental approach, Michael Touchton...

Productivity and the Bonus Culture

by Andrew Smithers

Living standards in the UK and US are in danger of falling. A decline in growth due to poor productivity and an unfavourable change in demography has weakened the stand of liberal democracy, and voter dissatisfaction...

Innovation Commons

by Jason Potts

Innovation is among the most important topics in understanding economic sustained economic growth. Jason Potts argues that the initial stages of innovation require cooperation under uncertainty and draws from...

Book Review: Globalization and Its Discontents by Joseph Stiglitz

by 50MINUTES.Com

It can be hard for busy professionals to find the time to read the latest books. Stay up to date in a fraction of the time with this concise guide.

Globalization and Its Discontents by Joseph Stiglitz offers...

Currencies of Imagination

by Ivan V. Small

In Vietnam, international remittances from the Vietnamese diaspora are quantitatively significant and contribute important economic inputs. Yet beyond capital transfer, these diasporic remittance economies offer...

Management by Seclusion

by Glynn Cochrane

50 years ago, World Bank President Robert McNamara promised to end poverty. Alleviation was to rely on economic growth, resulting in higher incomes stimulated by Bank loans processed by deskbound Washington...

Case Studies on Leaving No One Behind

by Collectif

These case studies complement the 2018 Development Co-operation Report: Joining forces to leave no one behind. Case study contributors share knowledge and lessons on what it takes to answer the pledge of the...

OECD Development Co-operation Peer Reviews: European Union 2018

by Collectif

The OECD's Development Assistance Committee (DAC) conducts periodic reviews of the individual development co-operation efforts of DAC members. The policies and programmes of each DAC member are critically examined...

Employment and Development

by Gary S. Fields & Janneke Pieters

Employment and Development brings together the contributions of 2014 IZA Prize in Labor Economics award winner Gary S. Fields to address global employment and poverty problems. Most of the poor in developing...

How China is Reshaping the Global Economy

by Rhys Jenkins

China's growing economic involvement in Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America has been a source of major controversy. The official Chinese position maintains that the growth of bilateral relations is of mutual...


by Jörg Wiegratz, Giuliano Martiniello & Elisa Greco

  • The first comprehensive study of political economy in contemporary Uganda
  • Brings together an impressive roster of leading international and Ugandan scholars

  • Features a wealth of unique empirical material - essential...

Multi-dimensional Review of Paraguay

by Collectif

Having achieved robust economic growth and remarkable macroeconomic stability over the past 15 years, Paraguay has set a course to become not only more prosperous, but also more inclusive by 2030. To deliver...

Renaissance Nation

by David McWilliams

Renaissance Nation is the story of how the Pope’s Children rewrote the rules for Ireland.

In four decades, bookended by the visits of the pope in September 1979 and August 2018, Ireland has managed to become...

The Future of National Development Banks

by Stephany Griffiths-Jones & Jose Antonio Ocampo

For a long time the topic of national development banks was limited to a debate between admirers and detractors of these institutions, often inserted into a more general debate of state versus markets. Since...

The General Theory of Rapid Economic Development

by Shivaji Lokam

How can the many Low-income countries around the World rapidly develop and transform into high-income? Why didn’t they develop until now?

After pouring millions and millions of dollars into decades of research,...

Road and Rail Infrastructure in Asia

by Collectif

Road and Rail Infrastructure in Asia: Investing in Quality discusses the challenges facing the region and possible policy options, including those previously or currently used in Emerging Asian countries, with...

Africa's Business Revolution

by Acha Leke, Musta Chironga & George Desvaux

Africa still lags far behind other regions on most key measures. But that's about to change. By 2025 spending by African consumers and businesses will exceed $5 trillion, and by 2035 Africa will have the world's...

Towards Gender Equity in Development

by Siwan Anderson, Lori Beaman & Jean-Philippe Platteau

As a result of widespread mistreatment and overt discrimination, women in the developing world often lack autonomy. Towards Gender Equity in Development brings together leading scholars working on gender issues...

Enhancing Connectivity through Transport Infrastructure

by Collectif

Transport infrastructure is crucial to connect developing countries and help them to boost trade, growth and regional integration. This is because cross-border or long-distance roads and railways as well as...