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Efficiency, Finance, and Varieties of Industrial Policy

by Akbar Noman & Joseph E. Stiglitz

Industrial policy, once relegated to resource allocation, technological improvements, and the modernization of industries, should be treated as a serious component of sustainability and developmental economics....

Jobs For Development

Towards a New Russian Work Culture: Can Western Companies and Expatriates Change Russian Society?

by Vladimir V Karacharovskiy

This innovative book offers a fresh perspective on the national work culture of Russia and the substantial role foreign institutional and cultural impact has had in shaping it. Russia's contemporary work culture...

Monitoring Global Poverty: Report of the Commission on Global Poverty

by World Bank

In 2013, the World Bank Group announced two goals that would guide its operations worldwide. First is the eradication of chronic extreme poverty bringing the number of extremely poor people, defined as those...

Climate Change Finance and International Law

by Alexander Zahar

Since 2010, a significant quantity of international climate change finance has begun to reach developing countries. However, the transfer of finance under the international climate change regime - the legal...

Cost Engineering Health Check: How Good are Those Numbers?

by Dale Shermon & Mark Gilmour

High quality cost estimating gives a business leader confidence to make rational financial decisions. Whether you are a business leader or a cost estimating manager, you have a vested interest in understanding...

Macroeconomics and Markets in Developing and Emerging Economies

by Ashima Goyal

The book presents and further develops basic principles and concepts in international finance and open economy macroeconomics to make them more relevant for emerging and developing economies (EDEs). The volume...

Cultures of Development: Vietnam, Brazil and the Unsung Vanguard of Prosperity

by Jonathan Warren

The North Atlantic development establishment has had a blemished track record over the past 65 years. In addition to a sizeable portfolio of failure, the few economic success stories in the developing world,...

Global Governance and Transnationalizing Capitalist Hegemony: The Myth of the 'Emerging Powers'

by Ian Taylor

This book is a critique of claims regarding?how emerging economies are supposedly?rewriting the rules of global governance and ushering in alternative models to neoliberal orthodoxy.?It argues that such assumptions...

Vietnam 2035: Toward Prosperity, Creativity, Equity, and Democracy

by World Bank Group;Ministry of Planning an

Thirty years of Ä?á•i Má›i (economic renovation) reforms have catapulted Vietnam from the ranks of the world's poorest countries to one of its great development success stories. Critical ingredients have...

Saving the Regions

by Paul Spoonley

Expert approaches to combatting the pull of Auckland and getting the regions humming.

South Korea: A Socioeconomic Overview from the Past to Present

by Daniel J. Schwekendiek

During the second half of the twentieth century, an economic boom, driven by advances in technology, has led South Korea to become the world’s fastest growing economy. But, there were also social factors associated...

Dictators, Democrats, and Development in Southeast Asia

Corruption in the Extractive Value Chain

by Collectif

One case of transnational corruption out of five occurs in the extractive sector according to the 2014 OECD Foreign Bribery Report. In this area, corruption has become increasingly complex and sophisticated...

Development Management: Theory and practice

by Justice Nyigmah Bawole, Farhad Hossain & Asad K. Ghalib

Despite significant financial investments, the rate of development and pace of poverty reduction in developing and transitional countries has not always matched expectations. Development management typically...

Development Co-operation Report 2016

by Collectif

The face of development has changed, with diverse stakeholders involved – and implicated – in what are more and more seen as global and interlinked concerns. At the same time, there is an urgent need to...

Better Policies for Sustainable Development 2016

by Collectif

This report introduces the Framework for Policy Coherence for Sustainable Development (PCSD) - a screening tool that aims to support governments in designing and implementing coherent policies. It explores policy...

Poverty As My Teacher: Learning to Create Sustainable Family Communities

by Robert E Miller, Daniel Raphael & Michael Hamers

Poverty As My Teacher describes the birth of the initiative: Leading the Way Out of Global Poverty® with Sustainable Family Communities® which are designed with the economic and social/cultural factors necessary...

Young Generation Awakening

Multi-dimensional Review of Côte d'Ivoire

by Collectif

The Multi-dimensional Review of Côte d'Ivoire aims to support the crafting of a development strategy for Côte d'Ivoire to reach emergence, the status of emergent economy, in 2020. The report recommends that...