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Happy as a Dane: 10 Secrets of the Happiest People in the World

by Malene Rydahl

This international bestseller shows why the Danes are happy and how we can be, too.

For decades Denmark has ranked at the top of the world’s happiness surveys. How is it that these 5.6 million Danes are so...

Economism: Bad Economics and the Rise of Inequality

by James Kwak & Simon Johnson

Here is a bracing deconstruction of the framework for understanding the world that is learned as gospel in Economics 101, regardless of its imaginary assumptions and misleading half-truths.

Economism: an ideology...

Austerity and Recovery in Ireland

Bottleneckers: Gaming the Government for Power and Private Profit

by William Mellor & Dick M. Carpenter II

Bottlenecker (n): a person who advocates for the creation or perpetuation of government regulation, particularly an occupational license, to restrict entry into his or her occupation, thereby accruing an economic...

The Outline of Sanity

by G. K. Chesterton

This antiquarian book contains Gilbert Keith Chesterton's 1926 thesis, "The Outline of Sanity". Within this famous book Chesterton explores the subjects of poverty, concentration of wealth, work, agriculture,...

There Are 3 Types of American Capitalism. Old, New, and Global. What is Old Capitalism? New Capitalism? Global Capitalism? : SHORT STORY #55. Nonficti

by Alla P. Gakuba

There are 3 types of American capitalism: (1) Old capitalism which occurred from the 17th century—1940s; (2) New capitalism, from 1940s–1991; and (3) Global capitalism from 1991– present.

The story defines,...

3 Types of Economies. Market, Planning, and Mixed: SHORT STORY # 54.  Nonfiction series #1- # 60

by Alla P. Gakuba

There are 3 types of economies: market, planning, and mixed.  The story gave definitions and introduced advantages and disadvantages of each type of economy.

The author lived under all 3 types of economies:...

Handbook of Commercial Policy

by Kyle Bagwell & Robert W. Staiger

Handbook of Commercial Policy explores three main topics that permeate the study of commercial policy. The first section presents a broad set of basic empirical facts regarding the pattern and evolution of commercial...

Econophysics and Financial Economics

Technology Differences over Space and Time

by Francesco Caselli

Technology Differences over Space and Time looks at how countries use their productive resources—such as workers, skills, equipment and structures, and natural resources. Francesco Caselli develops methods...

The Wine Value Chain in China: Global Dynamics, Marketing and Communication in the Contemporary Chinese Wine Market

by Roberta Capitello, Steve Charters & David Menival

The Wine Value Chain in China: Global Dynamics, Marketing and Communication in the Contemporary Chinese Wine Market presents information on China and its role as a relevant player in the international wine industry,...

Producers, Consumers, and Partial Equilibrium

by David Mandy

Producers, Consumers, and Partial Equilibrium provides a systematic and accessible presentation of the full formal details in the core theories of producer and consumer choice under conditions of price taking;...

Handbook of Macroeconomics

by John B. Taylor & Harald Uhlig

Handbook of Macroeconomics Volumes 2A and 2B surveys major advances in macroeconomic scholarship since the publication of Volume 1 (1999), carefully distinguishing between empirical, theoretical, methodological,...

Measuring and Valuing Health Benefits for Economic Evaluation

The econocracy

The Foundations of Behavioral Economic Analysis

The Innovation Illusion: How So Little Is Created by So Many Working So Hard

by Fredrik Erixon & Björn Weigel

Timely, compelling, and certain to be controversial-a deeply researched study that reveals how companies and policy makers are hindering innovation-led growth

Conventional wisdom holds that Western economies...

Evolutionary Political Economy in Action: A Cyprus Symposium

by Hardy Hanappi, Savvas Katsikides & Manuel Scholz-Wäckerle

The world is in turmoil, the dynamics of political economy seem to have entered a phase where a 'return to normal' cannot be expected. Since the financial crisis, conventional economic theory has proven itself...

Tax Capacity and Growth

by Vitor Gaspar & Laura Jaramillo

Is there a minimum tax to GDP ratio associated with a significant acceleration in the process of growth and development? We give an empirical answer to this question by investigating the existence of a tipping...

Political Institutions, State Building, and Tax Capacity

by Vitor Gaspar & Laura Jaramillo

An empirical finding by Gaspar, Jaramillo and Wingender (2016) shows that once countries cross a tax-to-GDP threshold of around 12¾ percent, real GDP per capita increases sharply and in a sustained manner over...