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The Political Economy of the European Social Model

by Philip B. B. Whyman, Mark J. J. Baimbridge & Andrew Mullen

This book seeks to analyse the development of the European Union (EU), which was founded upon the principle of the free movement of capital, goods, services and people in 1957. Its central thesis is that, from...

Developing Knowledge-Based Client Relationships

by Ross Dawson

Developing Knowledge-Based Client Relationships, Second Edition, shows organizations how to lead their key clients into lasting, profitable, high-value relationships. Building on the powerful, tested principles...

Macroeconomic and Monetary Policy Issues in Indonesia

by Akhand Akhtar Akhtar Hossain

Following the acquisition of its sovereignty from the Netherlands in 1949, Indonesia experienced serious economic and political problems during the 1950s and 1960s, before entering a three-decade-long period...

Implementing an Inclusive and Equitable Pension Reform: Lessons from India's New Pension Scheme

by Cheolsu Kim, Landis MacKellar & Russell Galer

India is ageing.

One response of Indian policy makers has been introduction of the New Pension Scheme (NPS), a defined contribution pension scheme which is mandatory for civil servants and voluntary for the...

The Foundations of Institutional Economics

by K. William William Kapp, Sebastian Berger & Rolf Steppacher

This is a ground-breaking book about the foundations of institutional economics. K. William Kapp presents the economic role of institutions for economic development, capital formation and technological dynamics...

Capturing Carbon and Conserving Biodiversity: The Market Approach

by Ian R R Swingland

For decades conservation has been based on the donor-driven principle. It hasn't worked. For centuries, environmental pollution or degradation has been addressed by the same attitude: the 'Polluter Pays' principle....

Environmental Finance and Development

by Sanja Tišma, Ana Marija Marija Boromisa & Ana Pavi?i? Pavi?i? Kaselj

This book focuses on environmental financing in the process of alignment with the EU.

Based on comparative analysis of national environmental strategies and financial needs, and their links with strategic development...

Value Chains, Social Inclusion and Economic Development: Contrasting Theories and Realities

by A.H.J. (Bert) H. J. (Bert) Helmsing & Sietze Vellema

Lead firms, development organisations, donors and governments view value chains and voluntary standards as vital instruments for achieving millennium development goals through trade and market-related interventions....

The Trade in Wildlife: Regulation for Conservation

by Sara Oldfield

'A valuable addition to the wildlife conservation and management literature.' Journal of International Wildlife Law and Policy 'This book provides the reader with a fascinating set of debates about the ethical,...

Economic Theory and Sustainable Development: What Can We Preserve for Future Generations?

by Vincent Martinet

Is development sustainable? When addressing the sustainability issue, decision-makers are faced with two challenges: taking into account conflicting issues, such as economic development and environmental preservation,...

Routledge Handbook of South Asian Economics

by Raghbendra Jha

The Routledge Handbook of South Asian Economics addresses the recent economic transformation in South Asia. Leading experts in the field look at the major economic achievements and challenges for the region...

Keynes, Sraffa, and the Criticism of Neoclassical Theory: Essays in Honour of Heinz Kurz

by Neri Salvadori & Christian Gehrke

Heinz Kurz is recognised internationally as a leading economic theorist and a foremost historian of economic thought. This book pays tribute to his outstanding contributions on the occasion of his 65th birthday...

Economics for Collaborative Environmental Management: Renegotiating the Commons

by Graham Marshall

'Marshall has re-grafted economics to the philosophical roots of collaborative environmental management, given stakeholders a pragmatic economics for 'bottom-up' conflict resolution and eliminated the need for...

International Investment for Sustainable Development: Balancing Rights and Rewards

by Lyuba Zarsky

International Investment for Sustainable Development critically examines the interface between sustainability, development, and the governance of international investment. It challenges the conventional view...

As You Sow So Shall You Reap: Public Investment Surges, Growth, and Debt Sustainability in Togo

by Michal Andrle & Antonio David

This paper presents an analysis of the public investment scaling-up strategy for Togo using a dynamic macroeconomic model that explicitly analyzes the links between public investment, economic growth, and debt...

Alternative Monetary Policy Rules for India

by Ralph De De Haas & Yevgeniya Korniyenko

We use data on 1,294 banks in Central and Eastern Europe to analyze how bank ownership and creditor coordination in the form of the Vienna Initiative affected credit growth during the 2008–09 crisis. As part...

Exchange Rate Pass Through to Prices in Maldives

by Mick Silver

A key element in the build-up to the global recession and subsequently was the movement in house price indexes (HPIs). These indexes are particularly prone to methodological and coverage differences which can...

Why House Price Indexes Differ: Measurement and Analysis

by Jorge A. A. Chan-Lau

Dynamic provisions could help to enhance the solvency of individual banks and reduce procyclicality. Accomplishing these objectives depends on country-specific features of the banking system, business practices,...

Rmb Internationalization: Onshore/Offshore Links

by Samar Maziad & Joong Shik Shik Kang

Among emerging market currencies, the RMB holds the most potential to become widely used internationally, due to China‘s large economic size, diversified trade structure and network, macroeconomic stability,...

Do Dynamic Provisions Enhance Bank Solvency and Reduce Credit Procyclicality? a Study of the Chilean Banking System

by Tatum Blaise Pua Blaise Pua Tan

Despite robust deposit growth, credit growth has been sluggish in the Philippines. We attribute this to legacy weaknesses in bank balance sheets, consumption-led economic growth, and relatively high net interest...