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Non-Mainstream Dimensions of Global Political Economy: Essays in Honour of Sunanda Sen

by Byasdeb Dasgupta

The book is a collection of essays written by scholars of global repute in honour of Professor Sunanda Sen. Each paper is well-researched and offers some new dimension to the understanding of the current global...

The Manual of Strategic Planning for Museums

by Gail Dexter Lord & Kate Markert

While some view strategic planning with trepidation, it is one of a museum's strongest tools for improving quality, motivating staff and board members, adapting to environmental changes, and preparing the groundwork...

External Liabilities and Crises

by Luis, Mr. Catão & Gian-Maria, Mr. Milesi-Ferretti

We examine the determinants of external crises, focusing on the role of foreign liabilities and their composition. Using a variety of statistical tools and comprehensive data spanning 1970-2011, we find that...

Oblivion or Utopia: The Prospects for Africa

by Chiku Malunga

This book explains that efforts to reverse Africa's continuing underdevelopment have failed to date because they have not been consciously aimed at enabling Africa to turn its vast natural resources into wealth;...

Forecast: What Physics, Meteorology, and the Natural Sciences Can Teach Us About Economics

by Mark Buchanan

Picture an early scene from The Wizard of Oz: Dorothy hurries home as a tornado gathers in what was once a clear Kansas sky. Hurriedly, she seeks shelter in the storm cellar under the house, but, finding it...

Ricardo on Money and Finance: A Bicentenary Reappraisal

by Yuji Sato & Susumu Takenaga

David Ricardo, one of the major figures in the history of economic thought, particularly in the English classical political economy, deployed his activities as economist just two hundreds of years ago. Since...

Being Is Enough: Collective Self-Help for a Sustainable World

by Doug Brown

Being Is Enough emphasizes that America's "have all you can have" economy, which many now regard as unsustainable, is the result of our "be all you can be" culture. And our cultural imperative suggesting that...

Survey of Reserve Managers: Lessons from the Crisis

by Aideen Morahan & Christian B., Mr. Mulder

This paper reports in detail on a survey that was circulated to reserve managing central banks of IMF member countries in April 2012. The survey aims to gain further insight into how reserve managers have reacted...

Understanding Dsge Filters in Forecasting and Policy Analysis

by Michal Andrle

This paper introduces methods that allow analysts to (i) decompose the estimates of unobserved quantities into observed data, (ii) to better understand revision properties of the model, and (iii) to impose subjective...

Economics and HIV: The Sickness of Economics

by Deborah Johnston

This book explains how, and why, economics has been applied to a terrible pandemic, using a range of examples mostly drawn from the region most affected, sub-Saharan Africa. Part I shows that microeconomic approaches...

Waste Management in Spatial Environments

by Alessio D'Amato, Massimiliano Mazzanti & Anna Montini

The increasing scarcity of land and the ever-rising amount of waste produced worldwide, coupled with the consequent change of focus by policy makers from waste disposal and recovery to waste prevention is boosting...

Interdisciplinary Economics: Kenneth E. Boulding's Engagement in the Sciences

by Wilfred Dolfsma & Stefan Kesting

Kenneth Boulding was a prolific writer across so many different fields that not only is he often much referred to and cited, he is considered a core member of many of these fields. Boulding is the quintessential...

Eastern and Western Ideas for African Growth: Diversity and Complementarity in Development Aid

by Kenichi Ohno & Izumi Ohno

The West and the East approach economic development differently. The Europeans and Americans stress free and fair business climate, promoting private activities generally without picking winners, and improving...

The History of Economic Thought: A Reader; Second Edition

by Steven G. Medema & Warren J. Samuels

From the ancients to the moderns, questions of economic theory and policy have been an important part of intellectual and public debate, engaging the attention of some of history's greatest minds. This book...

Foreign Direct Investment in China: Theories and Practices

by Michael H. K. Ng

Foreign direct investment has contributed significantly in transforming the Chinese economy over the past three decades. China has become one of the most popular destinations for foreign direct investment. For...

The Technology of Property Rights

by Peter J. Hill, Terry L. Anderson & Bruce Yandle

The Technology of Property Rights combines the understanding of institutions and institutional change with a discussion of the latest technologies and their influence on the measurement and monitoring of property...

New Normal, Radical Shift: Changing Business and Politics for a Sustainable Future

by Neela Bettridge & Philip Whiteley

Our traditional ways of looking at economics, business and politics are not fit for purpose. The causes of the recent crisis were behavioural and international, but our measures are superficial and financial,...

Integral Dynamics: Political Economy, Cultural Dynamics and the Future of the University

by Ronnie Lessem & with Alexander Schieffer

The theory of integral dynamics is based on the view that the development of individual leaders or entrepreneurs requires the simultaneous development of institutions and societies. It seeks a specific way forward...

Commissioning Contemporary Art: A Handbook for Curators, Collectors and Artists

by Louisa Buck & Daniel McClean

The definitive guide on everything one needs to know about commissioning contemporary art In an age of blockbuster exhibitions and public art projects, the most exciting artworks are often those that have been...

Measuring the Real Size of the World Economy: The Framework, Methodology, and Results of the International Comparison Program (Icp)

by World Bank

Measuring the Real Size of the World Economy: The Framework, Methodology, and Results of the International Comparison Program-ICP is the most comprehensive accounting ever presented by the International Comparison...