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Macroprudential Policies and Housing Prices-A New Database and Empirical Evidence for Central, Eastern, and Southeastern Europe

by Jerome Vandenbussche & Ursula Vogel

Several countries in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe used a rich set of prudential instruments in response to last decade’s credit and housing boom and bust cycles. We collect detailed information...

Azerbaijan: Inclusive Growth in a Resource-Rich Economy

by Harun Onder

Azerbaijan experienced a "golden age" in the last decade, during which the average growth rate reached record high levels and poverty decreased significantly. On average, the economy grew by 15.3 percent per...

Managerial Economics: A Mathematical Approach

by M. J. Alhabeeb & L. J. Moffitt

Uncertainty is present in every managerial decision, and Managerial Economics: A Mathematical Approach effectively demonstrates the application of higher-level statistical tools to inform and clarify the logic...

Europe's Financial Crisis: A Short Guide to How the Euro Fell Into Crisis and the Consequences for the World

by John Authers

Will the Euro survive? Where is the European financial crisis headed? What will it mean for global and US markets? In this short book, internationally respected Financial Times journalist John Authers illuminates...

Accounting for Reserves

by Tamim Bayoumi & Christian Saborowski

Views on the effectiveness of sterilized reserve intervention vary. Sterilized intervention is generally seen as ineffective in advanced countries while persistent intervention by some emerging markets is often...

The Determinants of Banks' Liquidity Buffers in Central America

by Corinne C Delechat & Camila Henao Arbelaez

Banks' liquidity holdings are comfortably above legal or prudential requirements in most Central American countries. While good for financial stability, high systemic liquidity may nonetheless hinder monetary...

Information Rigidity and the Expectations Formation Process: A Simple Framework and New Facts

by Olivier Coibion & Yuriy Gorodnichenko

We propose a new approach to test the full-information rational expectations hypothesis which can identify whether rejections of the arise from information rigidities. This approach quantifies the economic significance...

Trade Flows, Multilateral Resistance, and Firm Heterogeneity

by Alberto Behar & Benjamin D. Nelson

We present a gravity model that accounts for multilateral resistance, firm heterogeneity and country-selection into trade, while accommodating asymmetries in trade flows. A new equation for the proportion of...

Bank Debt in Europe "Are Funding Models Broken"

by Mrs. Vanessa Le Lesle

The crisis in Europe has underscored the vulnerability of European bank funding models compared to international peers. This paper studies the drivers behind this fragility and examines the future of bank funding,...

The Rising Resilience of Emerging Market and Developing Economies

by Abdul Abiad & John C Bluedorn

Economic performance in many emerging market and developing economies (EMDEs) improved substantially over the past twenty years. The past decade was particularly good-for the first time EMDEs spent more time...

Optimal Oil Production and the World Supply of Oil

by Nikolay Aleksandrov & lajos Gyurko

We study the optimal oil extraction strategy and the value of an oil field using a multiple real option approach. The numerical method is flexible enough to solve a model with several state variables, to discuss...

Income and Democracy: Lipset's Law Revisited

by Anke Hoeffler & Robert H. Bates

We revisit Lipset's law, which posits a positive and significant relationship between income and democracy. Using dynamic and heterogeneous panel data estimation techniques, we find a significant and negative...

Social Justice and Economics: Critical Economic Theory in the Spirit of Duncan Foley

by Lance Taylor, Armon Rezai & Thomas Michl

This volume brings together papers inspired by the work of Duncan Foley, an extraordinarily productive economist who has made seminal contributions to a wide variety of areas. Foley's work cannot be easily classified,...

Crises of Global Economy and the Future of Capitalism: An Insight Into the Marx's Crisis Theory

by Kiichiro Yagi, Nobuharu Yokokawa & Hagiwara Shinjiro

Recent events in the global financial markets and macro economies have served as a strong reminder for a need of a coherent theory of capitalist crisis and analysis. This book helps to fill the gap with well-grounded...

Global Financial Crisis, Financial Contagion, and Emerging Markets

by Mr. F. Gulcin Ozkan & D. Filiz Unsal

The recent global financial crisis was the first in recent history that was triggered by problems in the financial system of the mature economies. Existing work on financial crisis in emerging market countries,...

Producing Prosperity: An Inquiry Into the Operation of the Market Process

by Randall Holcombe

The substantial prosperity that characterizes market economies at the beginning of the twenty-first century is relatively recent in human history. Prior to the Industrial Revolution, economic progress was so...

The Economic Value of Landscapes

by C. Martijn van der Heide & Wim Heijman

This book aims to explore the avenue of landscape economics and provides the building blocks (from different scientific disciplines) for an economic analysis of landscapes. What exactly constitutes and determines...

The Financial History of the Bank for International Settlements

by Kazuhiko Yago

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS), founded in 1930, works as the "Bank for Central Banks". The BIS is an international forum where central bankers and officials gather to cope with international financial...

Spring Forward or Fall Back? the Post-Crisis Recovery of Firms

by Leandro Medina

This paper studies corporate performance in the aftermath of the global crisis by examining 6,581 manufacturing firms in 48 developed and developing countries in 2010, identifying factors of resilience as well...

What Role Can Financial Policies Play in Revitalizing Smes in Japan?

by Mr. Raphael W. Lam & Mr. Jongsoon Shin

The paper discusses the role the financial sector can play in supporting growth in Japan. While overall credit conditions have been accommodative, credit growth has remained weak, especially for small and medium-sized...