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Economics as an Art of Thought: Essays in Memory of G.L.S. Shackle

by Peter Earl & S FROWEN

This volume unites scholars from all over the world, and with very different theoretical perspectives. Their chapters probe into typical Shacklean themes of time and money, uncertainty and expectation, and into...

Postcolonialism Meets Economics

by S. Charusheela & Eiman Zein-Elabdin

In the last half century, economics has taken over from anthropology the role of drawing the powerful conceptual worldviews that organize knowledge and inform policy in both domestic and international contexts....

The Internationalization of Japan

by Glenn D. Hook & Michael Weiner

The Internationalization of Japan provides the English-speaking reader with the opportunity to hear what some of Japan's leading social scientists and other commentators have to say about the internationalization...

The Economics of Regional Security: NATO, the Mediterranean and Southern Africa

by Jurgen Brauer & Keith Hartley

This important book explores the threats and challenges to regional security, for Nato, in the Mediterranean, and in the sub-Saharan countries, namely southern Africa. Written and edited by leading researchers,...

Hybrid Economic-Environmental Accounts

by Valeria Costantini, Massimiliano Mazzanti & Anna Montini

National Accounting Matrices of Environmental Accounts (NAMEA) tables are used to analyze a range of environmental pressures and economic data resulting from consumption and production patterns - helping us...

Income Distribution in Less Developed Countries

by R. M. Sundrum

This is a major book in a key area of development economics. It gives a comprehensive survey of the link between income distribution and the growth of national income, bringing out major patterns and trends,...

International Finance: Contemporary Issues

by Dilip Das

In this updated fourth edition, author Maurice Levi successfully integrates both the micro and macro aspects of international finance. He sucessfully explores managerial issues and focuses on problems arising...

New Keynesian Economics / Post Keynesian Alternatives

by Roy Rotheim

The New Keynesian Economics has been the most significant development in economics in recent years. Does it actually build upon Keynes' work? In this volume, leading post Keynesian economists challenge New Keynesianism...

Quality Business: Quality Issues in the Smaller Firm

by Robert Blackburn, James Curran & Julian North

This book is the first to seriously consider quality issues in smaller firms, based upon well-conducted research and careful theorizing. Subjects covered include:

* the relevance of formal quality standards such...

Schumpeter and the Endogeneity of Technology: Some American Perspectives

by Nathan Rosenberg

Schumpeter's profoundly influential work developed the notion of the endogeneity of technology, and offered illuminating historical analyses of how and why some social systems have managed to generate innovation....

Job Design and Technology: Taylorism Vs Anti-Taylorism

by Hans D. Pruijt

Despite global competition and the need for speed, flexibility and quality, trends such as lean production and McDonaldization show that Taylorism remains alive and well in the contemporary workplace.


Post-Apartheid Southern Africa: Economic Challenges and Policies for the Future

by Lennart Petersson

This volume brings together some of the best-known and highly-regarded academics in the field to present a timely and comprehensive review of the prospects for economic integration and development in Southern...

Nation-States and Money: The Past, Present and Future of National Currencies

by Emily Gilbert & Eric Helleiner

National currencies appear to be threatened from all sides. European Union member countries are due to abandon their national currencies in favour of a supranational currency by the year 2000. Elsewhere, the...

The Values of Economics: An Aristotelian Perspective

by Irene van Staveren

In his Ethics, Aristotle argued that human beings try to further a variety of values by balancing them, stating that people try to find a middle road between excess and deficiency. The author develops and applies...

Jevons' Economics

by Bert Mosselmans

The impressive young scholar Bert Mosselmans, analyzing the theory and policy of Jevons, a major figure in the field of the history of economics, has put together a volume with broad international appeal, particularly...

Islamic Insurance: A Modern Approach to Islamic Banking

by Aly Khorshid

Some Muslims believe insurance is unnecessary, as society should help its victims. Muslims can no longer ignore the fact that they live, trade and communicate with open global systems, and they can no longer...

The Philosophy of Keynes' Economics: Probability, Uncertainty and Convention

by Sohei Mizuhara & Jochen Runde

John Maynard Keynes is undoubtedly the most influential Western economist of the twentieth century. His emphasis on the nature and role of uncertainty in economic thought is a dominant theme in his writings....

New Economy and Macroeconomics: A Neo-Modern Perspective Drawing on the Complexity Approach and Keynesian Economics

by Dario Togati

The past decade has seen many leading economies, especially the US, undergo profound structural transformations. Departing from the standard theories employed to explain this phenomenon, here author Togati provides...

The History of Russian Economic Thought

by Vincent Barnett

The collapse of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic at the end of the 1980's was conceived as a victory for capitalist democracy. Here, Vincent Barnett provides the first comprehensive account of the historical...

Transforming Economics: Perspectives on the Critical Realist Project

by Paul Lewis

Economics has become polarised. On the one hand there is a body of economists who concern themselves with progressing their discipline via an increasing use of mathematical modelling. On the other hand, there...