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Ricardo and the Theory of Value Distribution and Growth

by Giovanni A. Caravale & Domenico A. Tosato

The book presents a rigorous reconstruction of Ricardo's contribution to economic theory and a unifying interpretation of the key issues of Ricardo's research. Part One deals primarily with the problems of value...

Theories of the Bargaining Process

by Alan Coddington

The rise of game theory has made bargaining one of the core issues in economic theory. Written at a theoretical and conceptual level, the book develops a framework for the analysis of bargaining processes. The...

Lament for Economics

by Barbara Wooton

Does economics actually help us to understand and solve real world problems? Examining and analysing the role of economics and economic theory in the social and political life of the early twentieth century,...

Industrial Economic Regulation: A Framework and Exploration

by Roger Sugden

Leading industrial economists focus on the processes by which governments in market economies take actions to influence economic activity in firms and industries. They examine the basis of regulation, assessing...

Joseph A. Schumpeter: Historian of Economics: Perspectives on the History of Economic Thought

by Laurence S. Moss

Joseph A. Schumpeter was one of the great economists of the twentieth century. His History of Economic Analsyis is perhaps the greatest contribution to the history of economics, providing a magisterial account...

History of Environmental Economic Thought

by Erhun Kula

This volume presents the ideas of major figures in economics throughout history on key environmental issues such as population growth, resource scarcity and environmental contamination. Throughout, the historical...

The Global Restructuring of the Steel Industry: Innovations, Institutions and Industrial Change

by Anthony D'Costa

Drawing upon case studies of the steel industry in the US, Japan, South Korea, Brazil and India, this book explains how and why the steel industry has shifted from advanced capitalist countries to late industrializing...

Rice: The Primary Commodity

by A.J.H. Latham

Rice: The Primary Commodity de-mystifies the trade, outlines its workings and the problems which confront it.

A.J. Latham outlines the history and cultivation of rice, and the research programmes which have done...

Labour Market Efficiency in the European Union: Employment Protection and Fixed Term Contracts

by Thomas Kruppe, Ralf Rogowski & Klaus Schömann

The deregulation of labour law in the European Union was thought to be a spur to lasting growth of employment and an increase in labour market efficiency. This book reveals that the results of such policies...

The Theory of the Individual in Economics: Identity and Value

by John B Davis

The concept of the individual and his/her motivations is a bedrock of philosophy. All strands of thought at heart come down to a particular theory of the individual. Economics, though, is guilty of taking this...

Industralization of China and India: Their Impacts on the World Economy

by Nobuharu Yokokawa, Jayati Ghosh & Bob Rowthorn

This book provides new perspectives on recent Asian dynamism which go beyond the mainstream views, by attempting to situate the recent economic expansion within a broader analysis of capitalist accumulation...

A Neo-Classical Theory of Economic Growth (Routledge Revivals)

by James E. Meade

First published in 1960, this seminal work illuminates the interrelations of the various approaches to the theory of economic growth. Professor Meade seeks to understand the factors which determine the speed...

The Entrepreneur in Microeconomic Theory: Disappearance and Explanaition

by Humberto Barreto

Throughout the history of economic thought, the entrepreneur a wide variety of roles. Once cast as a fundamental agent in production, distribution and growth theories, he has now surprisingly disappeared from...

Servitization, IT-ization and Innovation Models: Two-Stage Industrial Cluster Theory

by Hitoshi Hirakawa, Kaushalesh Lal & Shinkai Naoko

This book looks at two-stage industrial cluster theory and new innovation models in view of IT-ization and servitization of products. The formation of industrial clusters such as export processing zones and...

Internationlisation of SMEs

by Didier Van Caillie, Isabelle Martin, Kris Boschmans & Frédéric Lernoux et al.

The international development of SMEs is an important growth vehicle for the Belgian and European economies. Yet far too few of them actually dare to take the step required. Does this mean to say that they should...

Philosophy of Economics: A Contemporary Introduction

by Julian Reiss

Philosophy of Economics: A Contemporary Introduction is the first systematic textbook in the philosophy of economics. It introduces the epistemological, metaphysical and ethical problems that arise in economics,...

Shaping Globalization

by Bertelsmann Stiftung

The rise of new economic powers in Asia and Latin America has changed the size and the direction of cross-border investment flows. Emerging economies like China, Brazil and India have become major destinations...

Spiritual Capital: A Moral Core for Social and Economic Justice

by Samuel D, Dr Rima

Presenting a thorough, comprehensive theory of spiritual capital based on solid academic research, 'Spiritual Capital' serves to reinforce and amplify the notion of a moral economic core that is beginning to...

The Rotten Heart of Europe

by Bernard Connolly

'The Brussels Commission has just suspended its senior economist, Bernard Connolly, for writing a book savaging the prospects for a common currency. There are many who now believe he should be lauded as a prophet.'...

Urban and Regional Development Trajectories in Contemporary Capitalism

by Flavia Martinelli, Frank Moulaert & Andreas Novy

This book re-evaluates a rich scientific heritage of space- and history-sensitive development theories and produces an integrated methodology for the comparative analysis of urban and regional trajectories within...