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Spread the Wealth: More Haves Fewer Have-Nots

by David R. Breuhan

This book offers a new approach to current economic policies in the United States. Anchored in the historically successful policies of free trade, stable currency, and private property rights, this superbly...

American Paradise: Hidden Ironies, Contradictions, Illusions, and Delusions, Paradoxes, Dilemmas, and Absurdities in American Life

by Jon Huer

The way we live, work, and die-alone and with other Americans-have so many hidden layers that we might as well say that there are two Americas: one we think we know and the other virtually unknown to us. Huer...

Positive Linking

by Paul Ormerod

According to Paul Ormerod, author of the bestselling Butterfly Economics and Why Most Things Fail, the mechanistic viewpoint of conventional economics is drastically limited - because it cannot comprehend the...

Economics, Sustainability and Democracy

by Christopher Nobbs

How should we conduct economics in an era of climate change, natural resource depletion and population increase? These issues are systemic, and involve great uncertainties and long time horizons. This book contends...

Complexity and Sustainability

by Jennifer Wells

Complex dynamic system studies have been studied explicitly in the natural sciences, and most only implicitly throughout other fields. Yet much great social theory and philosophy is in fact based in complexity,...

History of the Bundesbank

by Jakob De Haan

After fifty years the Deutsche Bundesbank - the central bank that dominated European monetary affairs - has stepped down to entrust monetary policy to the European Central Bank (ECB). This is the first research...

The Political Economy of Bureaucracy

by Steven O. Richardson

The Political Economy of Bureaucracy applies Public Choice theory and a complex systems view of government institutions to analyze policy implementation as an economic process. It addresses the common and vexing...

New Profits From The Monetary Crisis

by Harry Browne & Roger Lipton

Introduction by Publisher - Roger Lipton: Harry Browne not only told a good story; he proved to be right, which in the financial world is all important. There are few financial commentators who can document...

How You Can Profit From The Coming Devaluation

by Harry Browne, James Grant & Roger Lipton


Social Contract, Free Ride

by Anthony de de Jasay

This book provides a novel account of the public goods dilemma. The author shows how the social contract, in its quest for fairness, actually helps to breed the parasitic “free riding” it is meant to suppress....

The Ultimate Foundation of Economic Science

by Ludwig von von Mises

Written toward the end of Mises’s life, his last monograph, The Ultimate Foundation of Economic Science, returned to economics as a science based on human action. Mises believed that, since the publication...

The Principles of Project Finance

by Rod Morrison

The Principles of Project Finance highlights the ideas behind an important concept in the global capital markets: project finance. This technique is used to fund large capital expenditure projects and is positioned...

Aquanomics: Water Markets and the Environment

by B. Delworth Gardner & Randy T. Simmons

Aquanomics discusses some of the instruments and policies that may be implemented to postpone, or even avoid, the onset of "water crises." These policies include establishing secure and transferable...

Statistics Tables: For Mathematicians, Engineers, Economists and the Behavioural and Management Sciences

by Henry R. Neave

All the features of the first edition are retained including the full range of best-known standard statistical techniques, as well as some lesser-known methods that can be hard to track down elsewhere. The explanatory...

Elementary Statistics Tables

by Henry R. Neave

This book, designed for students taking a basic introductory course in statistical analysis, is far more than just a book of tables. Each table is accompanied by a careful but concise explanation and useful...

Ideas and Economic Crises in Britain from Attlee to Blair (1945-2005)

by Matthias M Matthijs

During the period from 1945 to 2005, Britain underwent two deep-seated institutional transformations when political elites successfully challenged the prevailing wisdom on how to govern the economy. Attlee and...

Diversity and Transformations of Asian Capitalisms

by Robert Boyer, Hiroyasu Uemura & Akinori Isogai

Among a vast literature on the Asian economies, the book proposes a distinctive approach, inspired by Régulation Theory, in order to understand the current transformations of the Asian economies. The book follows...

Dictionary of Environmental Economics

by Renat Perelet, Pamela Mason & Anil Markandya

A comprehensive dictionary of environmental economics, compiled by leading academics in the field. Each expression or phrase is explained clearly in non-technical language, with references given to its use in...

Reorienting Economics

by Tony Lawson

This eagerly anticipated new book from Tony Lawson contends that economics can profit from a more explicit concern with ontology (enquiry into the nature of existence) than has been its custom. By admitting...

Understanding Emerging Markets: China and India

by Peter Enderwick

Emerging markets (Ems) are the focus of increasing interest in the field of international business, as they provide significant challenges and great opportunities. Focusing on the dynamics of emerging markets,...