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Corporations, Global Governance and Post-Conflict Reconstruction

by Peter Davis

In the past two decades, the international community has shown an increased proclivity to engage in programmes of post-conflict reconstruction in the aftermath of wars. During the same period, increased globalisation...

Globalization from Below: The World's Other Economy

by Gordon Mathews, Gustavo Lins Ribeiro & Carlos Alba Vega

This book explores globalization as actually experienced by most of the world's people, buying goods from street vendors brought by traders moving past borders and across continents under the radar of the law....

Health Policy and the Public Interest

by Lok-sang Ho

This book is written with an acute awareness of the need for new insight to ensure (1) universal protection in basic healthcare; (2) providing choice; (3) efficient production and consumption of healthcare services;...

A Little Knowledge Is a Dangerous Thing

by Dale Neef

It is said that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. It is a time honored cautionary statement that has suddenly acquired a new urgency. A little knowledge is dangerous, because as a force for dramatic change,...

Mediterranean Tradition in Economic Thought

by Louis Baeck

The Mediterranean Tradition in Economic Thought surveys the legacy of thinking on economic affairs from the countries in the Mediterraean basin over four millenia. It considers the economic content of the scriptures...

Gendered Insecurities, Health and Development in Africa

by Howard Stein & Amal Hassan Hassan Fadlalla

The concept of security has often narrowly focused on issues surrounding the protection of national borders from outside threats. However, a richer idea of human security has become increasingly important in...

A Biographical Dictionary of Russian and Soviet Economists

by Robert Campbell

Despite the restrictions on their work and actions, the economists of the Soviet period produced a great deal of bold and important work. With the erosion of the old Stalinist controls, economists in the Soviet...

Organizations, Individualism and Economic Theory

by Maria Brouwer

Most economic theory is based on the assumption that?economies grow in a linear fashion. Recessions, depressions and (financial) crises are explained?by?policy mistakes. However, economic development has historically...

The Resilience Imperative: Cooperative Transitions to a Steady-state Economy

How Much is Enough?: Money and the Good Life

by Robert Skidelsky & Edward Skidelsky

A provocative and timely call for a moral approach to economics, drawing on philosophers, political theorists, writers, and economists from Aristotle to Marx to Keynes.

What constitutes the good life? What is...

Naturalistic Decision Making and Macrocognition

by Jan Maarten Schraagen & Laura Militello

This book presents the latest work in the area of naturalistic decision making (NDM) and its extension into the area of macrocognition. It contains 18 chapters relating research centred on the study of expertise...

Principles of Strategic Management

by Tony Morden

Now published in its Third Edition, Principles of Strategic Management by Tony Morden is a proven textbook that offers a comprehensive introduction to the study and practice of strategic management. This new...

Labour Relations in Central Europe: The Impact of Multinationals' Money

by Jochen Tholen

Since 1990, foreign direct investment (FDI) has quickened economic modernization in Central Europe. Labour Relations - as an essential factor in the organization of labour and production - have already been...

Global Business Management: A Cross-Cultural Perspective

by Abel Adekola & Bruno S. Sergi

This book interweaves the concepts of the guidance on globalization, international management, and the intricacies of international business that many books on the market treat independently. It clarifies and...

The Political Economy of the European Constitution

by Luigi Paganetto

Examining the effects that political, legal, and regulatory institutions have on economic development, this book provides new contributions on the political economy of the European constitution. It covers many...

Banking Regulation of UK and US Financial Markets

by Dalvinder Singh

Dalvinder Singh provides an interdisciplinary analysis of the legal aspects of prudential supervision. This gives the reader a broader understanding of the core processes of banking supervision. By using the...

Child Labour in South Asia

by Gamini Herath & Kishor Sharma

This volume aims to shed light on the debate over child labor in the era of globalization by documenting the experience of Asian developing countries which have experienced rapid income and export growth.

Assessing the Extent of China's Marketization

by Xiaoxi Li

This book outlines the development process of China's market economy, analyzes the efforts made and the results obtained by China when striving for a resolution to the non-market economy issue. In doing so,...

Transition, Taxation and the State

by Gerard Turley

In economic terms three of the most important and controversial issues of our times are transition, taxation and the role of the state. This book examines the core associated problems of tax payment and collection...

The Future of the Welfare State: European and Global Perspectives

by Bent Greve

Challenging common beliefs that the European welfare states are already in or are heading towards crisis, this book calls for a proper understanding of the future role of the welfare state that requires a broader...